A Message for Assad



Written Dec. 31

Updated Jan. 10


   Assad, for someone who has rose to power on a wish where you could do no wrong, your wisdom is lacking. Remember how when you where a pup, you knew when you ruled Syria, the people would worship you, but that was not your destiny. It was your brothersí. Do you remember that promise if only you could be ruler?  Your country would prosper as the jewel of the Middle East without oil, remember. You asked to be respected in the Western world so you requested a western born Syrian woman and she is your wife. So jealous of King Hussein werenít you. You asked for longevity and absolute power in return you sold your soul as a debt you thought would never come due.

   The world now knows your dirty little secret and your pact with the dark one. You never thought he would ask you to enact genocide on your people. You are a weak man and you thought a bargain could be struck with the dark one. The devil is a spirit what could he do? Now he walks the earth in the flesh and for you, be very afraid.

   What you donít understand is that the dark one considers you a failure as your actions as cruel as they are did not draw the world into battle. As your nation Syria is key, to initiate the next world war. It is here that you failed to deliver for the dark one in a timely manner. As you though covert bombs and snipers would bring the world to its knees for support, they have been there and done that.

   Oh yes, the prophecies of three assassinations of leaders in this world is true. Do not become number two in your ignorance, pride and arrogance. Set your people free as you have killed hundreds of thousands through your orders, this blood and the misery of the loved ones left behind is on your hands.

   No country will protect you or hide you like you anticipate, because for the right price those that want you will know your location. No military, government will have the power to stop the dark one from making you an example in death. I am not here to judge you. That is our Lordís job, but continuing to honor an entity that plans on killing you, you may want to consider a change.

   Jesus is offering you Assad mercy, but you must ask with true remorse as he knows all of what you have done. He is your only hope; take it as your wisest decision in your life. I really do not want to save your sorry ass from the bowels of hell if things go wrong. You will not last seconds where some of associates already are. You should hear their screams and they were leaders in your administration. So weak without your guards and earthly money if you only had a glimpse of their suffering you would change now. This is your only warning Assad, heed it.




   What do you not understand and who are you trying to impress? The world laughed at your speech while I felt your fear. Remember Monday night Jan. 7 barely as you slept? Just what caused you to wake up? Assad you are confused, so letís enlighten you. Not one of your staff has the knowledge to guide you. Yet you have this feeling of emptiness. Yes the world does not know both the Russians and the United States courted you, but why are you worried? You know the message that you received that night, but you still refused to believe. So letís divulge the plan the dark one has for you.

   Yes, there are terrorist trying to displace you, this is the real world and they were planted long ago to dispose you. Yes, they have infiltrated even your inner circle backed by those that have given you your orders. They are playing both sides. This is how the New World order works. Now you played that same game to solidify power in your country, and you think that if your alignment with the New World Order holds when Syria falls, your life is safe? Roll the dice please!  Prophecy states Syria is the key. It was no mistake your brother was killed in an accident so that you would rise to power according to your wishes as you have no control over how, and now its payback time.

   It was no accident that covertly you were told most aggression would be seen go against those that oppose you in the world. The citizens, your people who you were given the privilege to protect and move forward this world, are being slaughtered. As the present ďfatherĒ of your country, your lack of skills has let your children, I mean citizens die. You must be a proud head of state and your achievements or lack of is to be respected. But you in your lapse of wisdom and preparation, you never thought it would be against your citizens as genocide. The antichrist played you just like humanity and you are designated as the second of leaders to be assassinated. What is so sad is that you know this and out of fear you are doubling down. Those that are to escalate terror in the Middle East will only rise on your demise. All of this has been written and planned. You can change that which is written or rollover. It is your choice.

   Now What? First have no fear if you leave the dark side. Your choice must be from the heart or they still will claim you. We can not help you if you refuse to grasp the hand that is extended to you. There are no guarantees, but if you do fall, go out as a champion of your people. Do not cower in fear hiding like another as those who hate you eliminate you as a dog.

   Assad as I read your mind for the first time you feel alone. I offer you a new life, backed by the Authority of Jesus. That night, Monday that just past you felt it as I you, now it will be backed up. This does not change your fate, but if you die, there is a bright future. Assad it is time to consider a choice. It your country that, is at the pinnacle of the escalating Middle Eastern wars, and it will be this that changes this world.

    When you addressed the world in your speech, you spoke of hell, those were inspired by the dark oneís wordĎs. God never wanted anyone to be lost to hell. There is something greater than what mankind seems to think is important. My job is to save all of mankind, no matter what their crimes against humanity. All you have to do is ask Jesus to forgive you in true remorse, is that too much to ask for your crimes? For once do something that will change this world. Free your people and crush those placed in a position to take over your government upon your exit as they work for the New World Order. Terrorists are not women and they are certainly not children, stop the collateral murders, for once in your life be the man you promised in your mind before your brotherís death if you were given the privilege to lead your country. Assad to be a leader to do what is right for your people. To be a leader is to protect the lives of your citizens. To be a leader is to stand up against the New World Order. Your choice, die as a coward or die as a leader if all options are gone. But, if life transpires you through the tribulations of the dark one, your nation and its people will respect you for the rest of your natural life.


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