The Biden Agenda



Written Oct. 20 11:59 pm EST

Update Oct. 22 1 pm EST


   By now, most in America realize an elite group is pulling the strings of the president of the United States, just like a Manchurian puppet. You voted and now you have a façade in place. You were told, the only way to expose the façade of the new world order was allow Trump to be defeated. I told you before the election, not one of you would believe the Democratic regime would crumble, but it has. What is worse is, you are only 8 months in with 40 to go. The issue with the Biden Administration is not the failures for all to see, but the ones hidden that will devastate this nation.

   We will start with oil. Shutting down drilling and exploration as we transition to green energy, was not the problem. It was not having those replacement energy policies in place before enacting that policy. What he did, was cripple the US gas and oil industry workers. It is tight supply that the oil industry wanted with the small drilling operators out of business. What he did not expect was the industry to be greedy forcing oil prices higher than anticipated. Today he stated that the US oil output has remained the same since the Trump days. How is that possible? That was pre-pandemic and people were driving in far greater numbers than today. So we have the same supply, less driving and gas prices double under your watch. Something smells here, like incompetence. The point now there is a need to go to the Middle East to increase supplies, but they won’t and all see this. The green new deal with most of its options now out of the spending bill, just increased an oil tax on Americans that forces up pricing for every thing. Did those pulling the strings of Biden see this coming, of course, they planned on it. Fleecing America under the guise of the new green deal is the goal.

   We hear that Biden wants to trace every transaction over 600 dollars as this will expose transactions of the rich. The rich already would have moved any money off shore before the bill passes. The true goal is invalidate the extra staff that would be hired by the IRS. The rich moves money in greater amounts than 10000. The move to 600 is to flood the system so new agents of the IRS are bogged down chasing the Middle Class instead. More important trace illegals who send money back home. This is the real goal. The rich will keep their money and your government again under the guise of catching the rich are really wasting your money monitoring your spending habits. They could have just hired agents just to audit and trace money of the top 1%. That would work, but Biden will not do that.. Yesterday I did see the Republicans push back against the 600 threshold, maybe you should heed that advice.

   The Biden Administration is well aware that the shipping container back up, is deliberate with the cooperation of labor. Those pulling the strings want an artificially created shortage to where if there is a national emergency, you the common man will find supplies in short supply. The bare shelves you see now, are only a precursor. With Covid this will ensure a lock down. The point, those in the cities will not be able to flee their plight and will succumb to death in the worse cases.

   You hear that all Americans deserve affordable health care and the message rings true. But not one of you have faced the truth. Rural hospitals will fold under the government payouts. Wait times will skyrocket, as the needy now have access. On top of that, Biden is firing healthcare workers, who refuse to take the vaccine. Healthcare and emergency treatment will meltdown. Thousands will die in waiting rooms and this is their plan.

   Your government has bent the rules of asylum. A person can apply for asylum under these international rules. First, the person for whom asylum is established, has no legal right to demand it, and the sheltering state has no obligation to grant it. A refugee has to fear persecution from being part of a race, nationality, political opinion, social group or religion.

   What not is a refugee, is someone fleeing violence, poverty, earthquakes, hurricanes, other natural disasters. What is happening at our border, is illegal and not backed by international asylum laws. Oh now we hear what about compassion. Then you personally sponsor them with your son’s billions, but do not force this on America tax payers. Why don’t you put it to a vote, please. The immigration process in this country is not broken, it is exploited, know the difference. We have a legal process and the country should bring a class action suit against the Administration. There are few jobs for low to no skilled labor. Plus they will not pay taxes, they will get refunds. DACA is the only issue with a leg to stand on.

   The Biden Administration repeats constantly in the media, the need for low cost housing, but they are continuing the same patterns of gentrification, that has been established in Democratic cities. They try and build in areas where the land is expensive and low income people are not wanted, as if their appearance will heal the divide. Better schools yes, but the parent has to set the standard at home first. Instead the neighborhood tensions rise and people move, property values fall and the experiment they have tried so many times, has failed every time. But what is the true agenda in poor neighborhoods?

   In Manhattan, city housing has been sold to private developers along the rivers and they sit on it for years, then force out tenants over time. How did these developers get the property for pennies on the dollar and who was in control of the housing agencies. The middle class and poor are being pushed out and the Democrats say they care. On top of that Biden dumps thousands of illegals into the city at night. They are so transparent and you are the fools that voted for them, as they fleece the city under their control. They told you, we will build back better, but how if the same sentence, they say for you to lower your expectations. They are lying to you to hide their failures.

   As for Covid, I told you if you tip the scales and force people, those that Democratic members and some Republicans love will drop by the Hand of the Almighty. Last chance to turn this around.


Update Oct. 22 1 pm EST


   The Biden Administration has told you, that inflation will be transitory. This is a lie, as they hope you take their word. Prices for everything except oil do not reverse. Food is increasing in cost, yet this is not a supply issue for now, until another drought devastates the Mid West. They say there is a trucking issue again another lie, and you say how do you know. One only has to look at Fed EX, UPS, and Amazon there are few delays there.

   Addressing the self created oil spike now that gasoline is about to double in price in less than a year and you call this leadership. The Biden Administration is years away from providing a modest charging station array around the country. What options are there for cold weather as the batteries hold less of a charge? What about the chip shortage and the affects on electric car production? What about grid failure, what is the backup plan? Prices are out of control and OPEC has no problem letting prices rise unless you bribe their leaders, like in the past with billions. Nobody agrees to produce more and get paid less. This winter maybe milder as the seasons blend, but heating oil in the northeast will exploit the poor, what then? Plus if we ever get back to normal, demand for gasoline will far exceed supply. You, the Biden Administration has no choice, but to continue your lockdown policy due to fear the people of America will see your Administration for what it is. The goal is to destroy America and invite another form of government, the new world order. This is your plan judging by your actions.

   Biden has stated they will protect Taiwan, how? Then reversed after listening to focus groups. Your first thoughts are true. If the Chinese attack or really I should say when, they will already be embedded on the island in control of key facilities. The attack will be a surprise before you even contemplate a response. Do you have troops on Guam in sufficient numbers or supplies to stop a hundred thousand Chinese troops, who will invade? So you are going to ask Americans to invade Taiwan, as this is what they will have to do, a suicide mission to save face? The Chinese will have the supply lines and troops. You have nothing. Your only choice is to go nuclear, but that option is off the table now that the Chinese showed you their hypersonic weapon that is operational. Do not play you don’t know, because you do. No one misses by 24 miles, the goal is let Americans believe they won’t hit a target, so there is little concern. America they are lying to you again. So a test catches you by surprise and you know the precise target? They have first strike capability now. This is the incompetence of the Biden Administration as they allowed China to continue produce our goods and fund their war machine, as you the Biden Administration does nothing, because there is nothing you can do. If you could not beat the Taliban, you think you can beat the Chinese in a conventional war on their land? There are two scenarios in protecting Taiwan. You lose with massive losses of life and Taiwan is captured by the Chinese or WW3 we all lose as you impose proportional response and the Chinese go for broke and they have shelters for the general population. We don’t. That is the difference between you and Trump, as he would level China instead of your agreed proportional response. They dare not pull the trigger.

   Oh I forgot there is a third scenario, just like you did when VP. You do nothing, like Crimea and write off Taiwan and a good portion of the semiconductor industry. China only has to shut down the factories producing Western goods and offer theirs to the rest of the world. Without firing a shot, they will win.


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