Bidenís Address to a Joint Session of Congress



Written Apr. 29 11 am EST


   As Biden addressed the nation last night, lets concentrate on what seems a new turn for this Administration. We heard buy American, and this is a good stance for the present Administration. American jobs have been lost overseas and past administrations except Trump supported the workers of other nations due to lobbyists. Now this new policy was seen as an isolationist policy, just last year as that sent the wrong message to our allies. I ask, what has changed?

   Yes, America needs to raise the minimum wage for all citizens, not the illegals. They have no labor rights in this nation. If you jump the line in America, do you get to stay there? We have laws for a reason. You may pay a fair wage, but out of the other side of your mouth illegals allow a source of cheap labor far below, what employers would have to pay. Stagnant low skilled labor wages failed to rise due to low demand created by the off the books labor pool emanating from a porous border. They lie to you.

   What you fail to address is the gap between the poor and the Middle Class does narrow as the top descends. Union job wages are rising on average 2.5% per year, as inflation outpaces any gains, due to corporate passing on cost rises to the general public. The point, the Middle Class pays a price due to your policies, as many move to lower middle class. But, you do not see this. Watch out for gas prices as shortages push up pump prices gouge Americans. They say there is a shortage of tanker drivers, but they know this, and you will pay. Is this by design? Remember the motto, never let a great disaster or shortage go to waste.

   You spoke about DARPA, as yes they are responsible for many technological advancements in society, but the advancement are released in small stages to increase profits for corporations. The true advancements by ordinary citizens are ignored if it affects the profits or cannot be controlled by the military complex. The true advances hidden under layers of black projects, will never be revealed to the general public.

   You also spoke of a cure for cancer, really. Products allowed to circulate throughout the nation to create the problem, which a true lawmaker could stop, and now you are going to offer a solution. There are natural cures that will curb cancer, but more important you can stop the cause, but you wonít. Big Pharma has you and others in their back pocket. A simple cure makes no money, so it will be crushed. The goal is the government funds research that you (Pharma) would pass on. So if there is a break through, what would be the cost and who would be treated first, as supplies would scarce by design to support a very high price to save a life.

   We heard about new infrastructure, more relief payments as if $1400 will pay rent and food for just a month in many cities. Many just fall deeper into debt and their homes sold to another, as landlords default on mortgages, utilities shut down or they walk away. The end result is the same, they get evicted. Many choose not to work as you pay them more than their former jobs, why work when uncle Joe lets them sit on their asses for free, great plan. Why donít you start with stopping the fraud. You have computers and data bases to cross check. I hear prisoners get paid, only in America.

   Now we have a new plan for education. Where was this plan 60 years ago as your party was in control and still are of the cities? Over the years you have provided the cities, a sub standard education and refused to provide vouchers for private schools. Need we assume you wanted to keep inner cities students dumb with no other source of education. It seems that way. The key to education for a child is parental teaching at home and participation in the school systems, extra pre grades change little. The lack of basic math, science, and English dooms graduates and you recognize this.

   Know this Black America, those who run your cities, the party of Jim Crow of the fifties, held you back by design and you are none the wiser. Ask your self, who lets you riot and burn down your cities and says it is ok? Who points the finger at another, yet they control them? They let you kill each other in your cities and none of you question why? If your child did that to your home, then what? All is not what it seems. Remember, the promise from Biden is the same for the last sixty years, just a different talking puppet mouth.

   Biden thinks he has the answer for cutting child poverty in half. How is that? Money sent to parents, yet do you not realize, most children in poverty is in a single family home? What makes you think the parent will spend the money on the child? Some will, others well? So much for youíre funding ideas. Your solution is to throw money at the problem instead of solving the route cause. Like the internal breakdown of the family structure, remember that idea promoted by BLM just last year. Many single mothers have no skills for todayís work force and your immigration debacle at the border makes low skilled labor entry worse. It will take years to reeducate the poor and many will still fall short on social skills. Now what? Your friends get rich instituting programs designed to fail, as you will be long gone. This is your plan.

   So you have not learned from your first lesson on the Affordable Care Act. Do you remember that many companies opted out, thus causing rates to rise. The problem, many of the poor have underlying conditions aggravated by obesity, and the young healthy choose not to sign up. So you think Big Pharma is going to lower the cost of drugs, because you say so, as their taxes rise? Now I am sure your bulb, is not that dim. The US subsidizes the 3rd world and Europe, are you willing to pass that cost on to them? Tax the rich, they will move. Offshore tax havens, the money is already gone. Capital gains increases will be passed on to pension funds and 401 k plans. Do you really think, you will bleed money from the rich, when they see you coming?

   You seem to focus on, that you can tax corporations, yet their can acquire bankrupt companies and write the losses off against their profit, as they have been doing for over a century. But you dare not breakup monopolies like Amazon, Alphabet and Facebook, you will not do that. With your new tax policies as the common man does not have a clue on how this affects them, but takes your word. The cost will be passed on to the consumer. The idea that the Middle Class will not see their taxes rise is a play on words. They will see the cost of taxes morph into inflation and they will pay here with a premium.

   You see America as back a leader in your false world. Iran is enriching uranium to 60%, at least that is what they are telling you. How much are you going to pay this time? Talk about terrorist sponsorship. You lost Hong Kong and North Korea. Now are you may go to war for Taiwan masked as a measured Indo Pacific response to what? They level the island then what, remember, they paid your son. What about Ukraine and the Russians? Please tell America. You cannot change this world as a puppet pawn in the new world order. Is a measured response your answer if the US is hit by a missile sneak attack in WW3, which all sides are preparing for? To the Pentagon, if this happens, relieve him of command. There is no measured response in all out war unless you plan to lose. Know that most enemy population centers will be in bunkers. An offer of peace will lead to one government as planned. This is your reality.

   The focus shifts to job creation and this is a good thing. Clean energy has transmission issues, no one wants power lines in their backyard. What is the transmission efficiency rates of low voltage sources to high voltage transmission rates? Do you have contingency plans for violent hail storms and solar panels? I thought not. What about batteries that are toxic, where do you put them at end of life? You have no answer.

   With any new job creation, a new skill set must be in place, as retraining does consider relocation. This is the problem not addressed. It affects housing prices that crash in the area left and huge increases in the relocation areas. Infrastructure and road, sewer systems not in place. All of this not considered. This is why I call them politicians, not leaders. They smile and do not have a clue.

   Biden says we should welcome the Dreamers, yes we should. As it was through no fault of their own. Once citizens and after 5 years they can sponsor their immediate family according to current immigration laws and fees. As for immigration status for those who work in agriculture. So if you pick some fruit or vegetables you become a citizen along with their spouse and children, is that your plan? They are paid to do a job, this does not imply a path to citizenship. They need to apply through legal sources.


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