After the State of the Union



Written Mar. 2 1:15 am EST


   Biden addressed the nation last night as if he has options to control Putin, but did not address the disparity in the nation. He has none on the domestic level as never addressed. He can not save Ukraine. He has no control on the advancement of Russian troops. If so they would have left. So lets get into the crux of the address of the nation.

   First let America realize there were a lot of empty seats in that chamber. Where was the squad? This nation has no right to push a nation when a puppet that was inserted to lead the nation, Zelenskyy who was a comic and placed into leadership by the CIA, and you think he can lead a nation? Western nations put him in place promising drugs and prostitution and you think, he would turn it down. They accepted weapons to hold off the Russians and then sold them, as the creeps they are. Now you want to sell 60 million barrels of oil to you friends where the profit spread is above a $2 above cost! This is a hidden side deal. It is a lie to the nation for intent.

   Biden talked about infrastructure and how he will build back America. 1500 bridges when that is a fraction in disrepair, but a start. He talked about child care, but the middle class will pay or it. The cost will be passed to the consumer. With the Ukraine war, realize that supply issues to this country is set by long term contracts. Yet the Biden Administration allows speculation. Is this policy in the best interest of the country? Outside of the affairs of this nation, we face 7.5% inflation current and that will rise. I ask, as some of you go bankrupt for a corrupt Ukraine government, is it worth it?

   There was a Republican response to the Biden speech by Kim Reynolds from Iowa. It was worthless. She parroted known issues such as inflation and oil prices. This is known. No plans to engage the Russians or to control inflation. What a waste of time.

   As president I would say. If you come against America, I will level all of you cities including those in China. If you want to work together to where all get together we can talk and move on. The days you threaten America end here. This is the bottom line. I am not the weak and certainly not Biden. Leaders like those in Germany, France and the UK, diplomacy is a tool of the weak. Putin is influence by the dark side. Your current leaders will not win.

   Now I understand the conflict in Ukraine is against the will of mankind. You have you been told, the world Ukraine leaders was put in place to topple the old regime? They are drug dealers and funnel money back to those who put them in place, step in Hunter.


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