The Attack on the Capitol



Written Jan. 7 4:30 pm EST


   You have been told so many times, all is not what it seems. A lesson from God is to grant what you perceive as your blessing, but it sometimes falls short so that your eyes are opened. You may ask, why? All that you see on earth is engineered by the elite. Yes God answers the call of the weak and poor, but it is you that changes events on earth in His name. The elite set up events that change how you reason your reality on earth. The part that is best for them, you freely choose it, as they represent satan.

   Life on your world is rarely questioned by the common man, as they have little insight on how government officials transfer wealth from the country they are suppose to serve, to private accounts that benefit their families and associates. Political payoffs in your world comes in the form of contributions to foundations controlled by a political leader once exiting politics. Jobs working as point men (lobbyists) influencing your government expenditures for the military complex, world governments, corporations or Wall Street. Or the usual, setting up social non profits for the poor, and then bleed them from the top with excessive director salaries and expenses. This is your world.

   The events of yesterday is not the actions of the patriots of this nation, but plants and cowards to send a message of fear to this nation. No different than those used that infiltrated BLM and Antifa. This not who we are as a nation, and those when caught, should be prosecuted. Yes the president did push his followers to descend on the Capitol, but not to breach its walls. This was incited by the new world order, who has played Trump from the beginning.

   In a surprise win in 2016, Trump placed a wrench in the plans of new world order to bring this nation under the control of one world leader, which Hillary promised to deliver when president, but she lost. Trump once in, purged many unknowns as traitors to this nation, but others more prominent seemed to stay. You were told by any means necessary, and this set up the opposing left, thus dividing the nation under the guise of racism, which has always been here and collusion with the communists, which was invented. But it was prominent members of the Democrats that were caught taking billions from the communists, sleeping with their spies, profiting from foundations in return for alleged influence, and hanging with members of the KKK. You know the names, but look the other way.

   After weeks of suspected voter fraud and some proof given to Trump in secret, but not revealed to the public by the new world order, the promise of cooperation from the Supreme Court has not materialized by design. In return Trump energized his supporters to take matters into their hands. Was Trump used by the new world order, and we shall see by how much on Jan. 20. As he is the fall guy in the Capitol insurrection and did not see this coming. The right has proven they will rise up against the government, while the left is fine with burning cities and looting. You were herded and are none the wiser. Biden is hated by the right and this will only deepen,. While Trump is hated on the left and was never considered legitimate. This is your world.

   Some rioters that attacked the Capitol were given a preset plans to breach the entrance. Security was not increased on the perimeter walls once protesters elevated themselves? Security cameras that are monitoring, did not shift internal tactical teams, that all know are in place? Why was there a delay in calling in backup? The National Guard called for Jan. 20, but not when Trump supporters flood DC on the day that Congress votes Biden in? This was on the Democrats that control DC and Maryland. The windows of the Capitol broken by a common man? This was a set up that used what was given. Massive crowds were expected and a point of entry established by design. A shot fired by fear only added to the narrative.

   I heard words stated by Biden today, that if it was BLM that breached the walls, the response would have been different. So what are you saying, they would be allowed to purge, burn and loot the Capitol just like your cities or hundreds of deaths instead of one? As president elect you are stating that those that control the security of the Capitol looks upon Blacks with hatred? This is a true statement of division, as it did not happen and you do not know what is in the hearts of the men that protects the Capitol. So why put that out there, unless it was by design? Your actions show us who you are and those words you stated, come from another.

   The voter fraud has allowed evidence to be seen, but not proven. Rumors that the voting machines were hacked, but the proof not released, why is that? True or not true information when released would have caused riots. The problem, Trump supporters did not riot and posed a problem for the new world order (deep state) on election day. Yesterdayís occurrence to attack the Capitol was engineered to accelerate division.

   With both parties harden, Biden will not bring the nation together. The mechanism of total failure of the government will be in place on Jan. 20. As one party will seem to have absolute power. All of the left is expecting great change, but Covid has them locked down by design especially in the cities. This will not change, but intensify. The earth changes will ravage the cities and help from some rural areas will only come about through Marshall Law. With massive losses in jobs, housing, distribution of food stuffs, and water, as aqueducts serving cities break, will be critical. The assault at your southern border will be relentless. Just how will you feed and house illegals when your own are in the streets and hungry?

   An enemy of the state disrupts the flow of money to the elite. Tax breaks are a cover, as true change the elimination of tax shelters and shell companies eliminated. The true wealth is continuous wars for the military complex. Trade deals where hundreds of billions of imbalances bankrupt a country over time to cede its sovereignty. Payoffs to family and friends to where it is blatant. The people of the nation are none the wiser, until revolution. This is the plan of the elite. You kill each other, they pick up the pieces and continue to lead. It is better to correct this by considering the needs of both sides, than allow a revolt, as both sides lose and someone very dark offers hope, and you freely choose him. This is a warning.

   The point, both sides have been played by the elite. Voter fraud yet unproven in a court of law, as the Republicans are assumed to have proof. The Democrats are riddled with corruption, compromised by blackmail, but the narrative of a racist takes center stage instead of common sense. What needs to be considered is, one side was allowed to win and the other side was told proof would be presented that would turn things around. So is one side waiting for something promised only to hold them in place until it is too late?

   Remember the Trump Administration were advised of the voter fraud and how it was to occur. Catch those involved was a given. The point nothing has changed for the common man. The future has been spun towards riots, this may have been the plan all along.

   To those pushing the 25th Amendment, removing Trump would only incite more riots, the point, it is now about revenge. Nothing will change in 2 weeks, as you control the media, which will now censor what hear on television and your social outlets. You are quickly reaching a point to where the Almighty will level the playing field, and He starts at the top.


Update Jan. 8 12 pm EST


   As rage spreads through the media and Congress, all expect or has pinned the attack on Trump, but again all is not what it seems. There were words said to go to the Capitol and fight for your rights, but I did not hear or imply an attack. All of you state he incited a riot, but you did not prepare for one. Why is that? The Capitol police were shown to let the rioters on the grounds. Again why is that? You as leaders had no clue the Capitol was going to be attacked, as Trumpís message was just words, not a call to rise up in a coup. When the rioters were outside for hours, you did not accept assistance for additional law enforcement when called. So which is it? You were incompetent, refused help to protect the Capitol or saw this as an opportunity to nail Trump by allowing it to happen by design. Letís not waste an opportunity once presented. Yes, this is how they think.

   Just like when your cities burned under Democratic leadership, this attack was led by paid new world order infiltrators. Plans of vulnerable access points given and guards held back until sufficient crowds could enter, negating lethal force to stop the incursion. The FBI, Secret Service and DC cops were told to stand down for assistance. If all of you knew Trump was inciting a riot and Capitol breach, then why were you not prepared and you had hours as it unfolded. The truth, none you thought Trumpís words were a threat, but none of expected the deep state to infiltrate the crowds and attack the Capitol. Again divide the country and pin the crime on another. This is your world.

   Your country has a new problems. Russians did not affect this election, but BidenĎs family got paid. NATO allies will hold back paying their bills and free ride off of Biden. It is the Covid. The Chinese will transfer 700 billion dollars in wealth to their country every year due to trade imbalances and your factories are already closing in anticipation. It started Nov. 5th. While you lose your homes and go hungry, millions of illegals will come in siphoning off needed resources. Take care of home first, then others. Your solution raise taxes, but big business wants them in. Why is that? Write-offs, cut jobs and raise prices, just to start. Now Pelosi went to the Joint Chiefs with a request to take away the nuclear football. Just exactly who is his target? Iran, no, conventional weapons will level that country. No it is Russia, but was not Trump, Putinís lapdog? Lies always unravel as they do not line up, just like your laws of science. Nancy, you can not have it both ways.

   Now we hear vaccines will be given to everyone as 1 dose, instead of immunizing our elderly, our greatest risk. This will spread out the present lock down and crush the economy. The vaccine needs 2 doses to be effective. Fifty, fifty is not good odds for those at risk. This is a fact.


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