Where Mankind goes Astray on Good and Evil



Written Jan 20 1am


   You hear the worlds preached from the pulpits. You hear the words and see actions of those who follow mankind’s adaptation of the Quran. You who practice in the black masses hear the words of your leader as the only truth. But it is mankind who seeks to understand, interpret, the Word of God and for others the words of satan to justify his or her actions.

   Where there is confusion as you were told this in the Bible, is that Jesus will come for the sinner. It is not the righteous who needs His help. All of you try and interpret the Bible and as you discover a new clue, for some, you break away and form a new church as if you have the only answer. Do you include the non believers? No; only those who have conformed to the wishes of obedience and contribution of wealth, to further your cause. This is not God’s plan, but yours as you answer to another.

   Now it does not take a Bible scholar to discern the Truth, behind these Words, “Upon this rock I will build My Church”. It is singular, clear with no doubt as to the meaning and that rock was Peter the apostle who passed the leadership along a line of popes authorized by Jesus ending at Benedict in the 21st century. There is no other faith, church, branch, adaptation except the Truth. The Roman Catholic Religion was established by Jesus to remember Him, as He died for your sins. This is what is important. The Bible is clear and mankind’s perception of the Word of God is not open for change. This is your mistake.

   Love for another comes from God only, but when you twist love for the same sex or lust that comes from another, know the difference. Those who stand up for God embraces all life is created by Him without question, anything less and you answer to another. You are to embrace life. For all life comes from the Father, but when a new life emerges from rape or a bad decision, it is not your right to take that life. It is not your body as the media portrays influenced by another, but the Almighty’s who gave you life. Question it and again you answer to another. Only the Almighty, God the Father has that right for in the end without repentance He will take yours at the appointed time as you took His in a procedure. You ask, why should we not execute the criminal who has taken an innocent life? For the Bible states an eye for an eye.

 The Almighty speaks, “You as my creation always think that your minds can comprehend My intentions for you My children. This is where you go wrong and My Son feels your pain. He knows the loss of an innocent life to those who break My commandments. But, I the Father created all of you and each one is a child of God. I do not want to lose not one of you to the dark one, no matter the injustice created on earth. Your loved one is with Me and they have eternal life as you shall if you believe in My Son. To take a life does not give some souls the time to ask for forgiveness and save him from the dark side. Sparing a life gives time for remorse to evolve and the soul to be saved. This is the goal as should be yours.”

   For those in this pitiful world follow the words written by Mohammad, heed this. Allah, God Almighty speaks, “I am the God of Abraham. I am the God of Moses. I am the God of Mohammad. He was My prophet I sent to deliver My Word to over a billion people now present on earth through the Quran. My prophet was sent to guide you yet you have distorted his vision. I Am a God of love where every life is precious. I did not give you authority to take a life. Those that do, have answered to another. I did not give authority to oppress another life because they are a woman. She is equal as a mate, but you are to make the decisions that benefit both of your lives. The flesh becomes one in marriage. I did not state the Muslim religion is the only way to heaven, for all of you will have to come through My Son Jesus. Mohammad was My prophet, but he was only a man sent by Me to bring more away from that which is dark. How dare you put a prophet above My Son and for this you shall see war envelope your central area of existence until you come to your knees and obey the Laws of God and recognized My Son Jesus, the one and only true Son of Allah.”

   Now it is time to address the worshipers of the dark. This is satan’s world for now and many of you were given great power and wealth for this allegiance. For thousands of years you have seen no change for the meek and this only intensifies as your control of this world tightens through the media and monetary policy crushes the common man.

   Know this; Love only comes from God and when you are harvested, love will cease for you made your choice. There will be no light, for satan only has darkness. Light is only from God, do not be fooled. There will be no love, as love only comes from God and on this world you have experienced both until separated. There will be no promises fulfilled for satan lies as you do.

   As the earth changes sends fear into corporate America utilities will try and sell assets, they close retail outlets in fault and coastal areas where riots and looting are likely to evolve. The elite are now preparing for financial rape, by driving commodities prices south to destabilize the stock market so that the common man when faced with devastating losses in their 401 K plans and stock market accounts, most will be frozen in the coastal cities and suburbs with no reserves when hyper inflation hits and many will not be able to afford a loaf of bread. They will die. This is your plan.

   What is so sad Obama is that in your effort to achieve peace in the Middle East you provided the tipping point to destabilize the oil market and crush US shale interests in North Dakota. The banks will lose billions that has to be written off and guess who pays? Now if you are brave this is what you are to do.

   Limit the trades on oil contracts to where the goal is delivery thus removing speculation. If the Saudis want to crush the US oil industry impose a tariff on all overseas imports to where oil settles above $60 and allows a profit for those facing bankruptcy here a chance, use the tariffs to prop up independence. Break from the Middle East for the earth changes will crush their nations. They are not your friends when they destroy your industries seeking independence. Heed these words.

   You ask; why would God sometimes choose those who abuse His faithful? This is a good question. Know this; in order to correct the injustices that have been created, who better than those who perpetrated them as they have been forgiven. This is a mystery of God.

   You ask, where do we stand with the earth changes? Again no man knows the exact time as only the Father does. This was asked by the common man for the leaders in the G-20 already know. As of now we are approximately 47 months into the 7 year period of the chastisements. But the scale of intensity and frequency of cleansing events which is dependent upon how mankind reacts is on a scale of .31 to 1 presently and this calm will be broken shortly before or as you ring in 2017. Do not equate that the intensity will only rise 3 fold as foretold events will erase ¼ then 1/3 of mankind, billions will be  removed from earth.


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