What is behind the Gas increases, Lumber shortage and the border inflow?

Is Biden the Problem?



Written May 28 11:59 pm EST


   The elite forced to reveal there is UFOs, but the Congressional Report will reveal nothing, that is not already known. Lockheed Martin has secrets that will keep them ahead for the next century, if allowed. Little to nothing on the beings that are in control of the ships, yet they work with our scientists on our bases. There will nothing on Nibiru inside our solar system or that their inhabitants occupied Earth and Mars in the recent past. All while the pole shift is closer.

   There are editorials out (CNN website) that say Biden is not the cause for the rise in gas prices. They say an increase was unexpected, as people are now going to work and summer travel is in place. Really, I see incompetence. Everybody, but your administration saw this. Bidenís fault. Production in Canada and the Dakotas scaled back in direct response to the revoking the permits for the Keystone pipeline. Bidenís fault. Closing down Federal lands for exploration, Bidenís fault. When you constrict supplies, prices rise, this is 101 economics. You can spin it, but all see the truth. Continue down the same path and you will lose many. Climate change is to cover earth changes. Tell the truth. If not, what price will you pay when the public finds out?

   Now, they will do, what they do best, it is to increase the iron clad control of the media, engineered financial or commodity bubbles, and government policy to stop American population migration. This affects the poor and middle class by design. The increase in lumber prices is by design, by slowing the rate of harvesting an available resource. There is no labor shortage, but with little hiring, prices increase profits without increasing yield. This raises the price of homes for those in the cities hoping to escape. The point, available housing is snapped up, thus shunting any chance of mass migrations from the East Coast inland when the time comes. Now with any natural disasters, there is already a lumber shortage in place, thus slowing rebuilding in the poor and middle class areas by design. You can not relocate, if you cannot build. So how does the border crisis and inflow play out to affect the common man?

   You may ask, why would an Administration allow 2 million low to no skilled workers into this country when not needed? Woman and children are a factor that increases dependency. School, health care, child care as this is a net drain for a man working and pays no taxes, as he makes too little and this is their plan.

   Americans are homeless and many unskilled with little job opportunities? Your choice is to increase the competition with illegals? Rent skyrockets in cities where they are dumped in the middle of the night. Exactly how long, will your shifting your mistakes to the states, surface back to, the Federal level? I told you, you do not take care of others before you take care of your own. You were told charity starts at home.

   As with BLM, your job is to reduce racism. Yet you say nothing with creating reverse racism. Are you treating white people, as you would treat yourself or seeking revenge? No, you blame them for the sins of their ancestors. Yes there are some, who are racist, but did you not play the same game light skin vs. dark skin? Be careful where you want to play. I ask, why are Black people seen in the majority of racial attacks against Asians? Call it out among your own, or you are no different than the KKK. Racism has no place in any encounter. So before you blame others, correct your own.

   The government is using the flow illegals to destabilize the citizens and governments along the border and east and west cities, they are disperse to. There influx strains housing availability, less openings, thus entry level jobs are lowering pay by those seeking. Then the mothers are home on social services and your schools over crowded. Paying 100s of billions of our tax dollars to support illegals will only create descent with our own citizens, but they know this. This is the plan.

   The woke agenda has their leaders cash out. They do not care now, as they are getting paid. That is the bottom line. Defund the police, gangs will run their neighborhoods. Now what? As the world moves forward, your own children are dumb down with an inferior education. You chose this. Your government is moving to global control, when that happens you lose. Protest and people disappear. This is your future, you do not see.


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