American Cardinals Heed This




Written Nov. 21 11:59pm EST


   Your Father God the Almighty needs your help. As darkness descends upon this world He needs you the American Cardinals and Bishops to uphold His Word. Your illegitimate pope Francis who does not have the key to Heaven answers to the dark one as you were informed here years ago.

   I told you he was the false prophet and now he has stated to this world, abortion can be forgiven by local priests. Yes it is true that God your Savior Jesus does forgive all sins with true repentance and atonement, but to promote the sin of abortion, which is murder as to be absolved by the local priest sends a new message that is subtle. Sin no matter how vile will be forgiven so it is now acceptable. You were told sin would be made to be acceptable this is the start.

   This pope will tell you that we must embrace all religions and change towards one agenda. This pope has embraced the LGBT community ways of life, this is forbidden, but we must love them as children of God. Love the sinner, but hate the sin. I will say this, another influences mankind as to disregard the Laws of God. Mankind was banished here for disobeying just the one Law in the Garden not to partake in the fruit of knowledge symbolized by the apple.

   You have been told abortion would destroy nations and homosexuals would not be allowed to prey on the young during the end times, yet you permit this to occur as you think your humanity supplants the Laws of God. So many of your children disappear, but few think they are enslaved for sex or worse sacrifice upon the altars of satan. Again so it shall be as billions are sweep away as you listen to the dark one and his false prophet. It will seem as they are winning, but you will not. Your petty agreements that enrich the few as it seems you help the poor will no longer be tolerated. Your lies on Climate Change will accelerate as all will know these are the end times. Then you must choose.

   Your media shows riots, hate crimes all orchestrated from one source, the new world order and their minions like Soros. With Soros exposed another far worse shall take his place in the shadows. The media again bought and paid for shows white supremacist when then should have ignored them, I ask why? It has been fore told of the race wars that will consume the inner cities, but when they realize they have been lied to disasters and starvation will take out the most violent and innocent. This is what you face shortly.

   Only look at the politicians of this nation as they compromise. This is the trap. Polarization was foretold, yet you ignore the signs. The forces of light are trying to minimized the lost of life in the Chastisements, which your government hides from you. Earthquakes will destroy countries and for America life goes on. Famine will plague the poor yet you will see scenes of help. Trump was allowed to win as a delay or cog in the plan of the new world order. Hillary would have allowed American cities to be hit with a nuclear holocaust, but you will never be told the truth. When you go against satan there is no compromise. There is no peace. There are only broken promises, as he destroys the world. Gullible humans, just like Hillary, promised the entire world and then snatched away at a pivotal point. This is written, but few are listening.


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