America First


Written Oct. 25 7 pm EST

   The media has gone insane. As Trump forges ahead against the new world order, which owns your media, and over half of your politicians on both sides. Almost all leaders in this nation answer to the global one world government, except Trump. This is behind the impeachment process, and time left to the approaching pole shift, has all in new world order power in a panic.

    He has made NATO pay instead of you, as they are leeches first, and allies second. Yes, just like a friend that never pays the bill when out with you. We have all had one or more. It gets old. How about your health care, many have none. If you were an illegal, you would be covered and the best part, you pay for it, yet you are not covered. What a Democratic plan! Wars only enrich the military complex, and we hear, we must save the Kurds in a turf war with a NATO member Turkey. You guys are insane. Does Bid Laden and the Taliban ring a bell? We supported them against the Russians until they realized they were used, just like the Kurds. A policy put in place by the Democrats.

   China steals our technology, jobs and money to the tune of 600 billion a year due to a trade imbalance, and this is your leadership? America first, means putting our interests first, not another nation or the world for once. Allies need to pay their bills and fight their own wars, not us. If the Russians and Chinese attacked us, and was on our soil, who would come to the slaughter? No one, or an ineffective token force.

   People are rioting in Italy and Greece over Airbnb taking available housing, so you invite millions to come here, and we pay for it! Rents in your cities are out of control. I ask? How many must live in the same residence doing a job you wonít do? Schools over crowded, yet property taxes never seem to close the gap? America first. This is the truth.

   Today, many celebrated Cummings in his death, but even the Democratic Party held him back. Cummings had seniority over Schiff for the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, but he was not offered that job. Do not even think, he did not want it. Son of a share cropper, put in his place by Pelosi. Smile in your face, stab you in the back and she gave a eulogy. Check it. Where was Michelle, more important, Obamaís wedding ring? Check the tape.

   We hear about eliminating student debt, but nothing about prosecuting those, who set up the phony colleges, and to be fair, just like Trump and those you used his name. Why, because, this is how Democrats profit after leaving office, a step above Job Corps or that organization closed down. You offer services to the weak that in the end, will not elevate them. 50 years since MLK and nothing has changed in the minority community, but your pockets are fat.

   Debt elimination crushes the financial industry, thus the stock market shall collapse. Your 401ís will pay the price. Student debt needs to be paid off at the prime rate for interest. Those who are poor, will pay no interest as long as they continue to be current on loans with three grace periods that does not go beyond 90 days. This is a sensible plan.

   Trump is the last government hope against the one world government, no matter his faults. As no one, but him took the offer for the job from God the Father to lead this great nation in His Name. You know the story, as Hillary as unbeatable. All things are possible through the power of God.

   My message to America is prepare for the worse and believe in Jesus, our Lord and Savior. This is your only hope.

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