Political Agendas



Written Aug 3 11:59 pm EST


   As the public becomes more educated, they are becoming more aware that their political leaders, may not have their best interest. I have warned you over so many years some, not all in your government, other over seas government leaders and the those now at the top of the Catholic Church, do not have your best interest. Benedict was the last Pope authorized by God. What resides on the altar of Peter is dark. This is why he ran to Canada, when I came to Vatican last week. Moving on.

   Every Catholic needs to see the seat of Peter. It is beyond, all that you can imagine, as it is God that inspired man to build His Temple. It was great. Except the military that place their hands on their pistols as I walked by, which was put in place after a nighttime visit. The next day they were armed with automatic weapons at my entrance only and the undercover security watching my every move. Intimidation was the goal, but how when protected by God, the Father Almighty. There was no fear, but observation. This was new world order (Illuminati) not the Vatican. Mourn your dead that dropped like insignificant flies not recorded in the news, there will be more.

   In America, now look at your nation, has your leaders have tried to improve the plight of the poor? They are even less educated today and can not compete with those coming in on Visas. Rents are skyrocketing, yet the Biden Administration would rather waste tax dollars on those who will not work, than build public housing. On the other side when you get housing, many treat it as a garbage dump. 10 to 20 years later rodents, crime infestation deems it unlivable. This is the chaos that you promote.

   Politicians enrich themselves while passing marginal improvements in your lives. They get rich as your communities descend into a hell hole with their policies. They encouraged people to steal and destroy the communities, why? They defunded the police for the murders of a few. Instead of isolating the issue to those involved, it was a blanket response. The result is your loved ones shot by the hundreds. Was the experiment worth it? This is the chaos.

   They wasted 10 of billions to fraud in programs for the engineered pandemic. Now you pay the price in higher taxes for the lazy who would refuse to work. So I guess that $2400 payment offsets the $6000 in increases for a family due to inflation. This is just the start. This is the chaos.

   In the sixty plus years I have been alive, they have not even taught your children to count change or read an analog clock. The elimination of starter jobs as illegals flood the nation and you pay for this. Rents out of control as illegals seek shelter in your over crowded cities. Pay taxes, how they are undocumented. This is the chaos.

   Defund the police, burn the cities and allow smash and grab. Defenders of the law seem to be funded by George, but even his wealth can not account for over 40 billion in campaign contributions. It is the new world order and George is just a proxy. This is the chaos.

   Pelosi went to Taiwan for what? Crush the island and the advanced chip supply stops except for the hidden plants in the US. China will take Taiwan and what are you going to do with your one China policy? They will start a war for what, they have already said they will not protect. This is the chaos.

   We arm Ukraine yet 40%of the weapons are sold to the Middle East extremists. They do not care for you. Oh they killed a leader, so like a hydra another head evolves. It means nothing. This is the chaos.

   You seem to think you control this world and as an example, we guided by the Almighty and will crush the Middle East first as an example. Allah does not hear your cries of destruction, but protects the innocent. Look to your elite, they sold you out and now fund you, pennies on their dollars. Where do they get their money? This is the chaos. This is the allegiance.

   You in the EU and China will have no oil, as supplies are cut. For the leaders in the US who even think about placing a burden on the American people? Protect what you were elected to do, side deals will lead to a grave. The ships will sink. Your choice. As we do not bluff.

   What the world has to understand is the chaos on your world was engineered by the new world order to seek one, one false narrative, one false prophet on the seat of Peter, one new world order by design. Many politicians and the media are controlled by the one. Heed this.


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