It is about a Choice

This is Polarization in the End Times



Written Nov. 13 11:59pm EST


   The Bible has stated in the End Times, all who stand in the middle may be lost. If you stand between two chairs, as they separate, you fall. It is the media that is controlled by dark one that allows you to think the majority are right, but I told you in the End Times when the dark one rules, what seems right is wrong and what seems wrong by the majority is right. Pick a side as the harvest or the destruction of chaffe proceeds. This is foretold. The signs are now here, but the noise from the media and your peers are confusing you. Preachers do not have a clue as it is told almost all will follow the antichrist.

   Yes the Jews are chosen, but they rejected our Savior Jesus Christ. Yes they sinned, but they will be forgiven as you would forgive your children. Jesus told you he is coming for the sinners. Any religion that states the Almighty’s children do not count will be wiped from the face of this earth. This is a promise.

   For those religions that dismiss them are answering to another. The Almighty see all into the future and forgives all. Only mankind would exploit this for their own gain and for that I have asked the Almighty to destroy them as some souls will be saved rather than to inadvertently betray the Almighty on the words of men.

   You have been told of the Bible prophecy of 10 virgins waiting for the Bridegroom. Five had oil for their lamps and five others had to go to town to get oil. When they returned the door was closed and Jesus stated you do not know Me. The Roman Catholic Religion is the Church of Jesus, no other, no offshoot, no interpretation of mankind counts. This is written in the Bible yet your varied faiths indoctrinate members of your faith. This will end.

   The dark one includes the spread of sin into the minds of all under inclusiveness, humanism, a woman’s right to abortion, same sex marriage all against the Laws of God. We do include all, but not that which is against the Laws of the Almighty. This is the Truth. You can not destroy a life once by abortion created by the Father. You can not promote a marriage between two souls of the same sex. He destroyed cities, yet you do not learn from the Words of the Bible. You cannot accept new rules based on humanism that skirts the Laws of the Almighty. This is His Law. This will be your demise unless you change.


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