The State of the Union Address 2016



Written Jan 12 11:55pm


   As you, Obama addressed the world and more important the American people, those in the audience were looking for a leader as they know the Truth. Now you are not part of the new world order, but you might as well be, for you furthered their agenda with your cowardness. I told you to choose and you punked out, as a spiritual event coming will be guided cosmic event at the hands of the Almighty. When some one quoted you will be the last African American president, it is the Truth for this nation.

   You spoke of Sputnik as a race of technology. This was the military front as the CIA knew the Russians had few nuclear devices that could threaten the US. We had 10 to 1 advantage and this opened the door to excess spending like 600 dollar toilet seat in the sixties,. all were lies. You speak of helping others in this world when you fall short of helping those in your own country. Am I missing something? You speak of raising the minimum wage, but does it matter when corporations raise prices, cut benefits and the work force to balance your agenda. Exactly who are you fooling? Not your audiences, as they coughed knowing you are lying. You speak of pope Francis as the world will know he is the false prophet. Judging by the sighs in the joint session of Congress during the State of the Union, many already know the Truth. You speak of overcoming fear, how? The earth changes are here and millions will die on your watch. Just what are you going to tell them? I lied in order to save you from yourselves. You are trapped by the Truth. Letís see how those words will fly as the Mid West crumbles starting with Oklahoma City.

   You know who is behind the divide in this country and as one who stands between two chairs you dare not speak. You in the Black Congress know what this world faces, but not one of you has the courage to stand up for mankind. Your sorry asses would rather protect family and friends, disgraceful as at one time you stood for freedom.

   I watched as the Supreme Court hold their heads low and you should. For you especially shall feel the wrath of God. How dare you back laws that go against the Laws of the Almighty? May He have mercy on your souls as you are swept from this earth?

   Cubans in Miami, your brethren are still at home and few Republicans including Rubio stood up for you tonight when Obama expressed an end to sanctions, unless you are still bitter as you lost money while your country and women were exploit by the mob. Then you were the problem. Vote for those who care about you.

   More important, will the Republicans who are all talk vote to give the president the authority to destroy Isil? They wonít, as they put politics above your safety with Clinton and Bush aligned with the elite. This is what you face in America, a corrupt two party system where they present a choice to you, but both answer to another.

   I am proud of those in the media who speak a reserved voice. Your questions will allow the American public to think without jeopardizing your positions. This is your path as every effort no matter how small, will shape the direction the human race takes as it faces the cleansing of the earth.


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