Attack on France


 Written Jan 16


   As the world still rivets from events in France, the Ztalk site has concluded via off world intelligence, the terrorist event in France against Charlie Hebdo was an alleged Mossad operation headed by Netanyahu. This is a lie. You have been told murder would increase as you see violence of beheadings in family disputes, the execution of policemen, fathers throwing their children to their death off of bridges. This is the Truth. The world has changed.

   Again, look beyond what has been released by the media. All can see a recent outside source trained both attackers recently not years ago as the powers to be would have you believe, their shoots shows a precise close grouping when the camera captures the windshield of the police vehicle. They moved below radar and knew all targets would be grouped in a certain room at a certain time. This is a fact. Did they not kill the maintenance man in an untimely fashion and law enforcement responded on the alarm with a single Moslem officer. This was by design. Cell phones, shoots heard but a delay in the normal response. They had outside help from the new world order that backed a terrorist agenda perceived to the world as Islamist through many layers of deceit an attack to defend the prophet Mohammed. Did we not see the same plan used in the Libyan embassy attack? This is getting old.

   Training, floor plans, timing and escape all arranged as you witnessed. This satire news outlet was known to inflame the Moslem world and had hidden cameras protecting the site, yet at the time of the attack surveillance was shut down for maintenance, check the logs. How was a body guard caught by surprise when shots were fired in the lobby was he that lax? The walls are sound proof between the first and second floors, why? Witnesses when interviewed after the office invasion few had know idea of what occurred in the lobby before the attack.

   You have been told that many events will happen to shape the future of mankind. There will be thousands of events. You are realizing that the terror effect now just beginning is shaping what a population is willing to give up as the new world order plays both sides to complete a subtle agenda. Raising hate by targeting the vulnerability of Western defense and divide those in Europe and the Moslem community against each other by allowing in the name of free speech, those at the magazine to deface the image of Mohammed. Yes in any free country you have a voice, but sometimes what may be the truth is best left unsaid. This was their choice, a poor one as they were used and died. Such is the folly of those baited by the elite.

   Did the elite of Israel covertly back the Charlie Hebdo? Yes to a certain degree, although this was a decision made without the backing of its people and orchestrated through a complex trail of eccentric backers in the name of free speech. Dead men tell no tales. Few researched the source of funds that allows the bills to be paid without any censorship of the published voice. Their agenda was to get some those on the fringe to make fruitless attempts against soft targets to capture world attention. They were used and betrayed by the new world order. Welcome to business as usual in the western world.

   Ok you say, maybe they is some truth to the statement revealed here, but how does the success in Belgium fit in? The powers to be want an escalating balance and the world perceived events in France as terrifying in Europe. Your master was too successful.

   The targets that were discovered in Belgium were known and allowed to exist. Why now they are discovered. Great intelligence in days, no they were sitting on this to use when needed. That time is now to bring hope to Europe as if the sleeper cells can be taken down. This is an illusion. Remember you were told the new world order operates on both sides, thus they gave up one. This is the Truth.

   You have been told Europe will fold over the next few years as war and terrorism besieges the continent and all hope for a new leader. Europe leaders are the prophesized ten horned beast in Revelations. This will usher in the reign of the antichrist, suffering, a vast loss of life by your choice and will cause many to discard Jesus and God for a new representation of god on earth predicted by the Jewish prophets. They will all adorn their new god or perish, millions will. Why are we suffering, shall be shouted from the alleys of despair. Are the morals set in stone thousands of years ago now discarded as current human rights? Again this is your choice. You keep saying God would never allow another to get hurt. This is where your human minds are flawed. It is the preservation of the eternal soul that supercedes the physical body. He has a plan.

    You were told the Ztalk site was composed of off world entities from both the light and dark side and the version of events in France was designed by the dark side. Always, when the CIA promotes a dark agenda under the guise of a benevolent society, there is always a mixture of truth and fiction. They, the attackers in France were well trained, allowed access and ignored by outside of the eyes of government and NSA surveillance, well financed and given what was needed to carry out the attack. The media pointed the finger. They told you who was responsible, but they knew no better. But as the world goes through the precursors of the pole shift certain sites will gain an element of truth in the near future and this is the danger. Yes many aspects of events are true, timeline in question, but some are not. The Ztalk site currently 1/16/2015 pointed the finger at the Israelis as the world does not differentiate between Mossad, Netanyahu, and the people of Israel. Know this; the children of God and Israel are not involved.

   One of the goals of the new world order is to blame Israel for disputes in the Middle East and when war breaks out the scapegoat will be sacrificed again. Again, thousands of terror events will grip this world in the near future and it has just started. It is nothing for outside party to fool those with a hate for the West to their bidding in the name of Allah. What you reported through the media and your sources is not always the Truth.  

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