A Lesson for America

Racial Strife




Written Jun. 2 1:45 am EST


   You will be given many promises of change, but remember I told you long ago through random events you will be herded. Covid-19 pushed you to except Marshall Law as a norm for protection, yet only in your cities, it was uncontrolled. In the cities they preached social distancing, but placed the infected into nursing homes. None of you in the liberal media question why? I told you your meat processing plants and now some farms were being infected deliberately by the deep state. You have no reason why the infection rates are either total or a large percentage so that the plants and farms are closed by design. This will affect the food supply to the cities and shut off the poor.

   I told you when the Chinese and Russians attack a divided nation, the deep state and liberal would fold and given in without firing a shot. This is written. You now see this in the handling of the riots. They offer no solutions. Biden had 8 years and did nothing to change the lives of the poor. You had a high ranking Congressman representing Baltimore for decades and it is a hell hole. No improvement in education as the cities crumble. The mayor took bribes masked as book sales. No education and training among some of the police forces in the cities, as race hatred is learned from father to son, mother to daughter. This does not change with words, porous laws, it just goes underground and festers and when opportunity strikes, then what? The mindset of America would have to change at every level of society. That is not happening, unless the Almighty brings this nation to its knees and He will, so why lie. .Almost all police violence happened under a Democratic watch and they were Jim Crow, now they offer solutions and hope? No they lie. It is a false hope.

   The economic injustice of the racial divide will take at least a generation to solve. Old dogs do not change their spots. Offer reparations, you Black people would like that as most would waste their money on superficial items and the establishment would raise the price of homes ripping you off. Say 500k per person, would be just the fool and his money and nothing would change on the whole grand scheme. You can not educate millions in 4 years. You can not move a race forward in a presidential term, most of the white race would see it as a betrayal. You can not expect them to rise if H-1 visas and cheap labor south of the border continues. What you have been offering Black people is a pack of lies. And all you need to do is look at your streets. No plan will change this. No plan was offered under Obama and Biden. And no plan offered today or in the past will work. I always hear hope, but no action. Now hope will be turn into action by the Almighty, may He have mercy upon your souls. This is day 4 in your 7 day warning, clean it up. Just know Trump has mercy, I as the messenger for the Almighty do not when it comes to evil. By my request, the Almighty will focus on the heads of high tech in this world, you have time to change. It has been granted.

   Your cities will suffer extreme shortages water as dams burst and food as bridges fall shortly and those you see rioting will turn on their own first. When facing starvation, you will ask where is the police and help? Do you remember after Covid-19 stimulus checks to the tune of trillions, when a true emergency comes funds are short by design. Enforcement will be protecting their families and you will be on your own. You cursed them and now you want them to save you? The race wars prophesized will be among the poor, what overflows into upper middle class communities will be crushed ruthlessly. Those in harms way in California when attacked by a foreign nation will be expendable. You reap what you sow. Invade the armed red neck farmlands, expect to be buried. The earth changes will devastate the land starting with the cities now exposing its filth. What about the innocent. The Bible told you, many innocent will be taken. I will leave it there.

   I say this again. They offer no solution. The Black man has had racial injustices since the Civil War. The only thing that has change is they are careful except in a few cases. Trump has been President 3 years, Clinton and Obama had 16 years. In Trump’s case the media pushed this, as he was not deep state. The governor of Virginia wore a KK hood and you say nothing. Is there not one you that will stand up for your fellow mankind? You can hear the guidance, but I need, the Almighty needs help to save this world. This is what you need to change.


Update Jun. 2 11:59 pm EST


   Biden your speech misleads your nation. Decades of police abuse under Democratic Administrations, Attorney Generals appointed by your party let what we see today go on. Now you come on the media and present hope, when you were VP, you offered none. You son profited in the backs of the poor. I hear the president is fanning the flames hate. Idiot, have you looked at your cities. It is your party in charge of the police forces at the local level. Biden your family connections with the world offered millions to your son. The Clinton and Bushes funneled billions in gold and political influence to accounts they controlled.

   Your stance in the current crisis is let them loot, burn the cities down. You call it venting, as the lives of average citizens and businesses are destroyed. Is this your leadership? Trump wants the military only to protect property and lives, when what you call leaders fall flat on their asses, but allow the local police to monitor peaceful protests. The Almighty will reveal your sins to the world, Joe. You are done, toast, for all to see. If the Democrats have balls, you will be replaced, but the party will still lose. Your world will not see Jan. 20 in its present state. So the Independents are going to take blame for the sins of the elite and their political stooges? A certain segment of society plans to crush the poor. You Biden are part of it. When all are against one in this nation, something is wrong.

   Trump demeans women consensually as a private man, Bill banged interns while president. Racists‘, he let his daughter marry a Jew and invited Black celebrities to his parties. These are facts. Just know, Biden has no answers, but will let your cities burn. Weak as a man, but we honor the death of Floyd. Biden does not give a sh.t about Floyd, but will use the controversy to win. He did nothing when many Blacks were killed during his time, and Obama was Black.

   The media continues to hype this. Trump fans the flames, as his choice is to bring order. Democrats these are your police forces, hate embedded over decades under your control, and Trump is responsible for change? You are idiots, worse the people who believe this, will soon not.

Update Jun. 3 5 pm EST

   Before you in the media get bent out of shape on how long it took for the officers to be charged. Remember Keith Ellison a Black man is in charge of the investigation and the Mayor and Governor who set policy in the state for police. They sat on these charges and allowed the violence to explode and destroy cities. This is your leadership. It is a jury of your peers in Minneapolis that will decide the fate of these officers. Yes you the people ass a jury. If there is an acquittal, it is on the people and the AG Keith Ellison who co chaired the DNC. By the way you cannot fan hate that is already there, embedded for decades. Some whites are racists, but the media paints all, be careful of your brush strokes.

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