America Chooses

Believe your Eyes


Written Oct. 31 12:30 AM


   Most Americans are aware of the problems this country faces, and it is leadership that counts. Even as many Americans are hurting, the Administration sends natural gas to the EU that raises your prices. We are not responsible for the bad decisions of European leaders when they brought large portions of their oil and gas from Russia. Diesel and home heating oil prices and shortage were caused by the Biden Administration. If there is an emergency, they sold your safety net to the Chinese for votes. Most of that oil was acquired when prices was near record lows for this last decade. Imagine what it is going to cost to replace it, because they donĎt?

   As for crime pushed by the removal of police, the look the other way to store looting and riots where cities burned was not a problem. It is when the neighborhoods changed now crime is a problem. Poorly served neighborhoods, now are not served. You canít walk the streets. If you are rich, you get followed and robbed at your homes. High profile people are now being attacked. A lack of competence in addressing crime was certainly a factor in their own demise.

   There is this big push to switch to EV and no plan for apartments, much lower battery performance during winter or when you use heat. People who canít afford a full charge and get stuck on highways, out of order chargers. Do you have portable electric chargers? Your fast charge takes 45 minutes when gas refills are averaging 10 minutes, how is that going to work? Long distance truckers how, the increased battery weight will destroy roads and bridges. Charging times will cause backlogs and lithium batteries explode sometimes when impacted. In crashes more will die, as they are burned alive. You have addressed none of this, but to have this vision.

   Your corporate policy is insane. You keep saying we will tax them, so they will raise their prices to keep their bottom line? Listen to the president and lose money or stay in business and increase prices. This is common sense or for you inflation. Even if the Treasury gets the added income, 100s of billions gets stolen due to fraud and fixed public contracts to friends and family, because it is not your money. You send money to Ukraine and no one knows where it goes. Why donít you tax golden parachutes at 75%. So you get fired or leave for doing a poor job and you take millions from the corporation. Who does that? Oh, I know, corporate thieves disguised as culture. This hurts the elite only, but you wonít do that.

   As for Climate change and their activists, when are you going to tell them? You know they will come after you. Trust me, there will be plenty of time between knowledge and what you call the end of times. You will not be able to hide and stay in the bunkers and those who protect you at first will turn.

   When you go to the booth forget the promises, most are lies. When go to the booth remember who had your back and not the partyís. When you go to the booth remember what is important to you. Backing abortion does not put food on the table or heat your homes. Racism is a problem, but a proxy war in Ukraine to where US cities can be nuked and millions die? The media tries to make drag queens a part of your childrenís education and you do not see something wrong here? It is time to vote out insanity and the old timers grasping so hard to keep power at your expense. Political commercials have transformed into noise. Finally do not believe the polls, as they are design to turn off voters if your candidate is losing. This is the true voter suppression.


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