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Original Version written Jan. 2004

   Events on Earth are now approaching a new level of concern, where those who believed in change are now convinced and those who choose to sit on the fence now may have doubts. NASA basking in their glory about successfully placing a probe on Mars will be short lived. The story released to the public in the name of science, is to find water, since original writing now a fact. Thus proving primitive life once existed on the planet and it has, but we know water exists there so the reason given to the public for going there is false. Do you think water only exists in a frozen state at the poles? No, it is under the surface in pockets just like the deserts of Earth. If a relocation plan is put into effect among the desperate elite, pinpointing these locations are of prime importance for the survival of those who flee, if the secret shuttles can take off in high winds. Ask yourself, why have so many probes been sent to Mars in a short span of time when there are so many other projects worthy of consideration? Is it that urgent to find sources of water when manned trips to Mars are couple of decades away, unless the agenda is to move soon covertly to avoid the cataclysms. Let the little man pay for it and we can return to rescue mankind in their time of need and rise as kings.

   FEMA has hired thousands of engineers and consultants to build temporary housing for millions in many locations simultaneously throughout the United States, why? The reason is the repulsion stream emanating from the Sun every 6.5 weeks, which will displace millions especially on the west coast in the near future due to massive earth quakes and volcanic eruptions of the three sisters. Nancy provided dates from Dec. 25 to  Dec. 30, in which the devastating Iran quake, the China gas explosions and other disasters occurred on the mark. She just missed the California quake by 2 days, myself on other hand I missed the boat by a week, even though there was a California after shock and many other quakes above Richter 5 during the Dec. 30 to Jan. 3 period, but it does not count. Although the debunkers will say its normal and earthquakes happen all the time, but do they? No scientist on Earth can predict earthquakes within a window of a week or for the record, several months. So what is next?

   Research has allow me to find a flaw in my calculations, I failed to incorporate subtracting time for distance traveled by the 12th planet towards Earth. So I have modified the schedule to allow for the deviations, which will be updated on each passage of the repulsion stream. The next occurrences will be on February 6 (occurred) and March 22 (new pattern developed more sweep effects less stress), but with much more devastating effects (revised). A period which will include disasters along with earthquakes within a narrow 4 day window. This is where debunkers working for the status quo will experience strike two. Now here is a partial list of likely locations to experience trauma after the fall 2004 equinox.  

Update: February 6, 2004 was on target, but the March 16-19 and following sweeps have past creating a new scenario. A rapid pattern of 4 stress patterns within an 8 day period causing many minor quakes instead of the one or two high Richter events. Thus, causing me to rethink the sequence of events leading to the shift. So I have pushed back the timeline for the 12th planet align magnetically with Sun and the Earth follows to occur slowly over the next several years. One lesson to be learned no man has a date.

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For the Brave Scientists (How Few There Are) 

   Break from the pack and show some spirit, God’s spirit, when you, the best of the best were brought to Antarctica over the  several months during early 2004 under dictates of National Security your world came to end and you had to except the impossible, the treasured theories of mankind were flawed. So mankind with all its ego felt it could rewrite the laws over time since only you knew the truth, but you forgot the Grant Chronicles already rewrote some aspects of Physics 5 years ago. I propose a comprise to the field, lets share and work with each other for the common advancement of mankind.  I am willing to share with those who have the best interests of others in their heart, think about it. 

A Word to the Service to Others

   Your task on Earth is not to consider the lift, because that is reserved for the children in need. You are to stay in the trenches and provide inspiration and hope to the masses well before and during the shift. This is where you are needed. This is where you will go. This is the way of God’s children. Follow that path of light.

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