The Appearance of Nibiru

The Second Sun


Written July 5 10 pm EST

   America seems to be at a tipping point, as the media pushes the pandemic, past and present racial injustices, and the Russian bounty. Again, all is not what it seems. I will address the pandemic first, as your leaders, the deep state pull the strings of their lackeys, and the media, are not telling you the truth. The president is in name only and really does not have the power perceived by the general public. Do you really think, the elites that have ruled this world, since mankind walked this earth under civilization, are going to fold, because of black lives matter? I ask, did Obama and Biden change racial injustice or have a plan for a pandemic when in office for 8 long years? The deep state have killed hundreds of millions under the guise of war to preserve freedom. They fund both sides and you lose. The Bible tells you ĺ of mankind will disappear because of war, but you do not listen as you hear words of peace. They lie. They deceive. They will morph. Reference the Clinton years, nothing has changed. You are still poor, under educated by design and offered jobs of power when necessary. Yet as some of you rise in power, you are compromised. Cummings changed nothing in Baltimore in twenty years, in death he sent a message to others that align with the deep state.

   Addressing the pandemic, New York State was severely infected, while Southern and Western states look on. Remember when Pelosi and DeBlasio asked all to ignore the warning from Trump and visited their China towns? Of course you donít. Some volunteered to help, but for the most part, many looked away. As this could never happen here.

   You were told your meat processing plants were infected by design to cause food shortages, affecting poor communities, keeping them in place and during the shortage, you still exported to China. But the deep state went further. They covertly planting Covid-19 in places of gatherings, such as bars and public bathroom surfaces as restrictions were lifted. This was easy, as you were none the wiser. Low density population states should have set off alarm bells with the sudden surge with few cases originally in the state. But letís not even consider the elite with a goal of total population on earth at 150 million, would not use this opportunity to eliminate useless eaters. That would be how they think of most of you.

   Leadership starts at the state and local level, as was done by Governor Cuomo in New York. He flatten the curve without looking only to the Feds for help. Your Southern and Western Governors need to solve their own problems first, and we do not see this. Dependency is like welfare. Are you a leader that depends on Federal welfare instead of working to solve your problems first?

   This nation is only as strong as its weak links and judging from what is seen in Seattle and other locations, you need to consider whom you are voting for. Letís change racism, but let fools run your cities and policies? You would not be a social worker and walk into a domestic dispute under defund the police policy presented by activists. They could not even keep a 6 block zone free from robbery, rape and murder and you are going to listen to them? You would not let someone burn down your home, as they need to let off steam. You would not focus on only one problem of police brutality, which is a very small percentage, but more important, as not one life should be lost. Yet you cities are out of control with murder including kids and your schools fail to educate minorities with the skills needed to compete with the global economy. Reparations will change nothing. And the elite now have you by the balls, as you have no where to go. Biden is there lap dog, as you place all hope there. His son was paid millions and they hide in Russia. Again, all is not what it seems. You have been set up.

   Now we hear of Russian interference in Afghanistan by offering bounties on American and coalition troops. Are you in the media idiots? Did not the U.S. support with money and weapons to Bin Laden to kill Russians when they occupied Afghanistan? The Taliban kill Americans on sight for free, the bounty not proven was a political ploy as to its timing was known months ago. The source, is revealed by, who has the most to gain.

   As the world is caught up in designed efforts to exploit the pandemic, the murder of George by an officer who knew and hated him, as a person he worked with. The Russian nonsense that your troops being kept in harmís way, as they should not be there. The deep state is banking on it. Most in America still think the media is looking out for the American people. Trump does not need to sell influence under a guise of a ďfoundationď. Those that do, are traitors.

   The some voters knows the past of the Democratic Party, yet you think, this will not touch you, due to the hate you have pushed towards Trump. Why, he is already rich and cannot be bought. Already knows about being black mailed as Epstein was kicked off his property when caught. You do not have Trump caught on tape as a racist, but use all racist actions created by the free will of mankind and point to him. Do you point to Bill for every perverted act and his semen proved he was lying? Monica was one of many, the others threatened and paid off. Many of you said in your minds, Bill you can do better than that, but you can not take the dog out of some men. You can erase the past in your books, topple statues, but those over sixty, look past the faÁade, and see Jim Crow. You will be seen for whom you are, as the Almighty exposes all sin.

   You were told when the public begins to see Nibiru in the skies, they will dismiss it as an aberration at first. This is being shown tonight on the Weather Channel, Weird Earth. If they pull it, how, when we have seen the trailer commercial. (This will not happen as this paper was delayed by design to after 9 pm) Your oceans will rise from their basins and assault your shores along with severe storms scouring your coastlines, now what? You think your Democratic leaders will lead or hide? Offer solutions and the truth or whimper and cry under concealment? Migrate into Republican Territory for the general city population or camps were the weak is exploited by those who are to protect, some plan? With no skill sets in a rural environment, money and status worthless, just what will you do? Sex will only go so far, as they soon will pick and choose. The elite have you, where they want you. Heed the message, as your Warning shortly follows.

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