Properties of the Mid Atlantic Rift and its Affects on Continental Drift


   Properties of the Atlantic Rift was created as a response crack on the backside of the Earth's surface due to the Moon's collision creating the Pacific basin, are unique. The usual heavy elements that settled in the core were forced up into the upper mantle as impact compression displace some of the core. Is there a correlation of the heavy metal gold being discovered in the uplifted landscape on the eastern edge of the Pacific the former impact blast ring? Yes, where the greatest concentration locked into place as part of the crust solidifying, before settling back towards the core. This same process has occurred with  iron molecular compounds, lighter than gold and suspended in the upper mantle that flow of the molten material through the Mid Atlantic Rift. As light materials flow out into the ocean pressure on the molten material not only cooled, but pressure decreased and the iron compounds precipitated out of the flow gathering along the edges of the rift. When exposed to a intense magnetic field, molecular structure of the iron compounds align. If there are shifts in polarity that are dramatic and periodic along the Mid Atlantic Rift then what is the cause?

   Scientists on Earth have and will point to the Sun as the cosmic object that magnetic alignment of the poles flips every 11 years. How, does a magnetic alignment based on the general field projected by the center of this galaxy allow the Sun magnetic field to reverse? It doesn't. The Ulysses probe sent to investigate the magnetic flip in conjunction with the solar cycles, was a waste of your money. Does the magnetic field of Earth flip or diffuse as an affect? No, so why was the probe launched, even better why and how did it received funding? If Sun did flip and how would this occur? The Sun dictates the magnetic polarity of this system yet this magnetic field does not flip the Earth. Particle movement dictates a clash of magnetic particles, but a side by side field alignment allows the 2 fields to coexist. If the Sun could not cause the abrupt reversals what did?

   The reversals do show a periodic magnetic anomaly that is close enough to lock polarity and increase the flow rate of magma exiting the Mid Atlantic Rift. Yet no object or history of an event exists except in our mythology and the Bible. A magnetic cosmic object that passes through the solar system every several thousand years would not be part of general recorded history. When the object is close enough to change the polarity of iron and lock, the crust would be attracted and maintain a static position. As the core continues to rotate, rate of continental drift would accelerate until a static rotational equilibrium is achieved on the planetary surface. It would be these periodic grabs and releases that would be responsible for the sudden lurches and movements of the continents. So what does this all mean?

   As gravitational and repulsion forces control distance between objects added the Sun's magnetic lines of force intensifying due to direction of particle flow alignment  increasing and decreasing as a function of distance above or below its ecliptic, one must also consider the outbound solar wind and the return flow of the Sun. Now that this magnetic planetary force has broken out of its static oscillation pattern as the object when glimpsed is normally located at the lower right is now above the ecliptic to the left of the Sun. Could the Earth have been pushed down in the ecliptic, yes. Thus in areas where wobble does not push away, the direct rays of the Sun in the Northern Hemisphere becomes even more intense, causing extreme heat waves. This as the North Pole in response magnetic flow moving towards the Sun's south pole tilts towards it while diving below the ecliptic.


This only shows the period of static oscillation that just ended, planetary drama until exit not shown.

Diagram 1

Only a partial timeline is shown here

   During this decade the grip on the Mid Atlantic Rift was fleeting at most as occasional shuttering occur as the 2 attractive points passed each other as the Earth rotated. In the short term future, one of many major problems arises when the magnetically attractive Mid Atlantic Rift and the planetary magnetic field lock thus grabbing the Earth crust temporarily in an ever increasing time duration maintaining a static position.  As the interlocking plate connective layers crumble due to repetitive stress, the continents will be released to move about from tectonic influences of force. The core will then drag the side not held and the Atlantic rips open  on the opposing side the Pacific now under compression subducts under the Americas. Its is only that the surface area around the rift diffuses as magma pours out and does not freeze in a uniform alignment as the Earth position does not hold long enough for the seafloor to solidify. As magnetic attraction increases due to the distance closing, it is the larger growing magnetic target area that reduces the affects as not to be as great as the initial rip until the final shift and passage.

   Between now and the pole shift there will be much Planetary Drama as the Earth is bounced in and out of its orbit and up and down about the ecliptic as the 12th has entered a new phase of movement as it starts to set in place the ability to move out of the inner system. This will occur as the solar wind, gravity, magnetic and repulsive forces and the 12th's position related to the Sun's polarized magnetic lines of force, increase as it moves away from its equator and decrease as a function of distance away from the Sun. The repetitive action of being pulled towards the Sun increasing the repulsion force on the back side, the magnetic fore countering wanes then the release towards Earth. The conflict will create a bounce between the planets that will create many surprises as fear will flush out those in power as they run and hide through false alarms until resolution the pole shift and the 12th's exit from our solar system. All the people who had faith in these leaders will look elsewhere, except those harden in denial.

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