Perpetual Motion

Exploitation of Naturally Available Forces for a Net Increase of  Input vs. Output of Energy


   For Mankind who is just advancing in the field of physics, current consensus is not even close on the basic fundamentals. This is why there has been no great break through. So lets look at a simple Earth equivalent 1st grade science project in a similar off world classroom of toddlers. The task is to use the available subatomic particle flows of forces naturally available, compounds on the planet that can be refined into s shaped magnetic metallic block, metallic levers, and construct a frictionless pivot point. What is given, a small power source to initiate the device then removed and a flexible film sensitive to a magnetic field that pushes electron related subatomic particles in a uniform direction of flow and an excess energy storage device to maintain motion. The project goal is to create a device that will yield more energy on the output  than input side. Currently this knowledge would reveal the secret of perpetual motion, which is the holy grail in Physics on Earth, but truly this concept is child's play.

   The students with their Earth equivalent 1st grade elementary science project are required to solve this problem. For most, analyzing the resources and formulating a viable solution is swift as all first contemplate first to use gravity, a natural force and expand on the concept of a pendulum. By setting in place a frictionless pivot point, a lever off center with magnet on one end and weight for stability and momentum in the counter position. Common wisdom tells them construct an arc of flexible film along the circular path with the arc opening allowing passage of the moving lever. Now with gravity providing motion for the magnetic to push electron related subatomic particles through the film, now how do they use this energy to maintain motion?

   All students remember the principals of a pendulum and the swing falls short of the zenith due loss in friction about the pivot point. Almost all realize that they could use the energy produced as the magnet moves through the flexible arc that was stored as excess energy. The tap would only need a fraction of it. The key is for the student to pick a point along the curved path the magnet takes as an electromagnetic like charge pulse would repulse the back end of the rotating magnet. The all learn the a good point is when the magnet has traveled 270 degrees along its path from zenith. Here gravity is optimum on the magnet, an the introduction of a repulsive field not only provides an acceleration force, but helps displace gravity particles as they also are a polarized like charge, thus lessening the subatomic gravitational flow interacting with the mass the magnet as the pass through. All realize this extra push allows the magnet to spin pass the zenith while building a reserve power. All conclude that tapping the storage device was not the new source real energy, but the conversion of the torque produced from the momentum created from spinning lever with the counter weight and magnet. As this would be the driving force for simplistic generating devices. This project is no different than your toddlers playing with blocks.

   So how can we take this experiment and provide the free energy concept to all on Earth without the limitations of today's green technology or the  suppression new energy technology by the oil industry? The concept presented here as been available online since 2007, but no green technology has even examined it. Yes, even this simple idea threaten corporate, not by the idea, as this would compromise energy profits as more advance ideas entered the market place and they would not be in control. So much for giving mankind the best option.

   The basis for perpetual motion that can yield limited amounts of free energy for the common man in the above example is the combination of the wise use of conservation of forces provided from several sources, gravity, permanent magnets, momentum and the exploitation of electrical energy that is produced as the permanent magnet revolves about the interior of fixed matrix of surrounding  copper wire coils, the avenue needed to provide the push or current for the system. This blueprint can be modified in many ways to provide power to locations when the grid fails either due from lack of fuel, maintenance or natural disasters. The only point of concern, the pivot point and the bearings, where the goal is to lessen frictional contact on this point due the rotation of the lever holding the magnet and counter weight.

   Lets modify the system presented above to be adaptive to simple technologies now present on Earth. The first step is to set up a fixed pivot point of rotation, which is braced and create a somewhat frictionless around this point. One can use simple ball bearings to the complex magnetic repulsive field to separate moving rotating parts. A magnetic containment ring and with one inside another aligned as horizontal movement is shunted would provide an almost frictionless environment. The surface edges are anchored in repulsive containment with interior non magnetic ball bearing safety as a backup if opposing magnetic field fails due stray magnetic pulses from an uncontrolled outside source or unusual shifts of the pivot rod. The bearings fixed about the pivot point, but has a hairline separation in the advanced models.

  The key to perpetual motion is to reverse current generator models where coils of copper wire are spun through magnetic fields resulting in a pushing of what is known as electrons in Earth science through the wires. Gravity will provide the motion for magnet to revolve through a matrix of copper wire coils. In the end the coils of wire pass through a magnetic field, but the drive mechanism is free, gravity. Where the energy generated exceeds that lost to friction and some of it can be applied along the rotation path to push the rotating magnet over the zenith starting point building momentum.

  Consider the pivot rod, it is here your ingenuity can expand on the concept. Two magnets at the end of a Y connector balanced by a counter weight is one example. Counter weight mass can be varied as the ratio of length at the pivot point vs. the magnets and counter. For overall stability consider a fly wheel as this added mass will be the most reliable as a generator driving mechanism. Yes perpetual motion is not the source of free energy, but driving force as it replaces fuel or some other force, like water flowing due to gravity.

   Built around the circular path the magnet takes about the pivot point, is a spatial circular cylindrical channel composed of a complex set of coiled copper wire matrixes to maximize the push behind electron related subatomic particle movement. A channel needs to be incorporated along the inner side of the coil to allow passage of the pivot arm attached to magnet. All energy generated is transferred to the storage deep cell batteries to be tap later in order to assist adding momentum and provide a counter gravity at a strategic point along the circular path. Again, here a customized solution can provide an optimum point somewhere around the 270 degree mark.
   This system takes advantage of a stored specific electric charge, which is released at engineered static point along the circular path of the permanent magnet mass. The point where the applied energy is delivered, initiates magnetic repulsive force propelling rotating primary magnetic mass to pass the original point of free fall release or the zenith as an applied result. The plus, a subtle reduction in the gravitational particle flow through the magnetic mass towards the center of the Earth. With the introduction of a magnetic subatomic particle field related to the south pole deliver against the passing south pole of the revolving magnet, the same charge the repulsing the magnetic also displaces incoming gravity particles. This is the same principle the US government uses with the limited antigravity triangular craft. They can somewhat negate Earth's gravity, but cannot accelerate against it. They still use conventional Earth technology for thrusters masked by sound dampers. This why they are slow moving in comparison and do not possess technology where the direction of the craft at very high speeds changes in an instant.

   The most efficient use of stored energy will be in the form of an electromagnetic pulse to counter to friction and gravity. The 270 degree position along the circular path allows a direct push against maximum gravity particles and also displaces the force applied to the rotating mass by particle field crowding. Although, this mark along the path can be also customized. With a groove cut into the outer copper wire coil matrix surrounding the path of the rotating permanent magnetic, as it passes, a static magnetic repulsive pulse is triggered at this point. The push will be more than enough to propel the magnetic mass over the zenith point. Momentum builds and once a threshold is achieved where rotating torque for driving a generator can be extracted without a total loss of forward momentum. The system is complete. A massive fly wheel can be added to the system to provide stability as rotational torque about the pivot that is extracted to drive generators, will not erode the momentum over time. Affordable, small, no need for fuel or source force to provide rotation, but supplies a modest amount of electrical power even in the remotest locations. It is a start, but not a total solution. Fusion and slicing technologies will be the next step, but you have to take this first step.

    All of your prime leaders are aware or heard of through rumor of the alternate advanced energy technologies, but most of them are in the pockets of Big Oil, this was solidified under the iron fist of the Bush Administration. Your leaders look at the American public as sheep, easily lead down a path with the right media spin, they promoted the green alternative idea. Is this not BP media strategy, beyond petroleum. Green on the surface, but its tactics destroyed the Gulf. Industries that provide an alternate source of energy at a higher price, but you save the environment, most, covertly owned by same group holding the oil companies. Nothing is further from the truth. Bio fuels use fertilizer a pollutant and when food will be truly needed in the short future, a waste of agricultural land. Who wants a wind turbine in their backyard. Solar works in clears skies, but Earth will experience extreme storms, dust and wind damage shall neutralize all benefits and investments. Look beyond the idea and see who benefits.

    Your government has been given the blueprints for free energy where mankind benefits instead of a corporation and they have chosen to sit on it. As all information is filtered before it reaches the Executive Branch, Rahm was good at this and now, he is unemployed from the White House. They spend Billions on CERN and the elite scientific minds with inside knowledge knows, this research path will yielding nothing. Some choose to back wild ideas such as tidal generators that corrode in salt water. Geothermal will be dangerous in the future due to increased Earth changes, sudden pressure bursts. But, no one has formulated a plan and when small portable systems will be needed in the near future. With lives at stake, the all important question will be asked. If you knew this was coming, why didn't you prepare? The answer again shall be silence, as those who pull the strings expected you to die.

   We have a choice in your our future, when are you going to take responsibility. You sit at a pivotal point for Mankind's existence on Earth and all watching are hoping that we as a people do not roll over and fall under established influence of the few. Yours lives, your children's lives are all in the balance as change will catch almost all by surprise. None of you would travel this path if you could see the fear and pain in your child's eyes, worst its was your apathy that is behind this cumulative cause. Yes, it is fear that prevents most of you from getting off your butts and making a change. It does not have to be this way. We need to change now, for your children, for each other as neighbors, for the world as all will see, we are one.


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