The Air Crash





Written Mar 24

Update Mar 27 PM


   As another plane crashes, you in the media just are not buying the official explanations and what is given as a possibility such as age of the aircraft. You have been told that all governments are in collusion thus providing a unified front and what is breaking news is replaced in America with politics as the headline story and you wonder why?  Like Cruz is really that important to the future of America, only in his mind.

   You have been told those that lie depend upon loyalty and a cover story that sanitizes the Truth. But with the elite all follow orders blindly no matter what the mistakes are due to a pecking order as they think you are either too afraid or stupid to dig deeper. Look back at certain air disasters and you will discover a common thread. All lost communication and no warning was given to air controllers. One lost over the mid South Atlantic, MH370, Air Asia in Dec. 2014, and now Germanwings, which had in flight cell phone service as part of Lufthansa. All descended rapidly, but did not suffer sudden decompression. Excuses given but none fit except the Truth an EMP pulse that shut down all electronics on the plane causing and engine stall. This is what the black boxes reveal yet you will never hear of the data as branded national security.

   No one talks about what was on the cell phones recovered in the past or shall you be given an answer as to why no calls or texts from passengers descending at a rate all knew they were facing death. If decompression occurred oxygen would have been deployed and the plane descended quickly 14,000 ft in 6 min to where almost all would have lived. The plane was intact on radar and seen by those on the ground flying under control. What the witnesses left out was distressed engine noise as there was none during a controlled glide ending in disaster. Current explanations given to the media state the pilots employed tactics for the plane to descend. This is a lie. If they were that foolish in an emergency as they tell all to put the mask on before helping others in the case of decompression. Protocol would have the pilot, navigator and passengers put the masks on the copilot adjust the controls for descent.

   This same EMP will ravage more planes in the near future and there will be more deaths even though planes are now being rerouted around hot spots. So what is next? Watch as terrorism is now blamed for targeting our grid as nothing is further from the truth, but there will be false flag events used to explain outages caused by off world magnetic surges on a planetary scale affecting selected areas. You will be told they now possess the skills to hack our networks if so they would not be targeting the grids, but the banks. This is how you know the powers to be are lying. All internet traffic is monitored by the NSA which pin point any hacker not working for them. Some traffic is allowed as a third party achieves a desired situation by herding the perpetrators randomly to a final goal. Create the opportunity, nudge the direction covertly, offer incentives and allow another to achieve the results you want. This is what you are up against.

   You in the media need to realize almost all in government are lying to you and you are the means to keep the public in the dark. You know this. You need to change and ask those uncomfortable questions and eventually ask the damning question and get fired for the people. You have enough money trust me as in a few years it will be worthless. You can join the Army of God or be swept aside, the choice is yours.


Update Mar 27


   I see those of you at the CIA have been busy today, what a sham as your efforts were I first thought were wasted, but oh how your control is absolute for now. Just who was on the team that concocted the story given to the NY Times was if the world media would believe a respected source? The truth is in the details, but you applied pressure. First the French under your guidance release information about the voice recorder which has sounds that need to be analyzed further due to damage. Maybe weeks would be needed to analyze the cockpit sounds. But now as your initial scenario was raising too many questions you needed control and a shut down of rumors. So the story was released to an American newspaper when the French controlled all information and then fed it to the FAA. Why not their news source? Oh thatís right control as the French might infer another story due to innuendo of delivery.

   Knowing the judgment of the co-pilot who is dead cannot defend himself and the family will suffer for the rest of their lives. Just how did you decipher the words through a reinforced door, the breathing if your initial reports stated the opposite? Why did you not state you could hear the engines? Why did you not play the audio for the world to hear and allow analysis to rule out tampering? Because you expect the world to take you for your word and few expect you to allegedly lie about such a tragedy. Your tentacles will dig to find anything to discredit the co-pilot and anything can be planted or doctored to fit the story. No agency would release a statement of foul play without evidence backing it from the data recorder unless they were in possession of it and it is listed as destroyed. This is what you face.

   Now a data recorder allegedly found but the chip is missing, yeah right as if a closed system meant to protect data can now be separated. Where is the photo like the voice recorder? Why donít you say the chip was covertly removed and has to be reloaded with new data if needed to support the story you will release to the public. This is the Truth.

   To the media, you know there is protocol if a pilot leaves the cockpit a flight crew member replaces them in case of any emergency. If there is no emergency the manual bolts to protect those inside are not in place and an over ride system in case of a medical emergency is in place to open the door. This is a fact and their story makes no sense. Oh but you trust them.

   You were told there was a soft knock a first, thus displacing any explosive decompression sound recorded in the cockpit which is the most reinforced part of the plane. Where was the initial sense of urgency, if their was an emergency? No screams from another in there due to protocol and if there was turbulence enough to cause a stall the pilot would have never left his position, for any reason.  

   Now the CIA dictating to the FAA had to make a choice lie about the weather and conditions or lie about the pilot. They have chosen the latter for now as there were no storms. Still no explanation on loss of cell service unless you are going to lie again as this flight under the Lufthansa umbrella which prohibited service.

   When the EMP pulse hit the plane all electronics was frozen in place and the engine stalled. There was a sudden loss speed thus the descent as flaps could not be adjusted thus maintaining course as if nothing was askew. Those inside said their prayers made peace and are now with Jesus. You will never get the Truth from the establishment and as other planes fall from the sky. Do you as pilots innocent of these events want your name and family being disgraced as a terrorist to cover some government bureaucratís ass? As another pilot doing his job gets hit with an EMP pulse and loses the plane in another crash shall he be next. You need to stop the lies and this will take courage. The goal is to enlighten the media as most in the public will still believe the lies.


Update Mar 27


   As events intensify, those who are responsible for the release of information that dictates the crash is deliberate have doubled down and is using the power of the media to send a message. This will not be tit for tat of words for my audience is not the general public. We will discuss the motive, but letís examine the past to build a base upon this case.

   All of you are familiar with the French air craft that crashed into the South Atlantic after leaving Rio de Janeiro. The cockpit voice recorders heard the pilots talking about little sleep, as why when they know they are being recorded. We did not hear the original recording. Then when the emergency occurred lack of sleep disorientation could be used to a path that human error was at fault for the disaster. They said the pitot tubes iced over (all three at the same time) and the auto pilot disengaged due to false readings and the pilots in the emergency made a series of wrong decisions that brought the plane down. I say look closer.

   The CIA when releasing information on an event of concern, the data used is a mixture of the truth with fiction. This is what they do. History does not lie. Did the pitot tubes get jammed with ice causing an anomaly with the speed readings? Yes, but all is not what it seems.

   When the EMP pulse hit the plane crossing near the magnetic rift in the South Atlantic within the storm, all electronics were disrupted. This is why communication was lost. The electrical power plant failed and battery power was insufficient to maintain engine power so they stalled. Due to the proximity of the plane which was on the edge of the pulse limited battery power was available to only some fly by wire controls giving limited control. This would explain the erratic behavior of a plane in distress, not pilot error. The pitot tubes usually heated had no power source so all jammed with (heated) water froze giving a false reading after the fact. The CIA used this. It was all about the time line, but you have no access to that.

   Now letís look MH370 that disappeared with no trace. Radar traces and the transponder allegedly was turn off not to mention no radio contact. This plane when hit with the EMP pulse just disappeared, but there was more to this story than the governments are telling. All information came in drips and drabs to control a situation where the data just does not make sense. Do you think that those in Singapore did not track the plane with a world class radar system? They did, as did air traffic control in Vietnam. Turning off your transponder only removes data for the radar return. MH370 would have had to skim the ocean below 300 ft to be lost, which at last contact was not, but for what reason?

   Enter the CIA to point blame on the pilot. A few of those who knew him state this is a rogue who would take all to their deaths because of problems at home. Many testified to his fragile state. Where they compromised, we will never know. There is one common theme with men if your woman does not want you get another like he did with troubles from his first wife. Men I ask you; kill yourself or find a new love? I thought so. Now fast forward today and the co pilot wants to kill himself with everyone.

   With Air Asia it was simple to hide the EMP within the storm. Protocol dictates a certain angle of attack to decrease altitude and prevent a stall due to a disruption of air flow to the engine compressors. This is pilot 101. Again there was no contact as you attributed pilot error just like the Air France disaster, a common thread.

   The motive at all costs is not to allow the public to fear air travel due to random EMP pulses until the plane just fall out of the skies and then we will lie again. Profits compromised, worthless stock options for the executives, fear of travel for the public and insurance. This is the Truth. The public believes anything on television and this is why you as newscasters (pawns) will be held responsible for you know the truth.

   You in the media have been briefed of the coming disasters and many of you have made plans. How long are you going to stand as millions perish shortly without closure to the Truth? It is not your safety, but the safety of the world. You speak to world to lead opinion, yet now you deceive, make a choice.

   Now with any story that goes against mainstream media there will be talk of conspiracy stories, but the story has been ongoing since the beginning of this century. All presented here supports other events. As you watch your world unravel the people will begin to distrust all in power and misery, famine with war will open the door for a new leader as this is the goal. Thousands of events all nudge to the world into accepting a new direction. Watch as more planes crash and those at the FAA and CIA will scramble for a plausible explanation, as anything is better than the Truth. This when you will know those in power will do anything to hide what is happening to the world and you should be worried as no one is immune from being thrown under the bus; no one.


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