Media Manipulation

The Asian Attacks




Written Mar. 19 1:30 am EST


   The Media is in a frenzy, on how to explain the increased attacks on Asians. Presently it is perceived as White nationalism, without its alleged leader Trump. This is the narrative from those in control of the anchors. They tell you, that it is the hatred built up, due to the fingers pointing of blame for now at the Chinese. The Truth, no matter how you spin it, the virus did originate in Wuhan by design or God. So those in the hood, are now listening to CNN, really. They could not find China on a map or know the alleged new rage in Chinese food, the Wuhan bat dumpling. That is just an hypothetical example. You are hiding facts and lying, why? Do you feel guilt Democrats, as you were Jim Crow in the fifties and sixties? You hid in the seventies, remember that Biden and in some cases even today. Letís review your dark past.

   Did you not block Civil Rights in 57í? So we had 29 Democrats and 43 Republicans that voted yes. Those who voted no, were 18 racists Jim Crow Democrats and no Republicans. Not voting, 2 Democrats and 2 Republicans, one present Republican. Seven long extra years, riots, deaths just to begin, check it. Just how long will you hide? The Truth will be revealed, then what? This is their past and they hide it well. Nothing has changed in your cities in 60 years, you are fools to vote for them. As progressives move in to change, they are silenced, look at AOC and Bernie.

   As you, Democrats exploit the truth to blame, you offer no solutions. You can stop what you call hatred, because it is a crime. Is it that hard to patrol Asian communities undercover? Outsiders stand out. To the Asian communities, Democrats are using you as bait or as we call it prey. Some predatory blacks see Asians as passive, as you offer the least resistance to a crime. Your leaders excuse makes no sense. Does the common criminal watch or even comprehend global policy from media sources, as to blame the an Asian for the alleged crimes of the Chinese virus? The elite engineered this. The Black on Asian crime increase is due to the crushing loss of jobs from the pandemic. That is it. Not to excuse it, but they see them as easy targets, not hate crimes. What America sees in the media are blacks in your tapes and now you blame a white person, why is that? What is the backlash, idiots? The Atlanta murders was by design, new world order. So we are to believe a sex addict is going to kill his only source of satisfaction in massage parlors, as prostitutes of every color walk the street ? You are idiots.

   You as a nation are being divided by those who govern you, you have to be blind, not to see this. It is about the global agenda or the reset, as your leaders bows to one. You have a pawn leading you, no matter what you are promised. Can you not see this this?


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