The Biden Sex Scandal



Written May 7 11:59 pm EST


   In the case of Joe Biden, no one considers the obvious. The Democrats firmly believes their own, and the Republicans on the most part, believes he is guilty. The truth, neither knows, as both are not accurate. Allegedly with Tara, Biden saw an opportunity created by a mutual attraction. A young political appointee, a senator, this is common, as oppose to those who choose to take advantage. Look at the Senators who sexual abused the male pages. This is a fact. He had the power and she had a body at that time, many of her own prospects passed by. His dick, semi hard went with the flow in that remote area. It was by design. He is a man. Why go after a old guy, unless options were scarce? An isolated part of the building, why were the two of you there? Why was he following you? And expect us to believe that area of a building, was not by choice? Biden got aggressive in what Tara thought would be just kissing, but you did not resist. What changed over time, is that Biden never acknowledge you. This is why the complaint was filed. He took it to far, so you confided in others, but did push for formal charges.

   The accuser Tara, praised Biden while he was VP. For good reason, she hoped to gain something. This is why he passed the vetting process, and nothing was said during the Obama years, but praise. So what changed. She approached the DNC with the allegations of what was agreed to now an assault, and they saw an opportunity. Look at her bank receipts, it is in small increments over time. They reversed their Me Too position without giving due process to the accuser, which opens up a door. In hope, protests grow in a grass roots movement. On the back side the DNC supports him, when the side of Tara has yet to be investigated.

   The DNC sees Biden, and who ever he picks as VP a serious liability. They know he will not defeat Trump in his present form, now dementia exponentially degrading his mental capabilities as the months go on. Warren is the obvious VP choice, as they hope to gain Bernie’s voters. Warren is despised among many Democrats, as liar and arrogant, and Stacy only appeals to older blacks, world experience none. Ask why did Warren hold out with endorsing Biden, when she knew, she was his number pick, a broken convention?

   The new world order (Deep State) has the DNC praising Biden, but on the back side is behind the emergence of Tara. They hope to replace him at the convention. This is behind the New York Primary being canceled. The goal, Biden falls short on the first ballot. Cuomo is out, as his administration were planting Covid-19 patients from over crowded hospitals into nursing homes. So what is the plan?

   Biden will be given a choice. Be destroyed, and another candidate will emerge, or choose the VP pick of the deep state. If elected, he will never serve.


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