Nostradamus reversed the last 2 numbers


Written Dec. 30 1:15 am EST


   As we approach 2021, all will we celebrate the new year. 2020 has been a year, most would like to forget. Except those at the top in tech and other industries, that would like this to continue. Society has been locked down under a pseudo Marshall Law, Covid-19. Movement is restricted, but you do not see why. The rich have moved away from the coast lines. So what has the elite accomplished, as you, the sheeple have given them power by your choice, your vote.

   Society has been molded, that the past of certain individuals not on board are used to destroy lives. Lincoln who freed the slaves, is now hated, by who? Not Black people, who could have been enslaved for more decades. Cancel culture is coming from another. Cancel culture has convinced you, to destroy your own neighborhoods, as who is going to rebuild?

   We have China, the gift that keeps on giving to the corrupt. Hunter receives billions and no one asks why? I remember the press blasted a DC mayor for smoking crack, and the public reelected him. You have a picture of Hunter smoking crack. This is your world. Hunter is not even mentioned today.

   Lame Eric, who comes up short, taps ass. Ask Fang, he has no game, but gets to bang leftover, fine, tight Fang Fang, power has its privileges. As no one bats an eye even today, secrets are revealed on top of Fang. No wonder she ran back to China. Diane has a driver and the US does not vet him as a spy.? This is your government, the swamp.

   Socialism has a fault, why work if all are treated equal? Those at the top are privileged with wealth. Did not your welfare system teach you this? Welfare was to help those, who cannot help themselves, a safety net, not a life style. Some minorities use this as a way of life, and this is the unfortunate truth.

   You speak of school reform, education to lift the poor, yet you crush them, as cheap technical H1 vistas suck up all entry level jobs. Some parents do not have the skills to help their children with homework. Have you changed anything or just one thing from the sixties? Oh, affirmative action, yes it helped, but without skills, many get fired down the road. Quota completed. And this is your plan?

   Have you ever wondered how Congressmen or woman just making over a 150K become multi-millionaires in a decade? The only skill for many, is the gift of gab. Politicians manipulate people, the key, pork projects that come with hidden kickbacks, they know nothing on how to run things, except lining their pockets once out of office.

   Your world is about to change, as you will wish for the days of 2020, or what your world use to look like. I told you of the sins against God Almighty, abortion and homosexuality. Yet you world continues to promotes this, idiots, and it shall fall.

   The Almighty speaks, “You shall never put the words of men, before the Word of God. You shall never put the needs of your own, before those seeking refuge. You shall never put the needs of your nation, before the greed coming from another nation flowing into pockets of your elected. I will destroy them. And this the My Wrath, I, God Father Almighty, shall purge your world of all evil in phases. Along with many innocents, as they shall see the Kingdom of God.”

   Events on your world will quickly escalate. Many will pray and we need those prayers to tip the balance. Why, because satan is now ruling your world. There will be an exponential rise in disasters, but few answers from your world governments. They expect you to die, and this is the bottom line. Prepare now and know, when all seems lost, call His name in forgiveness, Jesus.


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