Australian Floods

What Earth Changes are Causing the Events in Queensland


Written: Jan. 19, 2011

   The 7 of 10 events predicted to occur by Zetatalk by the end of the 2010 has started. As shown by this video link posted on the same website, but the establishment knowing this advanced information for Indonesia, Southeast Asia and the Philippines have suppressed media events. Nothing was said about Indo-Australian plate concerning Australia, which initiates the movement of tectonic plates about the globe. The news has captured this area of the globe was not expected to be affected. Thus, true news events was allowed to be shown. The question, what is behind the flooding in Queensland Australia?

   The banking industry still in control, has total control and containment of all news events related to Earth Changes. The goal is to keep the public in the dark at any cost. Now that decision, has affected Australia and her people. Realize, Australia is one of their own, it is not some 3rd world country (no disrespect as all countries are sovereign and everyone that lives on Earth are equal as one) that many of the elite have sacrificed before. What you have to contemplate, is that the Australian public has been kicked to the curb. To explain events would lead to questions and then blame. This is not acceptable! Events dictate, in order to maintain status quo a sacrifice must be made, as if they are not worthy of a warning. This event is being passed off as flooding, the hope, it will have a minimal affect on the land mass and the series of events will seem as normal and go away. Yes, almost a 1/2 meter of rain fell along the coast in the days between Jan 1 to 10th 2011 in the Brisbane area, as areas of the combined size of France and Germany were already inundated. Flash flooding is normally a localized event, yet you are to believe that large portions of Queensland and other areas are experiencing extreme torrential rainfalls. If rainfall is only a part of the problem, what is causing the widespread affects in a somewhat dry to desert like continent and why has the flooding progressed to the south?

   Events in Australia will progress in many phases. The northwest portion of the Indo-Australian plate is now being force under the Himalayas, resulting in the northern half of the whole tectonic plate being pulled down. The Indo portion, which extends as an extended tab on the primary plate, tends to dictate the present rate of tipping affecting the whole Indo-Australian plate. Along the northern shores of Australia, the land is sinking as the plate angle tips more in response to subduction under Eurasian plate. The land to the south follows the same incremental pattern, as the angle of the tip is somewhat uniform, and the level of drop decreases as one approaches the equilibrium line segmenting the plate. For now along the northern exposure to the sea, the loss of shoreline it is attributed to high tides, but this will change over the next several months. As the land sinks the water table in the mountains that was once balanced by dictated a point of equilibrium like the surface of lakes and rivers drops and has no resistance. Flowing as a flash flood, then settling creating pools of water that never seems to evaporate.

   Examining the present drop, lets first consider the most recent events that have move to the south. As the plate tipped, the land affected moves towards the pivot point of the plate. This is what has occurred in Queensland. The sudden drop in elevation for land surrounding Toowoomba coupled with rainfall unleashed a torrent with no resistance. The water table was able to flow and pool at a new level thus drained from the mountains with the added rain a wall of water flowed towards the lowlands. The results is now news.

   In Brisbane, which is within close proximity to the ocean, gave clues as weak areas of the land surrounding the river banks dropped. The first action came from the estuary seeking equilibrium, initiated a flow inland. The water reacting to the drop in elevation unleashed from the mountains had to pass through soil. Suddenly, the water table flowing from the highlands had no resistance, once released, clashed later clashed with the incoming brackish water already pooling in the low points. The river flow reversed again, before those who had witnessed the inland flow could get enough people to back what they saw, but that again was history.

   So lets detail more specifics as to what happened? The residents at first, not believing their eyes witnessed the river flowing inland. When certain areas of the river bed dropped and the established surface level that was still above sea level flowing towards the ocean, settled at a new elevation. This drop is enough to temporarily reverse the flow in areas of the dip as the water pooled due to gravity. Once equalized, the flow again reverses quickly returns to its flow towards the ocean. This is what has occurred.

    What the residents did not realize is, the floods moved south due to the more extreme angle off the point where tipping below and above runs through the center of the Indo-Australian plate. The moisture now pooling about the surface in the grasslands as the surface dropped bring the water table closer to the surface. With the desert sun evaporating the pools, the winds carried the moisture. When they pass over the low mountains on the along the eastern edge of the continent  this increased the amount of rainfall as a chain reaction. This is what is behind today's events, but is only a start.

    As the tipping continues, the land will sink even more. Water instead of draining, will produce an ever increasing amount of stagnant pools. Insects, snakes and crocs will now become major pests. The public will look at the flooding, as just another event tied to global warming, until total land masses or populated islands sink then disappear. Then they will know they have been lied to.

   Now what? Homes destroyed, no shelter from the damp grounds and insects. Insurance companies fearing bankruptcy are transferring assets to other investments, as the money flowing in due to everyone now wanting a safety net is being moved. Too little, too late, as confirmation to events as been anticipated long before the major claims are filed. In the disaster zones, there will be little food, as many nations has a need just as great. What happens to the elderly? Who protects the children abandoned by selfish parents in fear? All are in misery and to think, your leaders made a decision, not to prepare for you over the last 50 years, but spent your tax dollars to protect themselves and their families. When caught they will just retreat to a secure bunkers outside of public knowledge.

   The tipping of the plate will increase, but as compression of the Pacific accelerates, the Indo-Australian plate will move to the west.  The leading edges of the plate being pushed under Africa. It is this sequence of events that will submerge most of Australia and India, but before this occurs most will think events have changed for the better. This tipping will somewhat displace the sinking of the northern shores and allow lift to take place along the western side of the eastern 1/3 of Australia. The stress in the center on the Indo-Australia will tend to either bend or break in some areas. It is unknown, which direction it will take. This action will create an overall smaller gradient due to tipping on the eastern third of Australia, than if the plate remained rigid. If a bend occurs, then a lift New Zealand to a lesser degree, but  more of Australia shall remain below sea level. If it is a break, this will allow the western edge of what is left of the eastern portion of Australia to pop up with the plate and remain somewhat evenly balance towards New Zealand.

   This is what you have look forward too. Australia shall present a preview of what is in store for you in America. Will you choose to learn and change, thus empowering yourself to help first, yourself, then extend a helping hand from strength or play the same old game of status quo as if you were ever part of that shrinking privileged crowd. As events ramp up, the pecking order dictates eliminate those at the bottom to save resources. Everyone will think its not me until the knock. This is about choosing now, when your choice is true.

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