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Written Dec. 2 3 am EST


   Some can see in this great nation, we call America, is being divided by design. You have been told, that many of your politicians are answering to the one, but I held back on one until there was proof. You have to be not all there to launch a presidential campaign and then invite Kanye. He degrades his ex with showing nude pictures of her to his staff and friends. I know she was a porn star, and yes you can still buy or see the tape, but who does that? He is as bad as the mother exploiting her own daughter for money and fame. Billions of dollars does not spend in hell.

   He just lost a billion dollars with unnecessary words, that he can not take back and he is a dinner guest. Then insults you to be his VP running mate. I bet that went well. Also you invite a racist to the same dinner table solidifying what everybody thought. What is this, running out of friends? Are you insane? There would have been no shame in kicking those 2 to the curb. Not even Biden who hung out with the KKK, is that stupid today, as he still hides his true feelings and gets a pass. I call it, as I see it and only a person answering to the one would have made that move. Am I turning on someone who did do great things for America? No, you turned on yourself and the people of this nation. Damage control will not fix this on a national level.

   As I pointed out at the beginning of the Ukraine war, your politicians were stealing a little more than half of the aid going to support the war against the Russians. But no, all you were caught up in the hype, we are saving Ukraine from the Russians. Is there proof, yes, but your politicians on both sides will not audit. Why is that? Those holding the purse strings are stealing your tax dollars under the guise of freedom. Arms are diverted and resold, money sent to offshore accounts, as there are large cash transfers with no one watching. Both parties are getting paid. Few videos of combat action with Ukraine fighters, as most are paid mercenaries from other countries. Who is the fool?

   The total US Military fighting in Afghanistan did not spend the kind of money your politicians are sending to Ukraine in a partial year. But they are winning. Really, all I see is destroyed cities and words that the Russians are losing. The greed is off the chain, as they ask for more like a junkie. The sad part, your loser politicians continue to say yes. Why, they get paid.

   They are lying to you and when it is over, the Russians will roll. Ukraine will be no different than Vietnam or Korea, except the Military complex and the politicians all got rich and your lives, just look around. They lie. Just like the Russians blew up their own pipe, when they could have turned a value and shut it down. Look at those now providing liquefied natural gas to the EU and those behind those companies as the primary culprits. As for the EU why should we pay for them when they do not pay to save their own asses. Macron came begging to the White House and old Joe delivered. This is your leadership.

   Politicians tell you, we have an embargo against the sale of Russian oil and gas and they are paying a heavy price. No, you are paying a heavy price, as oil companies used this conflict to raise the cost of energy. The Indians and Chinese are buying up all of the Russian oil at a slight discount, giving their economies a large edge against the West and a source of income to the Russians. The Administration does not speak of this.

   Your current Administration has duped us into the Climate Change narrative, yet I have told you so many times. They are lying, as heat from the earth’s core caused by an unknown source to the general public is driving the rise in ocean temperatures through oceanic seabed, thus affecting air temps more than green house gases. I told you to drill sensors on the western side of the mountains in California, as this is what is drying out your forests to great degree on top of droughts. All is not what it seems with the oil companies and the green new deal.

   On the surface the Biden Administration has you thinking the green new deal pits big oil against renewable energy, but there is a sinister plan at play, as they are working in collusion. For the oil companies, yes it is great to open new fields, the current narrative, but if you can almost double in price what you are already pumping while looking like the hero, then what. We can fleece America. This is the plan Biden has in place and signed off on, as the green new deal takes the blame and the kickbacks that abound are plentiful.

   Wind and solar will not even come close to narrowing that gap for energy even within the next 10 years and the Chinese control 90% of the solar panel market. How will that work with increased tensions? What about the changes to the grid? Nothing is being done today to address this. What about Venezuela? Again Chevron is still under old leasing deals and they will make a fortune that will have little affect on the price of heating oil or at the pumps. They will absorb the profits and pass little to the American public. Why should they green new deal people? You cannot have it both ways. On the back side Venezuela will have new funds to acquire weapons and shut down any opposition. Thank you, Biden. If a storm damages the electric grid in the winter, without a secondary source of gas, then what? Your leaders do not have your best interests or think ahead of the next election.

   You ask what about racism? I say, what about it. You are not ready for the truth, but you will get it anyway. Racism is when politicians are in control either Democratic or Republican and the inner city children you educate, can not count change or read a clock unless it is digital. Another generation goes to waste by design. Racism is when the parents are encouraged to take no responsibility on the education of their own children and put it on the teachers. Then go to the school and threaten the school leaders to pass their child, when they have not completed school assignments.

   Racism is when you build new housing and 5 years later it is all lost, due to no accountability for those put in charge. Now the housing is unlivable due to filth, destruction, vermin, roaches, graffiti and crime. Garbage is thrown everywhere. And you want to integrate neighborhoods? It has to be raised and started over again as developers buy the land for pennies on the dollar. New high rise expensive buildings and everyone gets rich, Long Island City, gentrification. Racism is when you promote migration with no money to support the schools, housing and infrastructure, with that decision allowing millions to crowd cities. You are taking from others. Racism is inviting cheap labor to undercut the wages general population in the inner cities. Economics and local violence in other countries is not a legal reason to accept refugees.

   Racism is when you think it is all about white people, when Hispanic leaders behind closed doors talk about others the same way and Blacks that attack Asians spouting the same filth. Just know, Democrats are racist too, they just hide it better. Democratic Jim Crow created racism. This is a fact. Just ask old remnant Biden, unless he lies. Racism is a problem that cuts across all races and there currently is no solution, as most hide their true feelings among those that have risen above this.

   Racism is when you use woman’s rights to control her body, as a guise to promote genocide by choice to control the Black population. Racism is when you use a handful of injustices against innocent blacks, but mostly criminals by the police to unleash a crime wave that kills and rapes thousands of minorities with the push back. Just brilliant liberals until they come to your homes and neighborhoods. You set them free from crimes to roam again. You set them free from the jails and they kill. You promoted the atmosphere of burn the city to the ground and loot. How is that working for America?

You can’t even ride the NYC subway in the middle of the day with people around without getting raped. This is what you say, is a woke improvement? Your leaders are out of their minds. And what you are doing out there, you think you are correcting this, no, it is only getting worse. They will bleed this nation dry in a great transfer of wealth to politicians and the elite. Most of you will be none the wiser and the astute will wonder, how did we let this happen.

   The media in this country has a great responsibility. Instead of educating the general public on what is best for this country, remember that was your job when you started. The media on the most part are brainwashing you. You speak of coming together, but point to other masses as the problem. You speak of gay rights and everyone has the right to be who they want to be and with whomever they want. It is their choice and that is between them and God on Judgment Day.

   But it is you the media that is the problem. It is one thing to allow acceptance and it is another to promote an alternate life style. Promoting same sex kissing on TV is grooming impressible kids. Ok, it is a sign of affection, yes we get this, but children do not need to see this. Promoting trans-sex in children classrooms is grooming kids. Do you not think there are gay pedophiles? If this is ok, why don’t go to the other side to be fair and invite prostitutes to the classroom. They are mothers too. Finally, promoting men in woman’s sports is just wrong. This is where you cross the line. I have told you, the Almighty has a special place for those who corrupt the minds of children. Heed this.

   You were told that some in the media by the Almighty, would be held accountable as examples. How was that Covid Whoopi? As you were pointed out as a media problem. It could have been worse, as all are allowed to change. Mercy was the Almighty’s choice, not mine. He has the ultimate decision, I just recommend a harsher lesson to save your soul, but moderation prevailed. Now for many in the media you can change or. The next level of actions from the Almighty will be more severe. Do what is right, please.

   On the side note, Jeffries you have been given a great opportunity to change the direction of this country, if you have the balls to do it. DNC Donna once said, if you stand in the middle of the road, you get hit. Are you willing to get hit and change the course of this country or stand on side of the road with others where it is safe and do nothing? Anybody can throw money and build a bridge, school or road. Spout words of change, but nothing does. So you can lead or get rich and align with the new world order. Choose. All are watching.

   Elizabeth, one man controlling the narrative in social media is unacceptable? What about the leaders of Meta and Google? They do.

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