From Upcoming Earth Changes


Written May 2006 

   Acidic water in the Gulf of Mexico will surprise most environmental activists as they try to assess the wide areas of dead zones already present in the Gulf. The fishing and shrimp industry will soon experience sparse catches in the near future; beach bathers will sustain minor skin burns and lesions as leaching of sulfur related gases are released thru the stretched sea bed due to Earth changes mixing with the salt water of the Gulf. As time progresses, the PH concentration of the seawater will shift to the acidic side with the introduction of other chemical compounds increasing slowly over time, although scientists will offer other sources of pollution as the cause

   Pockets of methane gas trapped between ancient sedimentary layers of the sea bed will bubble to the surface and in some cases be ignited by unsuspecting ships and lightning storms creating a massive surface oceanic fire-storms killing all within the area due to suffocation as available oxygen is temporally lost with the blast wave only a small fractional secondary cause. The results are floating death ships, mysterious flashes and sub-sonic percussion sound waves assaulting the coastline that appear for no reason. This situation is already occurring quietly over land in isolated sections of the southwest U.S. resulting in some of the present brush fires.

   Oil and gas production with all there experts that money can buy will have potential outputs reduced by unexpected pressure drops as the North American plate fractures at its weak points the Mississippi River and the Arabian Peninsula along Great Rift in the Middle East. The oil industry concerned with maximizing profits, which is no different than any other corporation in the world is hedging its position by capping known resources until market parameters call for its release due to the price of oil. Remember the saying, ďA bird in the hand is worth two in the bushĒ and so it shall ring true again. The petrol industry should be concerned with maximizing reserves stored in geological stable areas as if a 4-year oil drought was upon them. The Middle East, Gulf of Mexico and to a much smaller degree the North Sea will under go stretching and plate fracturing, thus releasing natural gas pressures that forces oil to the surface and in conjunction with seepage of established oil reserves into deeper pockets of the Earthís crust as it flakes apart. Thus known reserves will be depleted at an accelerated rate astonishing those even in the know. So for Halliburton, its investment in Iraq will not produce the expected long-term commodities or profits for its stockholders in the extended run. The signal will be the unexpected pressure drops across a wide area of oil wells. Suggestion, maximize output while it still flows or cut your losses and run.  

   Some media outlets have hinted towards a meteor or comet strikes with a primary target hit in the Atlantic and many secondary hits by fragments of 73p. Yes this event like this will affect the Earth in the future, but as current events have progress, there are few signs that 73p will impact Earth. The scientists of Earth are well aware of future events, so in an attempt to be seen as leaders in their field, a fragmentary comet on predicted path to pass close to Earthís orbit has over a 50% chance impact, causing damage that could affect millions. Will it; that is in Godís hands, but pay attention to the signs around you. Is there a warning in the press to save lives, no, but they have covered the bases by predicting a chance of destruction in the event, although few or none of the general public will heed or care about the warning. Use of the underground web has established a pseudo official position, but this is the safe approach, as opposed to a release via the standard media outlets. The comet may produce a light show and some fragmentary hits, but millions will not perish in a doomsday scenario. In the short, future meteor flashes and strikes will be considered normal as the assault on Earthís atmosphere only up ticks. The constant barrage will unnerve all but the bravest of the population who will be asking for answers. Scientists may explain that we have entered a large debris field, but its origin and history will be vague. Will establishment sources determine safe impact areas for future encounters? Maybe, there will be some successes, but on the most part it will be a crapshoot as the atmosphere of the Earth alters, deflects, and skips debris in unusual horizontal vectors due to their shape of the object and its angle of approach. As for promises of safety, there will be no guarantees.

   The infestation of insects and rodents will torment mankind for several months as they are driven from their usual lairs. As disruptions and grinding of the plates throughout the crust of the Earth progresses, frequencies not audible to human ears, but are similar in frequency to devices that drive away pests from human residences, will motivate what seems like almost an infinite amount of insects, rodents and other known pests to emerge from the bowels of the Earth as if a plague is upon all of mankind. This will result in the infestation of stored supplies of the elite despite their perceived impenetrable storage facilities. With this warning, the best scientist will prepare impregnable containers and irradiate the supplies to eliminate anything foreign to the food supply. Mankind can never eliminate all sources, because this is Godís world and the Almighty rules. It is here most men in power will lose respect and control from their women as insects crawl about their skin on what seems an endless experience.

   The red rings on the skin and serious infections will plague man as millions will die. A total surprise will be a strain of bacteria normally benign to mankind, which mutates and spreads long before being identified delaying a research to find a cure. Most who are susceptible will perish and the survivors taking what is thought to be the long awaited cure were immune anyway, even those exhibiting some sores. Counter, government sources are forecasting the devastating results of the bird flu when it explodes thru the human population via simple contact. Has this caused massive deaths in 3rd world countries during the past years? How does mankind know this strain will mutate and if so do you not think they would have a cure for a price? If it can strike all, then it would affect the privilege and trust me, they would not gamble the lives of their loved ones to chance. With the Earth changes, new mutations unknown to science will emerge with no cure, and it will affect all. Yes the population with poor medical care will perish first, but those with all resources only will delay it by a matter of weeks to months in most cases.

   Snow will occur in a striking new form, as the carrying capacity of water vapor for the atmosphere on Earth will produce random occurrences of 12-inch plus diameter snowflakes. A novelty at first sight as most bask in the beauty, but the danger comes from the homes being totally buried. The weight of the snow will collapse the roofs of all but the strongest frames. Burying all to perish in a frigid tomb as monstrous snowdrifts block all exits and cell phone calls for assistance go unanswered by an overburdened emergency response service.

   Tornadoes will ravage the countryside with velocities exceeding F-5 speeds, but most of all it will be the width of the path of destruction that will stun all.  In some cases, the areas scoured will exceed 5 miles for a single funnel unexpected by scientists, but explained as the 500 year tornado or mini land based super hurricane only to return again as a future event and soon to be looked upon as normal as events progress long-term. Super cells fueled by greater heat in the plains and water vapor as evaporation of the oceans increases on a parabolic curve in conjunction with Earth wobble assisted spin and forced convergence of fronts, results in a new types of storms unknown in recorded history, leaving the field of meteorology looking for answers to which they will have few.

   Hail will increase in size gradually, giving way to storms that yield basketball size stones that form in the severe turbulent updrafts of thunderstorms. Building roofs, cars and trucks on the road will exhibit mild to severe denting and damage of crops will vary from annoying to total destruction. Metallic window shields will explode as one the new businesses of the future.

   Simple things such as raindrops will morph, and super drops will evolve in some areas. As the atmosphere heats, updrafts in general will accelerate in conjunction with moisture-laden air masses. Raindrops will increase in mass some cases to the size of golf balls until gravity tips the balance with devastating erosion results. The stripping of mountainsides is common as vegetative absorption sponges such as grass and trees are removed and the overwhelming all natural drainage systems occurs. Secondary problems will evolve in less affected areas, as the dirt liquefies and gravity initiates a downward progression as momentum buries all in the valleys in layers of mud and debris.

   Lightning will bring a new fear into mankind, not only with the sound of its deafening thunder, but its destructive electrical potential and extended distances in which it flashes thru the sky stretching tenís of miles. The active atmosphere will have some objects compromised by strikes reduced to mere ashes. In some instances a constant strobe like arcing will turn the sky an eerie green as straight-line winds snap trees like twigs in the same direction in the wake of these new storms.

   Massive implosions on the Sun will stun scientists as most have discounted spiritual prophecies. The unexplained brightness, massive X-flares, will produce relentless heat, parching lands unaffected by drought in the past. Tornadoes will form in and around the cities of Dallas and Oklahoma City and hurricanes continue to devastate the Gulf Coast. Fear will overcome the weak in spirit as the perceived end of civilization as mankind knows is etched in stone. As this solar system evolves, 75% of the solar mass, the Sun will be shifted to 4th density for the meek to inherit over the near future, although suspected by scientific communities, it will catch all by surprise. The total population of Earth will be temporary blinded by the fury of the Sunís transition to occur over several days. Those left on Earth after 2012 will find the orbit of Earth has decreased in proportion the loss of mass within the Sun. Perception of the decreased in size will be hidden at first by the increased activity of the core mixing due the absence of mass once present and the slow adjustment inward as the Sun retains its same size due to reduction in radii in the eyes of the confused humans as it reappears after many years. All of these events will progress over the next 3 centuries as the Sun fades and winks out leaving a dead Earth. What is left of the elite will inherit the bowls of the Earth or escape off world by choice or force. Oil pools will be scattered all over the surface downwind of volcanic areas in abundance thus negating it as the commodity to control the world. Sunlight will become the most valuable resource.

   All will have a chance to change their destiny after the shift. There will be help for all communities with a good bias, but also those on the dark side will still thrive under conditions of the strong survive. Some of the righteous will even be rescued and taken to the new Earth, but that is a decision that will be made by God, because no man can deliver the promise of salvation, no man.

   Thus with the dimension shift there will be Heaven on the new Earth and those still living in 3rd density, it will be hell on Earth after the shift forcing you to choose sides or move on with no decision only to repeat the lesson again.

   Again these words spoken seem foreign, there is no proof of another existence, so why should I commit to a set of ideals preached by a nobody, what are your credentials, is there a guarantee?

   Credentials are manmade; those who are on top want to maintain that position, so anything that may dispute the authority can be compromised. History has taught us that there are wonders of the universe that were explained in the past, but are far from the truth now. So it is now with parallel worlds and new planes of existence.

   Most are familiar with the prophecies concerning Earth and how the meek shall inherit. So how is this possible if all are preparing for survival after the shift and it is known that there is going future? Those who had knowledge of the shift ahead of the public and was able to prepare, but has this given them an advantage over the common man? No, those who choose to come out on top were guided in essence by the dark one. Promises given on how to control present day oil resources, but not told oil would be very abundant on the surface of the Earth like water down wind of any volcano. So all efforts to control present day supplies are truly a waste if for it will have little value post shift. Underground shelters will be worthless as some flood, others will catch the occupants by surprise long before the shift with noxious sulfur fumes, which seep in quickly extinguishing all life as breaks in the crust due to stretch. What about filters and air from the surface to be circulated quickly in an emergency? Central air filtering systems would be overwhelmed as the gases that are pressurized from below and with seepage into the surface air, for all affected, death would come quickly as most would not even get to a gas mask. All underground stores would be breached as condensation combining with the sulfur fumes creating sulfuric acid, thus rotting away protective containers. With the events of the pole shift being drawn out there are some factors that have been overlooked by those willing to control the future. Their short term planning in thinking the date was 2003 has left many holes. The slow drain on resources due to storms, earthquakes, mudslides, floods volcano eruptions will curtail all overseas activities. The increase in storms, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are now a part of life in 2005-6, but mudslides and floods in the United States will cause distress by encroachment into areas not affected in recent past. Water tables will rise and inundate basements; mountainsides saturated by days of rain will liquefy as all along the hillsides plummet into the valleys. The constant sulfur odor will make the southeastern portion of the United States undesirable. Beach water along gulf shores will damage skin. Relentless heat and humidity will increase stress levels in homes already on the edge. Stress within the crust of the Earth will emit frequencies undetectable to humans, but will irritate insects and rodents. This will lead to a plague never seen in recorded history, as insects, rats and mice will infest all of mankind even the elite for several months. Insecticides, traps, ultrasonic emitters will be overcome by the shear masses. A warning to those who perceive they are in control, do not use the comet impact to restrict the rights of many for your safety, because and I will quote the word God, ďIf you put my children in peril to save yourself, I the creator of the Universe and all thatís is in it will direct fragments of the comet to affect you and it is not comet 73P. Many of you say you are acting in my name, but you are using it in vain. I want the sinners, but can they enter your church? You say you donít worship idols, but again how many of the faithful see money as an idol? I want the poor, but do help or ignore them, why because you consider them sub human. Mankind is not the judge, my Son is, which is God Almighty incarnated as human and those who think they can past down judgment, so shall I upon you.Ē Make no mistake; concentrate your link to that of the Almighty as opposed to worshiping my form incarnated as man. It is the spirit that counts not the wonders produced by human flesh.

   Again, the year 2012 is predicted to be the end of current civilization and as did rumors that forced moves of certain people in 2003, showing no man knows the date. Have the signs progressed leading one to believe that changes are here, yes, but it is a slow progression of events. The end predicted by the Mayan calendar is no different than the rumors that persisted about the year 2003. Yes, the change of this Earth will be present, but doubt will still allow all who are still alive to make a choice. Survival at the expense of others will be tested as each level of protection is striped away, do you resort to discard other lives to protect yours by deceit, cunning and advantage or initiate a new way, where all care about each other after experiencing near death.

   The final surprise will be despite all the warnings received; those in control will do anything to maintain control. They will witness many of the good hearted killed, maimed or just disappear. This is by design, but you in your arrogance will see just a passing of life. They will move on to something beyond your comprehension while you are left to control a dying world at best. The bunkers well designed for those in the know, a bribe to secure your silence as you were promised safety and the chance for your family to live, a fresh start for mankind. What you will witness is a series of never ending disasters affecting selected areas a half a million here 750,000 there with the usual 1,000-50,000 small events. Your tongues tied as you watch the millions die, rights of your friends erode. Safety is now marginal, yet no call to the bunkers.  You have sold your soul for an empty promise. By time the shift comes, few if anything will resemble what you know today. Those who sold mankind out will wish there were dead than be subject to the dog eat dog world they could have never envisioned. You have a choice change now, and that is to prepare you and your loved ones and friends with a controlled truth while not destroying the human spirit. It is better to go out in the name of truth than die under a veil of lies and in some cases exposed as a coward or sellout. 

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