Life Lessons for the Media and Responsibility


Written Feb. 22 1:59am EST


   The astute in the media have realize God, the Father Almighty is far more powerful than those that employ you. The lessons of the Virginia Governor, Lieutenant, and attorney general were exposed to reveal the deceit by those who see to lead you. But you in the media seem to twist the spin. Zero tolerance, race, women exploitation in the Democratic Party is now accepted, as there is no focus on Virginia. The point, you think it will go away with false polls. Since when are Blacks alright with their governor wearing a hood? Remorse? Only when caught. I told you events would step up and set traps, and your lackey politicians fell into it only to show who they are. This was by design, and will accelerate. If you lie to the people, you will be exposed, unless you tell the truth.

   The Smollett controversy shows, with all the evidence, he doubles down. If you were assigned this task by the deep state, you do not waver, as you fear death and those associated with you. This is what he faces. The evidence is clear, as this was not about a pay raise, but to escalate the narrative make America great again, link Trump, lynches and attacks on homosexuals. This was the plan, but you refuse to believe this. The Chicago police are under pressure from “dead fish” Ron, make this go away. With this, all will point to Smollett, and the links to the deep state will be erased. This is the deceit of your nation.

   I ask you, a millionaire actor is going to place his lively hood to the line to promote a racist attack on a Black homosexual? I ask, who would recognized his face when 20 below temperatures have all looking down? Few white racists knows Jussie to a point or could identify him on the street in a hoodie. These are the lies you face, and again ask, who is behind this, as no competent black man would do this.

   If he confesses, he is dead and the current plan is to connect Trump supporters to the event. In the media, it association that sways public opinion, even though D Lemon protects one of his own. If convicted, he is someone’s bitch in jail. D Lemon, just walk away.

   It has come to the point, to where racism is orchestrated to achieve a goal. Many have suffered from true racism, but the system is being manipulated for a political gain.

   Now, I see some in the media, have considered presenting the truth and this is a start. What is at stake, is the salvations of souls. Choose, the media executes the new world order directive under the dark one or the truth, that will set this world free. Consider your words and how it affects the world. Again I stress, immigration that assimilates makes this nation great. Uncontrolled separates us, who has our best interest?

    By the way accused, you Smollett used God’s name in vain to protect your deceit to the world. Just know, I will be there as you drop into hell waving goodbye. You made a choice, but you can change, choose.

   For you in the media, some progress is better than none. It is critical, that you tell the truth. Do not let me bring down the best of you . All I ask is tell the Truth in the name of God the Father Almighty. Do nothing, and I will escalate this, bringing down all you revere, choose. This was the second high profile lesson and the third is coming.

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