What is not Addressed



Written Dec. 14 6:45 pm EST


   Your lives are getting worse. You hear the promises, your lives will be better. But corporations that are tightening the noose around the general public, controlling how you purchase goods, and how you are perceived in social media, you have no clue. Start ups how, unless, you have a new angle. Without an education from Stanford, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, or MIT, you have little chance. With training, some see the goal without completing your degree. How many have done this? You are financial slaves and the plan of some in this deep state government, is to add to that debt. Look at Europe, as they have tried this. Nothing will change, but debt added to the deficit.

   What your leaders do not tell you, is that they plan to get rich at the expense of this nation. This is what, is at the forefront of the political debate. The Papa Bush emptied Fort Knox and prevented an audit. The Clintons set up a foundation as a pay for play influence, which only failed when Hillary lost, no influence. The Bidens expected Hillary to win thus cementing greater earnings with the corrupt Burisma. You hear little about this, as they explain impeachment to the general public. You have no explanation of why, the annexation of Crimea was uncontested by the Obama Administration? So you say, Ukraine is important to our national security, yet Obama let the Russians just walk in. They are lying.

   I ask you, if we are broke, then how do we pay for the promises? They assume corporations will not cut back on benefits, pensions, the employees. They assume corporations will not take write offs. They assume, money will not leave this country. You assume an influx of illegals will not affect rent prices in our cities, a stagnation of wages, a strain on our infrastructure and school systems. What about the criminals who try capitalize on there misery? Social services will bankrupt this country, and your choice by design, is to cut military spending as the threat, reaches new cold area highs. What about the teenage girls and children being snatched from our streets, and then sold into slavery or just raped? But the words, “do me a favor”, is impeachable, and this is the direction your leaders wanted to take since 2016.

   We protect their world, and you pay for it. The trade imbalance never addressed until now, and you pay for it, over a trillion dollars outbound. This is a contributing factor to the deficit, which you pay crushing interest rates on that flows to the deep state. This is unsustainable. But the Democrats say, we are breaking old alliances. No they are freeloaders, taking your tax dollars. We have all, had ex friends like that. Are they are going to stop Russia from attacking us? That is a joke, as I say, with what? Yes the Federal Reserve is a private bank, not a government agency. Yet we hear, lets have millions come in and we pay for it. Free education, yes, but your children pay. Free healthcare, yes, but you are uninsured. Free housing, but your rents rise to where you live pay check to paycheck. And this is future, they offer you in 2020!

   The deficit has turned the Chinese economy by design, into a power house. It has moved your jobs overseas. This a fact. They have focused by crushing Hong Kong. The threat on Taiwan is a diversion. It is about the money. But you do not see this, as you are so focused on protocol. China wins, you will be in indoctrination camps, sex slaves or dead. Hong Kong and Taiwan is their own. What they did to the Muslims would be pale in comparison to what they would do to the West, once the false façade drops. Anger from 1949 has been suppressed until the right time. This is a fact, and backed by the Bible.

   You may ask, why Trump was allowed by God to be president. The reason all others were compromised by the deep state to some degree. Did not Got use the tax collector, the prostitute Mary? Yes, they carried out his will, no matter their past. The Democrats have you following the same path as Vladimir, to redistribute wealth. This is communism under the façade of socialism, are you blind?

   What is sinister, is that tech companies are using algorithms to predict human behavior in order to herd spending and voting. Thus increasing debt and a transfer of new wealth, but you have elected politicians that has change nothing since the sixties. It is a brave new world, and you choose to accept it. Social media allows all to see your human behavior and flaws. Facial scans on your phones to access them is now on record. All security devices and smart TVs including Alexa have surveillance to your homes. Your phones track your locations and hear your conversations. You are idiots. Then you sign up to get your ancestry, and give access to your DNA. So if the time comes, and it will where segments of the population need to be “sacrificed”, they know which ones that genetic defects. You gave it to them. This is their plan, and Trump is a pain in their ass. Will the Almighty target those behind the impeachment, that is a guarantee, as I sign off on it last night. You have time to change and it will be rescinded.

   The dark is using Russia and China to go to war, with the promise, they will rule as they wipe out 75% of the human population in a nuclear war, which satan himself will push the button to launch. He relishes that. The destroyer of God’s children. Only to be imprisoned by Jesus after. They and mankind are pawns. The elite want a population on earth at 500,000,000. By any means necessary, and you refuse to see the signs. The Green new deal does not factor in population increase, no matter your zero carbon footprint. You will not control 3rd world countries fighting to just stay alive. This is a fact. Check it.

   The new world order achieves domination as a choice of the free mind. You allowed the inner cities to fail by design, and dumb down the education system. Check! You allowed disease and obesity to infect low income areas with poor choices in food and promoting fast food, thus boosting the healthcare industry. Check! You allowed financial slavery expand as a dark cloud smother the middle class and their children with a debt few can repay. Check! You introduced communism to the United States under the guise of socialism and a redistribution of wealth as all are equal and talent is out. Soon to be checked!

   You are caught up with politics, which few understand. Opinions forged by a deceitful media, who is owned by the deep state. You say, they are independent, really. They all have the same exact talking points and phrases. This is your clue.

   The reports concluded there was no political influence that led to the FISA reports. So Hillary and the DNC paying for it does not count? They are lying. Servers cleaned as to eliminated Seth Richards access to the emails that went missing. It is a conspiracy story. They are lying. The NSA just allows a file transfer to Russia as they track in real time all internet traffic and knows the source of the attack. This is not mentioned, why, because they lie.

   I want each and everyone of you in the House of Representatives think very carefully about your vote next week on impeachment. The Almighty has granted my request to hold each and all accountable for your stand on impeachment article 1 only as 2 is a crock of …..

   It is true Trump asked for a favor on the Bidens, but look deeper. A favor is a conditional request that can be turned down. Money withheld temporary is not a crime. A bribe, how, the money was allocated by Congress, unless you are saying releasing the money assigned by Congress was a bribe? Again, asking to investigate a corporation, Biden’s son and why an investigation Joe Biden himself closed down by withholding aid, a possible crime to be reopened. This is not a high crime of impeachment, but could affect the Democrats in a far sinister way. This is why, you have this case going forward. It was not about inventing dirt on the Bidens, but it was to ask, why the investigation on Burisma was halted when Biden’s son joined the board and compensated with an unheard of salary (bribe).

   You have no clue as to the treachery of the new world. Wilson signed away our national treasury to where a private bank takes the prime rate for themselves, off the backs of Americans. Wars with the sinking of the Lusitania and Pearl Harbor was allowed, so that America is forced into a war. This is a fact. Stock markets expansions fed by low interest rates creating bubbles, then tightening collapsing the stock market, and they shave off their share, selling short. You are being fleeced. Kennedy was eliminated, when he passed an executive order to reclaimed the Fed. His son eliminated, as he was about to tell truth, even though most responsible were already dead. Ted blackmailed as the death of Mary Joe was arranged as the affair was well known. Weapons of Mass Destruction to start a war by Bush, a lie. The Brits being caught dressed as Arabs breaking out prisoners in Iraq. The Libyan embassy attacked, aid withheld by Clinton state department as the were told to stand down by design, and the location of the safe house known. The Ukraine leaders steal billions of our aid and you say nothing. Important to the security of the United States, just how? You are lying. The Clintons steal billions with their fake foundation, and you want to impeach on a favor?

   I warn you Republicans, you will call Hunter and others to show American, this was a farce. There will be no fast trail as to hide the intent of the Democrats. Don’t do and you side with the new world order. Democrats and Republicans, you have a choice, new world order (deep state) or the people and the souls of those who elected you on both sides. I stress, there are 2 major parties, but you answer to one America. God’s wrath will start at the top. It is your choice, as it will come out in the end.


Update Dec. 16 4:40 am EST


   The Sunday morning news shows did little to convince the American electorate. Not one show addressed that Clinton and the DNC paid for the Steele dossier, but the nation was told it was not political by Horowitz. He is lying, as to admit some truth FBI incompetence by 3 teams, not one, and bury any connection to the Clintons and DNC. This was the trade off, and agreed by a secret committee of both Democrats and Republicans that did not involve any knowledge of the president. Again, your small minds refuse to believe the truth.

   Comey said he was not privy to the details of the FISA warrant, yet the Democrats at that time screamed, the president should be removed if he fires Comey or Muller. I told you, that removal of a head does not stop an investigation. No one brings up Hunter and why he was assigned to the board or why Vice President Biden choose to interfere by withholding aid to stop the investigation of Burisma. You refuse to connect the dots.

   Most who are informed, know there is a deep state looking to establish a one world government and one religion, but subtlety, you play on the minds of the weak through the media. I told you, that the Almighty will inform all of His children with mind to mind contact, as you can not stop this. Thread carefully next week, as I will be watching and making recommendations of who the Father of all creation, should cut short for the greater good to save souls. Remember I recommend, but the Almighty executes. Schiff, be careful, as the Almighty blessed you with a skill to bring souls home. Nadler and Pelosi souls are hanging by a thread, as they have been given power through the dark one, and answer to the new world order. You have a chance to choose wisely. The offer ends after the impeachment vote. Allow Democrats to vote their conscience without reprisals. Take heed.

   Yesterday at mass, a family member alerted me to an article written in the Church bulletin about immigration. I did not read the passage, but I will say this. Charity starts at home, and only when home is strong, can we lift up others. We have a legal immigration system, and that is fine, but to allow illegals that skirts the system, hurts our poor and middle class, who lives are based on the profits or losses of corporations. Yes we must do more to help the poor, but destroy jobs and families due to financial distress, which will come, is not the way. If your church closes, then you can not help the poor. This is the bottom line. Save those you can, but you cannot save the world, that responsibility belongs to yours and my Savior, Jesus.

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