The Baltimore Riots



Written April 28


   Again you as leaders of the Black Community in government and clergy are facing conditions fueling hate has occurred, but Baltimore under the mayor and governor has shown great restraint, disgust and insight to minimize what even could have been worse. There will come a time where all that attack the police or any authority will be dealt with force, crushing what you protestors sees as a threat. There will be a tepid warning by design and few will heed. Unlike Ferguson there is reason for protests as anyone arrested has rights and is protected by the law when in custody.

   Ferguson was the right to defend one’s life. With or without a weapon anyone the size of Brown in close proximity is as good as dead. Again in the hood anyone in the same confrontation would have shot first without question as this would have been just another unsolved murder. Yes the truth will come out, but no one has the right impact another for any reason.

   How many times do you as a race needs to be educated? We know of the injustices of Slavery, Profiling, Glass Ceilings, the Talk, many others have stifled the gifted. You speak of injustices of how your school districts lose funding. This is not the true problem as many would think with the interviews I witnessed Monday night 4/ 27. If you speak then speak the Truth. Africans, West Indians all are black and many on the most part, break the bonds of poverty through education like you Dy…. The school is not the problem, it is the parents who expect and school to educate their children who at home get no support. This is the Truth. Where were the parents of those rioting and captured on video? Lets see their denial when the cost of destruction is past to the household.

   You have been told many times, you have been herded. Who sent the true message for all to gather at the mall? Who in their infinite wisdom thought to go against the wishes of the family and riot (steal, arson, and harm)? The past does not justify the crimes of the present. The nation is watching and again many do not see the greater picture as you are blinded by hate and manipulated by rhetoric so easily.

   I have told you that all that seems is not. As the earth changes escalate, the police and National Guard will be your only hope or life line. Presently at your current path few as it stands except relatives will save your sorry asses. You will die and again the big picture, you in you confused anger shall continue to burn that bridge. Many innocents will die in your arrogance. The cities will burn due to lack of food, water and medicine no one is going in to you self made war zone, for any reason. You will cry our people are dying. You will cry our government does not care. You will cry to all, but God.

   The government knows what is coming and certain urban areas after a disaster will not be allowed to escape. No one will report your story. And with the behavior seen around the world, you expect help? Change the climate.

   The responsibility for the education of your children is on you. Responsibility for the laws that govern all is on you. Responsibility on morals family structure instead of getting over on the next piece is on you. Fathers we know how you brag to your sons.  It is your daughters and what you call trailer trash that pays the price, not the white girls unless you are rich. Education defeats poverty, not the skills learned in the hood. Oh, rappers make millions. Check out the top 100 today as you download illegally their records, just how do they get paid? Concerts pay the entertainment field, as if most of you can really afford the 100 dollar plus tickets to attend the top acts. This is a joke. All of you put your personal business online forever and you expect to keep a man or woman and more important a job.

   You have been told that the Baltimore police have rights. This is true, set up by their union that super cedes your impatient need to know. This is their union right as all have a right to justice or have things changed. Are you going to take that away from America for your selfish needs to know how one man died? You have been told there is an outside influence to the riots that affect our cities, but few see the total forest past the outer trees. The longer it takes you to realize this and their cooperation of some in the media as their directive is to show all that is dark, the greater the losses. No one burns their own neighborhood, but yours burns tonight.

   Know when you have been set up and your home investment just loss tens of thousands. Was it worth it? It is not about shouting your insight, but acting on subtle change outside of the media eyes. You will never win if your enemy in its many disguises still continues to fool you. Make a mistake, and the world as you know, it will fall as the US government has already written off the inner cities as a total loss of life. Welfare will end as migrants flood the southern border. Housing will be cut to a third due to constant quakes. More important your leaders, who have lied to you over the last 70 years will only to admit the truth when all see the signs, they will have no answers that ring true. There will be a new set of lines drawn in the sand. Where the right to protest shall be adhered too, but where violence will be swiftly crushed to protect the neighborhood. Instructions will be given shortly to prevent all that is dark from infecting this great country. It is war.


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