The Betrayal



Written Apr. 22 11:59 pm EST

Updated May 1 10:30 pm EST


   You have been warned so many times here, that all is not what it seems. On the world stage we will shift to the French election between Macron and Le Pen, only a day away. They are presented in the media as stark opposites, one willing to negotiate with Russia and the other to stand fast with the EU, NATO and the US. So where does the truth lie for the French people?

   The voters in the French election are being herded. You ask, how can that be, when there are two opposite sides that are polarized. Look closer. Le Pen was put in place by the new world order. Anti NATO and EU, but cozies up to Putin who is new world order controlling the east for energy relief for the French people. She assumes the French people will be left alone, as energy flows from Russia. Is she aware of the New Madrid quakes and the resultant tsunami that will assault Western Europe, yes. All including Macron predict damage will be minor and the EU will go on.

   Macron is looking to save face with the EU and deceive Biden. Like Germany his hope is a side deal with Putin. Agree to condemn Putin on the world stage for show, but agree not disclose unity of one world power after the New Madrid quakes. America will be weaken and out of devastation in Europe a new world order will rise. This is his deal, as he betrays the French people. Salt water floods will roll in over a hundred miles inland at the least. No crops or buildings scoured from the landscape, now what? It is about who is in charge for power, the people will mostly die as they migrate. This is the betrayal of France.

   Now lets address Biden, as he told you. Biden would not tax the Middle Class and the poor. He taxed your gasoline over 40%. He taxed youíre the heat for your homes 40%. He taxed your food over 10%. He states it is Putin, yet natural gas is produced in America, just like most of your food. So the elimination of 3% oil imports from Russia makes gasoline rise 40%? Really and as the media reported a lot of that million gallons of oil a day from our reserves to reduce oil prices here goes over seas to help other nations at your taxpayer cost. You need to ask Biden why? The is the betrayal. The backside of inflation is the rise in interest rates to control it. Your credit card rates will rise. The cost of mortgages will rise. The cost of business loans will rise and you will pay the bill, another tax from Biden. The sad part when you voted for him, you expected change, but now you have bills and more black people are dying from each other. This is your Democratic progress and the media lies. The Clintons (foundation), Bushes (Iraq oil war) and the Bidens (Hunter) stole billions combined, as for Obama, they are truly racist nothing but sh.t for him, but media and book deals.

   What about title 42, exactly when are you going to ask Biden, how does this help America? Those fleeing street violence and poverty is not protected under the rules of international asylum laws and they know this. You say, those who oppose illegal entry are racists against the brown people coming in. What about the brown people already here? The monetary pie is the same size in this nation, it only gets smaller for those who are already here and increases poverty, but you donít see this. 10 million new illegals with no new housing builds. You do the math on your rents in congestive cities. They are lying to you. They pretend they are humanitarians and you are teetering on being broke. This is the Betrayal to America and that is their goal.

   The Democrats keep reciting by design, poverty is the root of all crime. Their answer is to throw more money, as their family and friends control the social services provided to the inner cities. They get rich and there is little to marginal improvement for those trapped in poverty. Did they improve your schools over the last 60 years, no. Yes it has been that long, they have been in power in Democratic cities. It is education that leads the poor out of the ghetto, but you wonít do that, as you dumb down education standards with Wokeness. A math book only needs to include equations period.

   Just know, the Almighty states a teacher preying upon the innocent young with transgender advice, is no different than those who have sex with older classmates. Do you really want to walk down that path? Your job is to teach, not influence others about gender identity. As most of your minds are read, you are setting up future prey, your disgusting. Wake up call, if you are born with a dick, you are a man. If you are born with a vagina and may have babies, you are a woman. Because you have evil scientists that can manipulate flesh, but not your genes, and you believe the BS? Take away the hormones, then what? Any other ideas that comes to your mind, comes from another. It is a dark place. Stop, it is not your place or you will join him sooner than you think. You can choose to be gay, that is your choice and your right, but do not force it upon another when they teeter in innocent years. Most grow past having gay feelings, remember, respect that.


Updated May 1 10:30 pm EST


   The Biden Administration has proposed a 30 billion package for Ukraine on top of the 15 billion plus he has given them in March. Now this is for conventional weapons and the numbers do not add up, as someone could be stealing. What you do not see in the media is a large Ukrainian force using these weapons against the Russians. If they are winning why the need to replace so much? Now Remember Ran Paul told you a few decades ago this was a Soviet Territory with 1/3 of Russian nuclear weapons. No one listened to him at a recent hearing. You dare not ask about the Ukraine war. Did they dispose of them or just hiding them? You will never know. Just like the weapons poring into the country. Bidenís plan is under the excuse of rearming Ukraine with inferior Soviet weapons and the US will replace other nation contributions with state of the art weapons for those in NATO. This is why Poland anted to send MIGs to Ukraine. Remember every war or disaster is an opportunity for those in power, by either increasing the ability to control the population or fleece them with spending that has little to no oversight.

   Biden is using your tax dollars to back fill EU nations contributions, what little they pay. This in laymanís terms means the EU nations pay near nothing and we in America pays almost entire bill. Consider weapons that disappear and are sold on the Black Market, again you will never know and the politicians and military complex gets rich, as there is no accountability. Not one government agency can account the amount of weapons that are actually delivered and the cost per unit. You really expect the military complex not to cheat when no one in the Biden administration is looking? You are so caught up in help the Ukrainians, which was a design war by the new world order to fleece America. Look at the timing with the cut off of gas to Poland and Bulgaria, when it would have been more effective over a month ago. Yet who pays, the EU consumer as natural gas supplies just get rerouted. The alleged kick backs to the Bidens, Bushes and Clintons are like pennies compared to their 900 trillion bank account. This is what you are up against.

   They told you, no American boots on the ground, yet American high paid mercenaries are on the ground and they are the ones destroying the Russian tanks, planes and the ship. This is a proxy war and there comes a point where Russia, cornered like a rat strikes the Western world. Ukrainians will die for their country. Will you? If it does happen, each and everyone in the media that promoted this and the associated politicians will cease to exist on this earth, one by one to send a message. This is not a warning from the Almighty, but a promise.

   Biden has betrayed this country, as millions of Americans in a first strike nuclear war are not worth the Ukrainian war. The Biden Administration has not changed any global protocol with the multiple wars in Africa, like Sudan nor will it address the wars in our own American inner cities. Now we have a recession month and it will be called transitory just like inflation. Wise up and open your eyes.


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