The Biden Agenda



Written Mar. 28 2 am EST


   Bidenís policies have not worked in Ukraine and more important, he will make the exact same mistakes with China. Europe is tethered to Russian oil and gas, as their economies would crash if the flow stopped. You were told in advance Putin would attack and he has a strangle hold over Europe, no matter what you see in the media. NATO resolve is strong, really. That is why, we are paying for over 90% for the this war and NATO less than 10%. It is not their resolve, that is strong, as they are moochers. They only want to be protected from Putin. Lets be real.

   They expect us to replace all the weaponry given to Ukraine and you the taxpayer foots the bill. Our troops are on the front line, not the Germans or the French. We have foreign troops fighting in Ukraine under their flag, but you are not told this. Their cities are being flatten, yet you believe, they are winning. When Putin leaves, it is because he choose to leave, not forced out as the media lies. So what is Bidení plan for the next engagement?

   He has not learned his lesson in Ukraine and will apply the same measures and tactics towards China. Xi knows this and will not make the same mistakes Putin made when his time comes. Again the US economy is tethered to China and it controls most of our manufacturing just like Europe and the oil. Now China has said in so many words just like Putin with Ukraine, they are taking back Taiwan. Sanctions will not deter China just like with Russia.

   Have you set up alternative factories here to replace what is lost in China? No. You are to busy paying for and setting up Europe without ramping up gas production. America you will pay through the nose to heat your homes, because of lack of foresight. This is who you voted in over words. You were told the election was allowed to happen, because you were so sure race was destroying the country. How that working? Its not, as BLM leaders fall one by one for stealing and race relations has not changed. You really think the spots have changed on that ex KKK? One thing I can say, he and the media hides it well.

   Oh, but you got a living wage increase and inflation destroyed it. Just know, speculation in the oil markets is driving the prices. As production and consumption of oil has not warranted current increases and that is on Biden. The military complex and oil producers used the Ukraine war to financially strap the American household in a great transfer of wealth and few of you see this, as the media is blind. And if Biden f..ks up any more some of your cities will be nuclear toast. A hypersonic sub or cargo ship launched missiles will penetrate current coastal defenses in some cases before many leaders can reach the safe bunkers. Millions will pay the ultimate price and for what, a failed Biden Policy.

   China will take Taiwan and Biden can not and will not stop them, just like Putin. A regime change and name calling, as I said before they are just words. Biden, Putin is real unlike your corn pop. I donot hear you saying, I would go into alley with Putin, because he would just beat your ass. No disrespect meant, but it is the truth. You are not a tuff guy. Biden does not have the balls to go to war. If attacked would react with a measured response. Nor will he back a covert operation to take Putin out as that is war. In this chess game every move Biden makes is mate. Russia and China have civilian bunkers, have you provided anything for America? You have nothing prepared for nuclear war or the pole shift, they do. Again America is being led down a dark path, to where the only choice out is the global new world order and death for the useless eaters. That is you, common man.

   Side note: Do not assume Putin or Xi wants to embrace your version of Democracy and you can hold them to your rules. They may see your corruption and how most Democracies over time reduce the common man to financial slavery or serfs. So war is the only option while you keep thinking peace.


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