Antigravity Technology possessed by the US Government, where does the truth stop?


   Antigravity allegedly in the possession of the US Government is now being leaked as a successful technology perused by Lockheed Martin black projects division, Boeing, unnamed corporations and government research labs. Such advanced technology to be released to the public by only an act of God, at least some believe He exists, even if it is a sarcastic statement. It is a start. Did some of Earth's top scientists break the secret, which is the basis for interstellar travel and if so with the up coming pole shift, why are the elite still here?

   The truth, they stumbled upon a sub atomic particle field effect that inhibits the flow gravity particles as they pass through a mass by deflecting some of them as they flow towards a massive gravitational source. This is achieved when surrounding the area around the affected mass, is subjected to a polarized charged magnetic field related to south or base pole. Was this a valid path of research, at first, yes, as this was a baby step. Now fast forward billions if not trillions of dollars and years later it was promising technology, but fell short as the research only reduced the affect of gravity and could not eliminate it.

  So where did their research go wrong in the development of antigravity? Inside Lockheed Martin there was intense pressure for a breakthrough and this was the first real promising result. The scientists were overruled, by the executives. The order, go with expanding the concept that works. Instead, the correct path that should have been taken, which would have yielded greater results in the long run, was to study the field effect as the first stepping stone.  The goal, to discover how and why the flow of gravity has its behavior altered by a polarized magnetic field. If this was a viable line of research, the antigravity effects on a mass would be seen in nature. Eventually, the perfect scenario of mass, placement and fields when combined, would produce an effect. This has not happened, but has occurred with density shifting in the Bermuda Triangle, where the myth becomes a mysterious fact. The clue, what they would have found, is that subatomic particles, related to gravity and magnetism carry the same like polarized charge. All of this explained and based upon the revised Unified Field Theory and Universal Laws of Gravity and Repulsion. The particles repulse, when the local field surrounding a mass gets crowded, due to an intense polarize magnetic field. This was the technological discovery of an anti gravitational effect on a mass, which the scientist ran with, but had little or no understanding of the total process. So a tidbit is leaked to the public as if it a fact, and the hope is that the public perceives they are in control of this technology, which you now know is far from the truth.

   The result of their research is these extremely large cumbersome triangular craft seen in the skies and currently mistaken for the real interstellar craft by those unfamiliar the real thing. The size needed for the power plant and heavy shielding for both radioactive and magnetic fields is immense. Silent only due to current sound suppression technology and the partial cancellation of the gravitation pull flowing towards Earth by the artificially created polarized magnetic field. The craft although lighter than a similar mass in Earth's gravitational field, but does not possess the ability to accelerate to extreme velocities or even make a simple 90 degree turn. As this would rip apart the ship, that does not generate its own internal gravitational field. What the public does not know the ship's thrusters origins are of conventional technology. It is sufficient to putt around upper atmosphere above Earth, but cannot leave the planetary gravitational field without another source of thrust. Since mankind has not advanced in space travel, just past the simple initial basics, the sight of an interstellar craft with a contrail related to rocket technology would be a laugh. So the current craft are locked to Earth's gravitational field. Could this change or is changing, yes, but travel would only extend about our solar system. Travel outside of this system, which is quarantined, would fail as contact with the spacecraft of brave explorers would be just lost with no explanation with the present people and corporations in control on Earth. Interest with the public and then government officials would wane with each new failure, and a reluctant decision would be made to stop.

   As the awaking process continues on Earth, disclosure has been inhibited by front organizations like Seti, Mufon as they only give what you need to know. They are the "source" for any discovery validating life on other worlds. The general public are quickly discounting theses organizations for what they are. Controlled information of real observations in remote spots seen by the few are allowed into the public domain, validated, but still with an edge that creates denial.

  Currently, sightings are now being seen by the masses in major cities. Your eyes will not lie or deceive you, as others in the past have been made or forced many to believe. It does not make a difference what the US does to counter how they suppress the truth of life on other worlds, their plan to maintain the edge of information, but sightings, technology briefs from other sources will leave them as releasing only enough to keep pace. Then they will just be left behind. All will know this Government lied. The reason was to provide a technological edge above all other countries, power first and foremost, wealth for the corporations that seemed to always be 1 step in front of everyone else. It was never about the people could not handle the truth, it is about the money. Because, as you can see with the increased sightings, there are few concerns among the public, just curiosity. And for the many, they are relieved, that we are not alone. For those that ruled ruthlessly upon this world, they will soon be grasping desperately to hold on to power and influence. All have seen this game before and they will soon understand by choice there is an alternative to our current path. It is time for you to choose.

Off Subject Insight: HARRP

Official Site information  

Program Purpose

HAARP is a scientific endeavor aimed at studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes.

The HAARP program is committed to developing a world class ionospheric research facility consisting of:

  • The Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI), a high power transmitter facility operating in the High Frequency (HF) range. The IRI will be used to temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere for scientific study.
  • A sophisticated suite of scientific (or diagnostic) instruments that will be used to observe the physical processes that occur in the excited region.
Observation of the processes resulting from the use of the IRI in a controlled manner will allow scientists to better understand processes that occur continuously under the natural stimulation of the sun.

Scientific instruments installed at the HAARP Observatory will be useful for a variety of continuing research efforts which do not involve the use of the IRI but are strictly passive. Among these studies include ionospheric characterization using satellite beacons, telescopic observation of the fine structure in the aurora, and documentation of long-term variations in the ozone layer.


   For those who think HAARP is an ultra US secret weapon that creates subsonic waves resulting in earthquakes, this is another lie promoted by those who still want control you. How could the common man with no scientific education, question what seems to be leaked to the web under a threat of retaliation for the info? Thus, the perception for most reading, it is valid with few to confront the information. First, the technology is passive. Second, the high frequency transmissions could not be a source of low frequency waves released during earthquakes. How is the transmission focused to selected points on the globe? Reflected off the ionosphere, this disperses. Transmitted through the crust, the earthquake would form at the base of transmission. Even if this technology was true, the US would have used it to neutralize the nuclear facilities in Iran and North Korea in today's political environment. As for the media, the spin would have attributed the event as a natural disaster. The covert lesson, all not aligned will suffer the same fate, thus assuring cooperation of the world. The hope is the public buys the increased incidence of earthquakes due the Earth changes and blames it on HAARP. But, the real reason knowing this will be exposed as a fraud. Leading to many by their own choice to discount all or most that you read on the web as fiction, collateral damage. Again a win if you believe in HAARP and on the counter side, a win on disinformation if the idea is proven false. As most will discount what is the truth on the web under one umbrella. This is what you are up against, where both sides are covered.

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