The String Theory


   The String Theory was proposed to finally unify the behavior matter at the subatomic particle level to the behavior of gravity and its effects on stellar mass thru out the grand universe. So where does this theory have merits of genius. The key is vibrational rate of matter at the subatomic level. Mankind has always wondered about parallel universes and what are basic parameters for these new dimensions. This is where mankindís science has stumbled upon a discovery. The String Theory addresses vibration and it is this physical property of matter that determines what reality matter it resides in. Does the conjecture of open and closed strings as a description hold true, no. This is where scientists start to go astray. In order to explain the weak force of gravity they assume this force is weak due to a bleed off into 11 dimensions. Why doesn't the other forces follow in the same format. In nature, phenomena follow the same rules for the ambient physical universe why is gravity the exception? What will be finally realize is that the theory is wrong and makes exceptions to cover the flaws. Vibration is a force at the subatomic level with each particle vibrating at rates within certain level for this universe level or density currently exposed due to gravitational compression, but bleed through the thin layers crust of the Earth in new stretch zones, presently located in the Great Lakes area and Bermuda Triangle.

   The mechanism for activating density shifting or to transverse parallel universes is simple, but it is controlling the dangers that will continue to allude mankind. What has to be discovered is the purpose of Dark Matter. Dark Matter composed of many subatomic particles has a certain group or particles that crowds matter or on a smaller atomic level. When more of the special subatomic particles are present within a defined space, matter vibrates at a faster rate (less space relates to a higher density and quicker resonant frequency). When a certain rate is reached the matter transmutes to the next parallel universe or density. It is no different than an influx of heat subatomic particles transmuting solid water or ice to a liquid. It was simple for the government to compress dark matter under an intense magnetic field pushing matter to the next level during the Philadelphia Experiment, but not define the parameters of transmutation allowed intermingling of living tissue with innate matter. The results were disastrous, which were archive on film, stored under national security and never to be repeated by present day mankind on that scale. 

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