The San Bernardino Attack




Written Dec 5 4:00 pm EST

Last Update Dec 16 10:30pm EST


   So many questions fill your minds as to what has been coming forth in the media from law enforcement, the behavior and motive of the alleged shooters just does not make sense. This massacre has elements of truth, but more important when you look deeply it points in the wrong direction. Lets examine the facts, but again more important what is being discounted.

   There are many focal points first, the baby. Bomb making equipment that was in process instead of completed and used. Then the Christmas party where it is about peace and joy, yet a confrontation was initiated by another for all to see. A SUV rental that was traceable through credit cards and a hidden tracker, which had Utah plates. The witnesses stated 3 large assailants as the couple were of a medium and small build. Professionals with a directive in and out where no one had a trail and this were this husband and wife. Crude bombs left behind to point to an amateur. The SUV still is in the area of the home for what reason? The absence of a trail of evidence of a connection, but now we are to believe a pledge to Isis was posted on face book and immediate red flag not acted upon. The abrupt statement these are the shooters and there are no others. Then you the media are allowed into the home. Again as in France the shooters are dead and you have so many loose ends, which some will be closed now.

   This event well planned has many facets. It is true that the couple Farook and Malik were making bombs as the evidence is there, but it was not because they were radicalized. Malik was a mother; no other bond in the flesh is greater. There was no literature. There was no pattern of contact with suspect groups. There was nothing found at the home pointing to terrorism, but the bombs. One thing you can throw out is that no Muslim man follows or is heavily influenced by his wife in culture where they are seen as second class. Farook was approached to make bombs that would be used by others for money, a lot of money. As you looked around their apartment they had little financial resources. Your clue is the lack of information coming forth as it is firm from Law Enforcement early in the case without forensics and video that these are the only shooters.

    You were told that what seems like random events can be tied together with a push to move the public in the wrong direction. So you have the bomb factory in place as the supplies and materials at the location suggest this was an ongoing operation and was not meant to be discovered or terminated. You have a Christmas party at a soft target building. Now what is only needed was a trigger to cover the tracks of the real assailants.

   What should have stood out was the argument as this altercation was pressed in party where politics and religion could have been left at the door. This was deliberate as it was suggested to Nicholas to push the envelope and he did. Farook never came to the party with intent for if he did he would just attacked rather than socialize. The point was that Nicholas pushed him to anger for all to see and he left rather than cause a confrontation leading to termination. After the attack fingers of confusion and anger pointed to Farook. Vague description of his SUV and location of his home was given to investigators. Unknown to them the real shooters used a similar black SUV, but wiped it and switched to another.

    When attack began all victims were random except Nicholas as the loose end of why the argument started and escalated was closed with his death. All in the room reported large men with a purpose and precision. Do you not think that after the event that Farookís coworkers could not identify him and his wifeís body types hidden by body armor and masks? Farook and his wife caught wind of the attack through the media and realized their rented SUV with Utah plates was the subject of interest. He realized that with the argument that they would be the focus of the investigation and they would discover the bomb factory, which was supposed to be easy money, so they panicked. They crushed their phones to stop tracking and took the guns and ammo in prep for a gun fight. What you should be asking why the pistols when there were none seen at the attack? Why did they change clothes, but drive the same SUV? What happened to their body armor when they needed it the most? If they were not the attackers, then who was and why?

   This is the second major attack in a few months on the West designed by the new world order, this is your terrorist group and again they are just getting starting, but it is the deception that you need to be wary about. Farook was a patsy lured by money to produce bombs and was shocked when many of his coworkers were killed during an attack at the Christmas party he just left seem to point to him. This led to quick unexpected escape as the clip shows there was no precision when they were confronted in a gun battle with police as both Farook and Malik were killed. Both were in a state of confusion, if they did it, they could have been long gone as the escape from the scene was clean. If martyrdom was the choice, all at the party would have been fired upon with their deaths delivered in a hail of bullets.

   The tentacles that hired the paramilitary team and arranged the funding for the bomb factory are one in the same. All your leads will arrive at dead ends, but there was a flaw with the plan. The argument was planned and it is here that if you dig you will find those who used Nicholas as he did not know his part. Look to see who blocks your path and you will flush out moles and agents of the new world order, start here.

   Farook was greedy, the money turned him and he was used as all flunkies to point away from those who carried out the attack, but more important increase hate towards Muslims in America, which is the real target. Yes Farook was a criminal as he was a bomb maker and did not care where they went as long as he got paid. Some that he made were carried by the attacking team and left like a bread crumb trail back to home. When confronted by police he died like a coward in a hail of bullets as they knew he would. Also trace the IP address of that Facebook post, because it was not posted by Malik, but you are led to believe this, why? No one in America posts a pledge to ISIS and you have no contact with them as this puts you on the radar. The black clothing and body armor was never recovered and what about the long guns used.

   This attack killed innocent people and others were used as the opinion in America towards Muslims the first group, with Blacks and politicians to follow as events escalate here in America, take heed into a dark side. They used those turn by money and opinion to create an event that has increased fear and mistrust and all of you, except a quiet few are looking where they want you to by your own free will. Again create the problem then offer the solution. Watch as the world soon will be begging for peace, when you scream for it, then the antichrist will emerge and by your choice offered to control the world.

   Just know; Obama knew this attack smelled and held his tongue. Many of you went after him as weak, but it takes wisdom to buck the trend in a sea of fools. You in the media are better than that.


Update 6:10pm: You have a Question


Ok so now you have our attention, what now?


   First, you need to put in place safe guards to protect this great nation. Use your Executive Orders and please eliminate the Fed as the enemy controls our finances. Whoever is elected to our highest office will most likely align with the new world order. It is up to you to make sure that they cannot erode the rights given to the people in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights under martial law. These terror attacks and soon to come protests infiltrated by violence are to cause division in America. This is what you are up against. As you now know this is the goal behind the terror attacks. Second, put pressure on the media through the FCC to tone down the rhetoric that divides this nation on speculation without inhibiting free speech. Third, eliminate those based in the US behind the covert operation in San. The public does not need to know for they are in disbelief anyway. For now wait until the next event and this time look at the unusual and prepare you will not be disappointed.

   Now comes the time for to bring this nation together. The people are in fear as those who are Muslims and patriotic to this country. We are all Americans. Put Americans first, as you help those at home before reaching out to others. You cannot help others if you divide the country when you allow those who are suspect along with some good into this country for any reason which allows fear to fester due to the unknown, move on. I am tired of being the lone wolf fighting for the forces of light, just when are some of you going to step up in this fight against the ultimate and final enemy of this world or has the nation of the brave as I know it, now cowers?

   We have heard the words of hope. We hear the speeches of our hearts and prayers. We hear the Rhetoric kill them all. What we need is action. Know the enemy hides in the shadows. Know the enemy is seen to the world as good, but yields death. Know that most of your leaders and the media will lie to you for they answer to another. If you do not recognize the enemy, you will lose this war. It is time to remove yourselves from denial. When you speak to the American people, I do not want to hear the same words of hope repeated that have failed. It is about action, action against those that are foreign and domestic from the terrorist to the bankers. This is what our nation needs. I told you that you have a choice and that time is up. Make your decision tonight.

   Just a suggestion to Black America as the forces of dark is targeting you. Injustices have been seen, but you can accelerate participation by morphing from Black Lives Matter to All Lives Matter, focus on both. You do want those in this nation to paint Black lives with a broad brush, in turn do not paint the police with that same brush. There is good and bad in the black race and the police. Focus on what is bad, but promote relations with the good or you will fall into a trap. Take the advice and you will not be disappointed.

   By the way I would like search engine blocks and repeat entries used to bury my papers removed especially at Google. Next remove the outside pressure affecting my life put in place artificially. Since when is this a nation that uses tricks and deception to hide the Truth? Change it and level the playing field or God will.


Update 8:27pm: Obama Address


   Good speech, I almost thought I loss you as you left the blame on Farook. I understand why you said what you said, but more important is what you disclosed afterwards. This speech sent a cryptic message to the media for the public had you told the Truth, would have crucified you, and your legacy lost. To the media read between the lines for you know what is at stake and adjust your perspective without losing your job. When the message leads America astray then quit. Obama welcome to the team lets see who follows.


Update 9:08pm


   Now that the world knows where you stand, you can remain firm in your belief of God or fall to the darkside as the pressure rises. You are wavering and this is unacceptable. There is no grey area for you again choose light or dark, where you stand at midnight 12/7 the Day of Infamy will determine the fate of your soul and your protection from the Almighty. Only the weak listen to those around you.


Update Dec 7 9:00pm The Day of Infamy 9:00pm EST


   You that are behind the leaks to the media have been busy. You have stated in the media that Farook and Malik have been radicalized. Now either this is a lie or your intelligence is inept as you say this was known, which is it? Just as I thought, it is a lie after the fact. There are no connections to a radical group by literature or phones. I guess they had telepathy while they were in contact with the Jihad. There was nothing on the hard drives or you would have splash this across America. Target shooting, they bought guns. Several thousand rounds of ammunition are nothing compared to what Americans have on hand in there homes to protect themselves in the coming chaos check the back woods militias, which you need to fear, which this nation refuses to admit is coming. You have nothing. How will history look upon you when millions died without making peace with the Creator as this nation was built on the belief in God? Next time you minions in the new world order set some up make sure there is physical evidence of indoctrination to present the world. This was all about the money. As this is your MO and letís not forget the honey hole, not used here.

   You have refused to address the number of attackers and their body shape and some how there is no video to back your claim and a lack of witness interviews. Why is that? You drop to the world the argument was over the Holocaust, an inappropriate subject for a Christmas party as if a Muslim has enough information to defend a position, what was behind this or was this a rogue claim, again which is it? I told you this event was carried out to divide America, heighten hate, and insert mistrust within the Muslim community. These goals were accomplished and most of all still refuse to believe your lying eyes.


Update Dec 8 11:45pm EST


   To the new world order you just could not help yourself when a leak only mentioned on a few outlets stated that Farook had a large unexplained amount in their bank account, thank you patriots. This backed statements the bomb factory was all about money instead of radicalization. You have stated they were radicalized over time yet the CIA and NSA knows knowing. Is this how we spend our money? You offer nothing in the way of evidence, but your words unaccountable are all over the media. Unexplained was the key word and now you say an apartment dweller making 50 thousand a year secured a loan, which got past the investigation. The only fool believing this is the uneducated public, but this will not last for long. Oh by the way all responsible for the kidnapping, kiss your asses goodbye as you crossed the line again.

   You say Malik was radicalized before coming to America. Yet you also say our vetting process will stop stop an influx of terrorists. You missed Malik and many others that have to surface, strike one or you are lying, which is it?


Update Dec. 16 10:30 PM EST


   Letís look back at San Bernardino after a couple of weeks to review what was missed. You have been told ISIS has encryption that was not broken. You were told social media was not screened for terrorist threats. You were told the attack was carried out by large individuals some say three, but the official report states 2.

   Contrary to what is released to the media and mainly for ISIS to believe there is an encryption that could be bought that the NSA cannot crack. This is false, but for certain groups associated with the new world order this is true. The codes that are the basis for all computers was a low priority technology release from the off world black projects from the fifties. Those Cray and other super computers you are so proud of are centuries behind what is hidden and used on earth by the super elite.

    The attack opened many flaws in the security of these United States for all to see. The NSA monitors all traffic despite the laws governing this country as they are all seeing except that which is under the umbrella of the new world order by design. The information released concerning Farook and Malik over time was simplistic, but no one had a clue up front. Monitoring Facebook is done to get a job and you believe this government missed a jihad post and threat? You are being lied to.

    What is missing in this attack is witness testimony as all know what they saw and everyone saw in the picture of Malik of a frail frame and about 5 ft tall as Farook 6 ft towers over her. This is a fact. Large, there were 3, so much confusion they were told. So Comey either you or your muzzled witnesses are lying, which is it. More important are your actions for God and country? To allow these two to be blamed I n the name of national security brings hate upon the Muslim community. It is your actions that you will be held accountable for. Walk away is your only choice.

   Now I do not want to open old wounds, but the Truth will set you free. For you in the media it is going to shortly get worse. Be prepared.


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