America wants the Truth





Written Oct. 29 8pm EST


   America canít handle the truth. Comey, I told you, was forced to reveal to Congress what was found in the emails. His words were crafted as a compromise not to tip the election. You in the media were given proof in the emails as to suspect behavior, but you choose to suppress this from the public in sense you are an accomplice as this was your test. Comey was faced with the same choice hold back or break from the Attorney General and Obama. So what was in the emails that spooked Comey?

   It was sensitive communications between the Illuminati that is not supposed to exist and Huma as a fire wall to Hillary. It detailed plans to allow the earth changes to reduce earthís population with denial to the existence of Niribu in the inner solar system by 90%. It showed collusion between the East and the West to allow an arranged third world war to eliminate billions of undesirables or useless eaters as they are called by the elite. You call it mutual assured destruction; they call it population reduction as both sides that are the leaders and elite emerge from the bunkers intact. You donít as they rebuild a new world with the slave labor of those who survive on the outside. Work you are fed, donít you starve. Beautiful, man, woman and children you are raped until like a worn tire discarded or murdered. This is the plan.

   Hillary if elected was to allow diplomacy to delay a US response to a surprise coastal cruise missile attack, thus crippling this nation and in turn seeking peace from the cries of the people joins the new world order by choice. Millions will die in the cities and you, the minorities will have little or no warning and shelter. The wealthy will know the date of the attack and the pre-selected cities this is how deep this treason goes. This will never be revealed to the American public, nor will Comey verify what I have said, but it is the Truth.

   Trump is a wild card as he has not gone alone with the plan as of this date. He destroyed the first Illuminati plant Jeb and now could destroy the second plant Hillary and Kaine the third. If Trump wins there is a hidden more powerful plant and this is what this nation needs to worry about.

   War is imminent only the date is in question as Syria the key is out of control. The Russians have prepped their people and the satan 2 missile you were told is coming in 2018 is operational now. They told you if war broke out it would never be used against civilian targets, they are lying; as the Illuminati controls the EU, Russia and China and half of US politicians answering to one. You now wonder why the Bushes back Hillary, yes they are on the same team playing both sides assuring a mutual victory, but you donít see this.

   You have heard the truth will set you free, but few of you are listening. This is how blinded the dark one has you as you were told this is his time to reign and it is short. It is he in human form that will press the button and no man will stop him. So when you ask for the voters need to have access to all the emails, be careful for what you ask for.


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