The Sinking of Indonesia

A Timeline


Written: Feb 20 2011

Updated May 4 2011

   Much has been said about the timeline for the sinking of Indonesia, as this has been delayed by designed, but cannot be maintained. Allowing for certain men on Earth to come to a decision that could affect the lives of hundreds of millions. So to send a message to those on the fence, the time period for the sinking of Indonesia will peak during the next magnetic trimester around May 1 of this year. There will be a gradual buildup and then a drop off of Earth changes with an approximate 10 day window on both sides of the date, starting April 21 and ending May 11. It is during this period the predicted drop of 80 ft by Zetatalk will be achieved in some areas.

   Why this particular period of time? With the magma moving to the magnetic variances emitted from the 12th, a phenomena that was unexpected in the original date for sinking. A change at the end of the magnetic trimester reaches an ebb in the flow of magnetic subatomic particles. This affects the magma flowing under the tectonic plates that interferes with the crumbling of the plate supporting Indonesia and surrounding area will increase exponentially the pace for sinking. The surprise will be that the land continues to slowly sink over time instead of an extended pause.

   There will be a short temporary halt in major events affecting the Caribbean Sea basin, but this is limited to months. Leaders in this region need to decide now how there are going to proceed to protect and provide resources for their nation. For every country that delays, know that you were given a chance to act and if you choose to be standby as idle or conservative, your people will suffer for every minute of your indecision. A leader acts for his people, the great ones are ahead of the curve. In this scenario there will be no second chance in hind sight. Use your natural resources to put dollars in the country's treasury for hard times and they will come or leave them in the ground or under the seabed. Mining shortly along the Western side of South America will be extremely dangerous. So for Chile take what you, but once you know the mines are unsafe close them down entirely, the extra ore will not be worth the lives of your countrymen. The Caribbean coastal area will shift destroying infrastructure and with the fracturing of the crust, pockets of oil will sink and pressures maintaining oil wells will drop. This will increase until a point is reached where pumping in liquids into the seabed to increase pressure to force oil to the surface shall fail.

   During this 21 day window there is a chance of another set of quakes along the western edge of the Pacific independent of the events in Indonesia. Due to the Pacific basin compressing and land masses moving to the east, several tidal waves over 50 ft may assault Taiwan and China. For China place warning sirens in all high density coastal areas and hold practice drills if you want to minimize loss of life, carry out these instructions now. There will be no second chances.

   The Surprise will be that Australia on its northern and western edges shall sink, with New Zealand popping up slightly on its eastern exposure exposing the surrounding seabed.

   Why is the flash flooding used to describe the rise in water levels inland now occurring in southeast Asia, South America and the Caribbean? The establishment now short for answers in essence at first, are dictating the truth. As most of the population within are unaware of a drop in elevation as contemplate this as a natural event. As the land mass sinks the water table rises towards the surface so in most cases a heavy rain instead of running off, creates was is now shallow pools of water covering wide expanses of land. Where the depth varies due to the rising and falling of the surrounding landscape.

   Currently events did start on the predicted 4/21 and parts of Singapore and Jakarta are under shallow water as of 5/4. The peak date of 5/1 was unexpectedly more of a social change instead of geological.

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