A Word from the Almighty

Ukraine Crisis




Written Feb. 25 1 pm EST


Before I get to the Ukraine Crisis a Word from the Almighty:

   The Almighty speaks, “ I have watch your world slip into darkness with great sorrow. You destroy each other for material gain and this has got to stop. I your Father, God Almighty have sent My Son to die for your sins, Oh are so many presently. I have sent His Mother Mary as an intercessor to guide you from these times. I ask you again trust in Me and My Son for guidance as the antichrist is now in control of your world. Millions will die and I will not stop him. You have been warned so many times. You ignore My prophets sent to guide you over time.

Shortly I will send a message to all mankind that transcends your hope in your leaders. There will be devastation and it will trigger love. This is the goal heed it.”

   You are being lied to about Putin‘s objectives in Ukraine and Europe. Biden in a press conference blew off what Putin meant by saying severe consequences. Biden stated, “we will stand up to bullies.” Really, I do not understand where your mind is, but the world just saw Putin kick your ass. Sanctions need 30 days to work, Ukraine will fall in a few days, then what? Putin stated in no uncertain terms nuclear war is on the table. Biden as the coward he is, dodge the question at Thursday’s press conference, as not to alarm the American public. So what is Putin’s plan for Europe?

   With the invasion of Ukraine and NATO crumbling in fear. Many leaders have quietly chosen not to align with Biden who has no teeth. Under the threat of nuclear war Putin has a choice to advance into Rumania and then Bulgaria where he still has friends and expand towards the old Yugoslavia yielding ports in the Adriatic. He will claim these were old Soviet territories and if you want to go to nuclear war we can or when the conventional war starts back off. This is already on the table, but the Western leaders are afraid to tell the common man. They will wait until he makes the move and fall back.

   You ask why not go through Poland or the Baltic states? Poland is a waste as Germany already has a secret agreement with Putin as they will control the European theater. They are just playing the waiting game. The Baltic states do not lead to the conquest of Europe. You have been told the Ukrainians will run on the most part, the confirmation is the low death toll no matter the words from the media with no or few pictures of fierce fighting. Where is the 10s of thousands of Ukraine troops and tanks? Certainly not in Kyiv for all to see. Ukraine air support is non existent. Now that said, this will be adjusted. Leaders staying in the Kyiv to be executed pushed by the media? That will crush the rebellion. Their leader probably inserted a double and ran, as that is what cowards do. You will never know, as no leader with common sense would allow his family stay with him knowing when captured, it is a death sentence for all.

   Putin does not care about sanctions, as he plans on taking Europe and game over. Plus there are no sanctions on his oil and gas sold to Europe. He can cut the gas if NATO pushes back to hard. Start a nuclear war, the EU will be toast, so that is not viable options and the Russians will roll. What if nuclear hypersonic weapons are fired by rogue officers and Putin states it was a mistake and they hit cities. Do we take lying Putin at his word and do not strike back? Macron and other leaders fear this and will tend to freeze when making decisions by design, as again Biden has nothing to lose but troops and material. The bottom line among European leaders in this scenario is let the Americans fight the Russians while slowly pulling back support. Agree to let the Russian reinstate the iron curtain countries is better than nuclear war and if the Russians move to the English Channel, so be it as all will join the new world order. This is the current plan.

   The check mate part of this strategy is that China is not involved and if war goes full scale. They can come in and pick up the pieces insuring world domination. We lose. Your leaders are idiots. Their mistakes will cost billions of lives. They are new world order patsies and they need to go. Biden turned on the Ukraine leaders after his family got paid millions that you know of, after threats to release information on how bribes were designed to influence American politics. And you think he has your best interest? If Hillary is willing to run again with the pay for play scandal, the Clinton Foundation baggage, you know Biden or Harris is done.

   Biden on the Supreme Court pick, nice for Black History month and you finally did something, you said you would, without side effects like inflation and high gas prices. The only but is you are using this and the press conference to deflect away from Ukraine, which you know you have fumbled greatly. This is the state of your present world.

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