Analyzing the Past Year’s Concerns

Trump’s Words, the truth or Hate?




Written Jan. 2 2017 11:59pm EST


   Many of you are bringing in the New Year under confusion. We hear of a rise in hate towards Blacks, Latinos, Muslims and gays as Trump is in. This was rhetoric push by a campaign that would do anything to win, though did not. Not one of you has proof, nor has this been in the forefront of the administrative change. Has not Bannon’s voice been silent?  I have told you that you are being played.

   Racism did not rise due to Trump, but was always there, hidden as administration after administration just did nothing. Little has changed in the last 50 years and this is the problem. Did Obama change education, no? The student loan interest rates that plagues Middle Class America are predatory again nothing changes in a record low interest rate environment and the spread tells you who is in control, the bankers. Ask why can some buy a car interest free for 60 months, but educate their child at over 6 percent at best? This is just one problem America faces. Ask yourself, have the Democrats helped you with this ever? It is about financial slavery for those you attempt to rise above poverty with cosigners and keep the dependency going for those who never attempt. The goal is to divide this nation. Those that pay over a hundred thousand for an education that yields a starting job in the area of 30,000 for the average minority. This is the joke of the Obama Administration and you appointing the inept to run agencies that gave money. You were used.   

   Hillary pointed racism out, but her husband did nothing to bring America together in his 8 years. Although he did bring together the occasional intern that did not mine a wrinkled old white guy in any place or time and Monica was the only one caught as the dozens that lurk were shut down. Nothing would have changed had Hillary won except the dismissal of his latest Chappaqua play thing. This is the truth. If Obama had hit a young white girl intern impeachment would be his best option and Michele would not be the supporting lying wife expecting power in the future.

  All of you talk about the division Trump has created, but all he did was expose the truth. Black America talked about the thugs getting shot, but little attention on the innocent killed. Again yes Black lives matter, but more important all lives matter. We all are one, humanity. The media created division. Muslim America talked about those coming from over seas as if we can not control who we let in without being called biased. This is our country and our citizens come first, do you understand this America? No, you don’t until one of your own are killed or loss in an accident by someone that should not have been here. Let me repeat my self to our Latino brothers and sisters. All of you that are here legal have no problem those who are not, then. What happened to common sense instead false words of compassion paid for by taxpayers?

   2017 is about true change where the status quo of pretending to helping while profiting on the back side, the Democrats or the Republicans profiting off of war. This has got to stop. Now either Trump will change this or the Almighty shall. I am siding with the Almighty as few on this earth have the balls to challenge the status quo or new world order. Even you Trump will fall short, but you are a far better choice than Hillary and have more courage than Obama. Change comes shortly after you are inaugurated as to prevent Obama from prolonging power due to a national emergency. Sorry Obama, Trump may not succeed, but you failed in the mission, all will know. Legacy, really Obama, well that will be only in your mind when it is all over as you never had the guts to tell America that we are in the End Times.

   Addressing the concerns of the nuclear threat to this nation, North Korea has a crude weapon that can be disabled by a simple electromagnetic pulse, worthless. The Problem is the Russians and Chinese manpower. Diplomacy is your weakness as you will be attacked with lies of peace. Reduction of 90% of the world’s population is the goal. They will emerge from the bunkers and you the common man will die on the surface. This has been foretold.


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