As the Biden Administration Continues to Crash


Written Nov. 17 4 am EST

Update Nov. 23 4 pm EST



   Pelosi continues to play games with the American public, warning the voters. If they choose to vote for the GOP, Jan. 6 will happen again and voter rights will be suppressed. Now few agreed to what they saw on Jan. 6, but our nation did not face a coup, as you would like the nation to believe. You had plants in the crowd promoting attack the Capitol. Did your party not ask for help when people walked into the Capitol? Were you not in protective bunkers with video surveillance? Few stormed the building, most were let in. If they were Russians, you are saying our nation could fall? You are lying or inept, which is it? Then voter suppression, because your voters cannot not make it to the polls and need to vote by mail, when everybody has access to transportation? Today is not the fifties and these are your threats to Democracy?

   Xi just threaten Biden with Armageddon if his new Pacific pact tries to protect Taiwan. How is that going for you, paper tiger as you poke the panda? Taiwan will fall to China and you will do nothing just like Crimea. Keep playing tough guy in the media, when China pegs you as a coward. Old friend, no youíre a patsy to be used, you just donít know it yet. Your green new deal, so if we go to war, I guess Biden will have charging stations in enemy territory or even here. How long to charge a tank or armored vehicle? Battery powered planes, how is that going to work? You can not eliminate gas vehicles and everyone knows this, so why lie to the American people?

   You fought so hard for $15 living wage and puff, inflation evaporated that gain. What about the coming new union contracts, what are they going to ask for, but did not consider this. You knew corporations would pass on the cost in higher prices and you did it anyway. Supply chain issue, again they are lying. Oil prices was self inflicted and food is not rotting in the fields waiting to be picked up. Corporations saw an opportunity you gave them, you printed money, so they raised prices as a hedge. That is the bottom line, but your economic advisors are told to spin this to win an election, this is where your actions will crush you, not voter suppression.

   Your school polices are to eliminate tests, because those you teach in the inner cities on the whole learn nothing. And you expect America to compete, as few can write a paragraph or figure out change from a purchase if the register breaks. Rents out of control as apartments fly off the market, because illegals by the millions need a place to stay, great plan. Over crowded schools, emergency rooms no one is paying and you have our best interest, you print more money. Beware of the Dec. 3 debt ceiling.

   You raised the limit people can steal without getting arrested and stores are shutting down due to theft, and you think there are other causes. Exactly what kind of leader does this? Burn down the cities and loot, its ok again this is your leadership. BLM threatening a mayor if he arrest criminals, are you out of your minds. Lets look a bunch of people on a dark corner or people coming out of a store. You call it profiling, I see it as an opportunity to remove a criminal element. They would not be targeted if they did not have guns and drugs. One catch is too many.

   A criminal runs, a criminal fights back, a criminal shoots, if innocent shut your mouth and answer questions, you will be on your way as a non threat, but no you cannot do that. A certain type is behind most crime, this is a fact. You need not act like them if pulled over. This is a major problem, everyone has an attitude and everyone wants to fight. This is the mentality out there, but no one addresses this. And what is with you building statues of criminals? Yes there was an injustice, but build a statue, you really think Black people want that? Oh this is your build back better plan.

   Hundreds of Black people are shot on the streets every week and you are worried about the cops. You canít even go to a concert without the crowd busting through gates to avoid paying and when excited everyone pushes forward to get closer to the stage. But you need a study to figure this out. You have created a society that is out of control. They can steal, rape in public, burn down buildings learn nothing in schools, invite the world and coyotes make a killing and this is our present and future and the GOP is the problem? This is why you will get crushed and your media friends will pay a heavy price.

   We have a VP that hides just like Biden did in his basement. Next time, when you pick a Black person make sure they can do the job instead of being a worthless Democratic show piece. Please tell me, I am wrong, please.

   COP26 showed us one thing, most of the idiots are still following a teenager. Obama lets follow the youth, you need not speak, as you were a coward when it came to Nibiru, donít lie. China and India are not going to make significant cuts in coal usage and the farce, lets wait till next year and you buy this. There is no manmade solution that will stop global warming. You are being lied to and when you find out the truth, it will be too late.

   The Biden Administration has passed an infrastructure bill and stated we want to improve racial equality. Oh so how many major contracts are going to minority firms, little to none. How much do you really think will get done with 100 billion a year? Tell America what was spent in the Boston tunnel, Mario Cuomo Bridge or the what could be spent to put a blvd. in place in Syracuse. They will waste the money.

   Finally no one has the right to comment on a active trial or place an opinion of guilt in the media. We have stooped to intimidating the jury in the media. Then people want to riot on a verdict and they do not know the facts. Were you at the trial? The accused has the right to be judged by a jury, you the public have no rights to act on an opinion, if so you are a criminal if you riot. Did you Biden state in the media and refer to white supremacist. You were one in the seventies and eighties, is that how you know one? Oh you forgot about your old pal Byrd. We have pictures and your votes on record in the Senate. You are no different than the Clintons who were alleged common thieves and used a charity for influence peddling until Hillary lost. Remember absolute power collapses completely and that day is coming when the people shall know the truth.


Update Nov. 19 4 pm EST


   This is a message for Taiwan and its people. The leaders of your nation do not have your best interest, so it is time for the brave to stand up for the nation. So what is the plan, as China reads this?

   Your leaders sold you out to the Biden Administration. The CCP have Hunter by the balls and the world and your leaders know this. China has told you, all can agree over time to be re-assimilated or face invasion. There is no option. It is not about land or people, they have enough. It is about control of strategic semiconductor industry and how they are produced and designed. It is about proximity to Okinawa, Guam, Japan and Hawaii. Chinese land based operations can launch hypersonic missiles neutralizing any response, supply line to protect the western Pacific in 15 minutes. Carrier groups destroyed. All that is left is submarines, ICBMs and that is all out war. In a war the CCP will not play fair, this is not a limited response or attack. It will be all out and negotiating for the peace will not be coming from them as a weak side. This is what your leaders fail to understand. I can hear Biden now, not one more American will die in a nuclear attack, no you will die in indoctrination encampments, slaughtered as useless eaters. They will start with the Blacks.

   So for optics your nation is buying advanced F-18, but obsolete to the F-35 as if this is going to stop the Chinese. They have the numbers and you spend for weapons that will not save you. Something is wrong here. Oh Biden gets you to waste money, the military complex makes more money and when invaded, they walk away. Your leaders are not the brightest bulbs, just like Biden whose light is flickering out and Harris well her light dimmed long ago.

   You have a choice, CCP takeover and indoctrination or approach the US outside of Biden to move industry and key personal here. Yes mass immigration on the level of at least 10 million. Now you say they wonít go for this. Yes they will, they have no choice. They just let up to 4 million non educated, unskilled, some raped, Covid ridden migrants and kids cross the southern border and they get everything free, this year alone.

   Then they make a major tactical error in Afghanistan and they have to invite half the country with few skills. The best part, you pay for this. Now most of America knows Biden is not all there, but he is not that stupid to offer refuge for an educated population and the worlds largest semiconductor producer. He can not be that naive unless bought and paid for. There is no down side here. On a side note, you get all those fine smart Asian girls.

   All brought to this country would assimilate and add to the economy immediately. There are educated. So close the doors on the Southern Border and invite a country faced with Communism. Those crossing the border do not have the requirements for asylum, Taiwan does, as its fate is sealed.

   As for Rittenhouse, the jury spoke. All of you donít see the obvious those rioting, were all criminals. You need to ask why and how? The Justice system was put in place to be fair. Those on the jury are not from the days of Biden. To riot in the streets as few of you were at the trail. You know nothing. Destroy the neighborhood, you will get sued for damages and go to jail. That is what a responsible leader would do. We shall see.

   Just to let the American public know, Amazon Prime activates its services if you press the wrong button for shipping. I never placed the order when I saw prime activated, but got an email welcoming me. This is deceptive as some never look at their email for months. Bezos you been hanging around the Democrats to long, oh now I see how you got so rich.


Update Nov. 23 4 pm EST


   The Biden Administration just enriched the oil companies by offering them cut rate prices they hope will be passed on to the consumer. So Biden sells oil we bought cheap in the thirties and now have to replace it years down the road well above eighty. At todayís price that is almost 50 dollars extra times 50 million barrels. That is the cost in hoping to reduce gas prices so Democrats look better for a few weeks. He could have found a permanent solution such as increase production in the US, instead of steal from Peter to pay Paul at double the rate or beg OPEC. He just wasted billions of dollars for optics. Gas going down 10 cents for a few weeks does not help America. Wait I just heard that US Sour Crude which is being sold is not wanted by US refineries, it is being sold to China and India. Say it isn't so Joe. Moving quickly.

   I just want to say if you did allow your cities to burn at the hands of criminals, there would be no need for people like Rittenhouse. You should have brought in the National Guard, but no like idiots, you let your cities burn and expect the citizens to roll over like you. There were guns on both sides and all is not what it seems.

   For Biden do not promise help to Ukraine, Russian invades, you will do nothing just like Crimea. Once the Russians are in, are you going to dictate at NATO offensive to push back? Donít even think about it and stop lying to the media. You will run and the Russians have a platform to move into the EU and you will not fire a shot.


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