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The Process Planetary Tilt-Rotational Stabilization

   In this solar system where the rotational axis of a magnetic planet is in close proximity to the Sun, the natural equilibrium dictates a parallel North-South Relationship between the cosmic objects. So what would cause the planetary rotational tilt of the Earth to be 23 degrees off center of the Sun's axis the dominant force in this solar system? Would not this anomaly over time, the axis migrate back towards the equilibrium point represented by the Sun? It is stated, that an object in motion remains in that motion unless acted upon by an outside force. Is this not one of your most revered laws of physics? If this planetary system was initiated by the homogenous motion of the collapse of an accretion disk of stellar matter, then Earth's tilt is a result of an outside force. One that is so recent and periodic where the seasons are a permanent part of Earth's climate. Consider that the effect of the Sun's magnetic field has a far greater intensity and seemed to have little time to correct it. Conclusion there is a cause and if this force is not part of present theories or recognized events within the solar system, but its effects are recorded by tilt, and unexplained geological events.  The force comes and goes, so how and what is the cause?


   The cause is a planet that passes through this solar system periodically causing a disruption in civilizations, where little of its history is recorded except as legends passed down from the survivors. Upon public discovery almost all theories in the field of astrophysics developed by mankind will reluctantly have to be discarded. How was a planet created outside of an accretion disk? How does the object accelerate to cover a distance many times the distance of Pluto to the Sun in a few years? What force causes it to slow to a crawl when approaching the Sun when it should accelerate due to gravity? How can it supply its own light and heat light, like a brown dwarf, but its surface has liquid water suitable for life? How is it a rocky planet, yet has the a diameter only related to the gas planets? How do you account for an opposing gravitational mass to the Sun, although it is dark that is the counter for this sling orbit of the 12th? Now that the many how's have been addressed, lets apply the new concepts in gravitation, repulsion and particle crowding to explain the complex motion of the 12th Planet within the inner solar system and what to expect before it is ejected.

    What scientists will miss in studying its motion, is that the application of the present day laws of gravity will not provide all answers. So what factors need to be considered to approximate the basic parameters of its planetary motion and its affects on Earth? The 3 primary factors are magnetism, the repulsion force, and return particle flow towards the Sun. Secondary factors are oscillation above and below the ecliptic plane plus the variation of the distance from the Sun to the rear and the overall distance and compression of the planetary bodies blocking its forward path. Finally the buildup of repulsion particles that is responsible for orbital motion.

   Currently the 12th is oscillating above, below or at the ecliptic due to momentum conserved from its rapid entry into this solar system and slowing from the repulsion force to presently maintaining an almost static position. So what relationship does the 12th planet have with Earth, its orbital Twin, Venus, the Sun and the outlying planets? In this example we will minimize the effects of the Twin only because few on Earth can confirm its existence and any proof will not come from the establishment, due to national security. Although its presence shall be revealed in a dramatic fashion for all to see.

    As the 12th pierces the ecliptic plane of this solar system, there are many sub processes of motion that occur. Primarily, as the 12th rises above the magnetic neutral zone, the Sun's North magnetic pole attracts the southern pole of the 12th planet. Where the pull on the magnetic axis of the 12th planet is a function of the translational velocity from the neutral zone to an area that controlled by sub atomic particles related to the magnetic outflow of the Sun's north pole and the mean distance between both magnetic axis. This is what controls the intensity and suddenness of hose of magnetic subatomic particles directed towards Earth. These sudden extreme lurches will be responsible for the rouge tsunamis where evidence of an earthquake as the event trigger will be proven to be absent. In the beginning of this process as the 12th rises its south pole turns towards the Sun's north pole the distance closes at first, are small fluctuations. As the 12th is drawn towards the Sun above the ecliptic, the pressure of the return particle  flow towards the Sun increases in density and velocity. Thus pushing the 12th back down towards the ecliptic, where the particle flow along the equator of the Sun is outward. The poles of the 12th reenter the magnetic neutral zone the poles realign with Sun. The repulsion force once compromised by the overwhelming magnetic attraction now becomes the dominant force as the 12th magnetic attraction is reduced as the south turns away. The repulsion forces away the 12th away from the Sun point where the repulsion force coming from the Earth blocks its forward progress to a reduced velocity hovering near what seems a static position or little movement.

   As the distance closes between the 12th and Earth, first as a function of the stored repulsion force, momentum pushes outward and the counter, magnetic attraction as the north pole of the 12th turns towards Earth and thus attracts the south pole of Earth. Secondary, the density of the repulsion field emanating from the 12th increases as a function of distance between the two, closes, eventually pushing the trapped planets closer to each other. The zone between the planets is reduced as the lateral repulsion field from the 12th increases in density and force creating an imbalance with the weaker repulsion force responsible for separation between the trapped planets resulting in a compression of that zone, thus the phrase, "the shrinking cup". This is aided, because the force responsible for orbital velocity emitted from the Sun to the rear of the planets has built up and exhibits little give.

  This push pull oscillation above and back to the ecliptic between the planets, 12th and The Sun continues for a time. Months, years no one born on Earth has that  long term knowledge of a definitive time frame or ever will. There will come a moment in time where the planets can no longer back up. This is will be determined by the repulsion force emanating from the planets trapped in the cup. No longer shall the opposing repulsion force from the Sun driving orbital motion diffuse through, but now a concentrated cup of planets forced together, creates a barrier thus stops and backs up no more. Providing the only path of least resistance for the 12th, which is up away from the ecliptic plane into a thinner return particle flow towards the Sun. This time the 12th rises higher above the ecliptic and its north pole turns fully towards Earth as it south pole aligns the north pole of the Sun. The magnetic flow due to a closer proximity and ability to retreat closed, the north pole slowly turns away only due to distance. Momentum carries it pass a 180 degree rotation, but a dampening oscillation settles with the south pole of Earth settling and pointed at the north pole of the 12th. At this point the magnetic attraction closes the distance between the 12th and the Sun dragging along the Earth. As the repulsion force against the 12th builds from the Sun, an equilibrium is established by a temporary static position between the outward flowing repulsion force and the attraction of the magnetic poles. The Earth continues to close the gap even though the 12th has stopped.

   The line up causes an unusual eclipse in the southern hemisphere never recorded in public history. This is where, what is considered an unusual fuzzy spot, will be first mistaken as a very large sunspot begins to migrate into the center of the Sun. Then the spot expands uniformly, but the edge varies under the principles of particle movement related the Sun's return particle flow and its interaction with the atmospheric and dust cloud that surrounds the 12th until the Sun is eclipsed, but it does not stop there. Expansion shunts the Sun's corona enveloping all of the Earth in darkness. As the Earth closes in net distance, its repulsion force pushes the 12th deeper towards the Sun where the density of return flow increases. Over a period of 3 days this forces the 12th back towards the ecliptic. The 12th planet's poles as it drops back towards the ecliptic, due to a closer proximity to the Sun. Alignment occurs with its north to the 12th's south and the Sun's south pulls the north of the 12th. In the darkness the Earth mimics the alignment. As the 12th enters the zone of magnetic neutrality, it slowly aligns with the Sun in a north-north south-south pole relationship. Earth, further out away from the Sun is not forced in to the neutrality zone at the same rate as return particle flow and density towards the Sun is a function of distance above the ecliptic and the Sun.

   The line up ceases and Sunlight returns. The 12th now no longer has the magnetic force responsible for holding it close to the Sun. The repulsion force now greater than gravity flowing towards the Sun is seeking equilibrium, propels the 12th at a great velocity away from the Sun. The 12th's repulsion force in turn pushes the Earth. The surprise is 2 fold. Earth is still magnetically inverted to the Sun's magnetic poles as the subatomic flow forcing it back into the magnetic neutral zone takes several days, thus the legend of the sunrise in the west is realized. Venus and the twin were never pulled in but now, the Earth is pushed towards them a high velocity. The reflected light has its bandwidth shorten by the approaching velocity thus a shift towards the blue spectrum. Again the legend of the appearance of a Blue Star holds true. The surprise, it is Venus the cloud covered reflective planet, not the twin that is the source. The repulsion force from the cup slows and stops Earth and the 12th aided by repulsion streams emanating from the Sun driving orbital velocity.

   The Earth now experiencing mega disaster after disaster cares little about the heavens as the auroras reach extreme level as the magnetic fields and particle flow of Earth and the 12th are locked together. The final phase now begins with the 12th now further away from the Sun, its incoming particle return flow again is thin and easily penetrated. Again the cup now closer moving in as the 12th retreats towards the Sun. Aided by the repulsion force of the Sun, this pushes the 12th higher above the ecliptic as its only path. Again the 12th rolls to align with the Sun in a north pole 12th planet south pole relationship while being pulled towards the Sun. The Earth, never out of the magnetic grip is so close, the force when the 12th's north pole points towards us as it magnetically aligns its south pole to north pole of the Sun, is to much for the Earth. The crust separates and shifts about the core. Both planets are drawn closer to the Sun than the previous encounter. Incoming particle pressure  quickly forces the 12th back towards the ecliptic it aligns with the Sun and is ejected at a great velocity. This the repulsion force of the planets trapped in the cup only deflect it upwards allowing the 12th to pierce the ecliptic and be ejected from the solar system.

  The Earth has little momentum to realign with the Sun having its crust separated from the core. So Earth tilt is a compromise between the magnetic poles aligning and the slip related to crust separation.  With each  passage in the past the tilt of the Earth pole position is the result of the 12th's passage and its intensity of the shift.


What about the current explanation of the 23 degree tilt presented on the series Universe, The History Channel?

   Many questions were left unanswered and explanations were not consistent with current accepted theories. What would cause a planetary size object to collide with Earth if all large objects that coalesced within the accretion disk are spaced apart by Bode' law and motion in this system was initiated in the same direction? How would the Moon once in orbit be responsible for stabilizing Earth's wobble with a magnetic pole aligned to the Sun by the weak force of gravity emanating from the Moon? In fact it was stated the magnetic field was even stronger due to the the shorter rotational period. Does Venus with no moon wobble wildly? Doesn't Venus with out a moon and Mars with 2 very small moons almost have the same rotational period as the Earth, but it is stated that our Moon helped slow the rotational period of Earth? The theory presented explained the Moon was much closer to Earth, but you never showed how the Moon reduced orbital velocity as it moved away. Does this explanation adhere to your current planetary orbital theories or even consider conservation of energy due to the collision? The Moon after the collision would be reflected away as function of the original [mass*velocity] of the incoming object, energy loss to [mass Earth/mass Moon* v]. Would the Earth's gravity be able stop the Moon's escape after the bounce and if so then how did this momentum transfer to an orbital velocity countering Earth's gravitational pull precisely, thus stabilizing? In fact little of these explanations presented to the layman was correct. The program did present one true fact, the Moon did impact the Earth at one time.

The Capture Theory


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