The Biden Lies



Written Mar. 9 11:30 pm EST


   Biden you stated before this nation in your press conference yesterday, if you call it that. Putin is responsible for the rise in gas prices, when it was your political foundation influenced by progressives to reduce the carbon footprint in the US. Remember that? There were results to that decision. You have oil futures contracts with the Russians paid in advance for delivery oil and you sent them away. So really, we are to pay for oil and in your wisdom, then refuse delivery. So they still get to keep the money and that makes sense. We just got shafted 2 ways and this is your leader. Are you going to tell the American people? Replacement oil from the Saudis and UAE, wait for it, as they do not even take Bidenís calls. You the American people have paid dearly for his foreign policy action and this was suppose to be his area of strength. Macron goes behind his back and you and the media are good with this. Have you heard anything from EU leaders besides the comic? Again you send Harris who will fail and impress no one in Europe. Is this really your plan?

   Poland is playing the United States by the offer to send MIGS to Germany for the Ukraine, why not from Poland. Why, because they do not want to get hit with possible Russian cruise missiles. So brave, really and they pass the buck to Germany and its US base. Plus they get upgraded F-16s. Saving Ukraine really, the S-400 systems will shoot the Russian made planes out of the sky, as the weak points will be exploited, what a waste. Would not think the Russians would have build a fail safe into their own planes? That is undetectable until it is too late? But you already know this.

   The questions coming from your minds are concerning. What is behind the Ukrainian Bio-Labs? First, in any off country site, the US has built in deniability. You know they have black ops sites to circumvent international torture laws, why not bio-weapons. We are doing this to preserve Democracy for the world. So why would you create a pathogen that will wipe out all humans unless you are immunized against this?

   Standard protocol by the CDC is to funnel money into foreign countries and its leaders, of course 50% money makes it, the rest stolen. So that the facilities can be built. Ukraine has no money to build or upkeep Bio-labs, then for what purpose, as if they are on the world stage, use common sense.

   These facilities was and are still controlled by Fauci, the CIA puppet. His image in US media maintains stability. The key here is, these are state of the art level 3 bio containment labs. First question, were these labs built by Russians before 91 and there is more than one? No, they became fully operational after the US placed the comic, as the leader of Ukraine. What is the goal? To produce a pathogens that can reduce the population of the earth by at least 80% and not lead back to the leaders of this nation. The lab in Wuhan and its designed leak failed to achieve that goal. The many variants some created in Ukraine, others in China also fell short. A containment breech would affect Europe, but point the finger of blame at the Russians. This is your world.

   The US lab technicians working there in the Ukraine bio-labs were evacuated, as a precaution and were expecting to return. That is the reason why the bio-weapons are not secure. That was not to be entrusted to the Ukrainians. Now that Russians discovered the weapons, the West is in full denial. The loose end is the Ukrainian government and they want to talk and last time I checked the minds of the Biden Administration, they are designated for termination.

   Now a warning to you American commodities traders. The elite set you up for Wednesday, as the Biden Administration leaked they were going to impose sanctions on Russian oil. They let you go long, as that was not anticipated or priced into the market. They, the Biden insiders and the elite were shorting as you bought. The word went out quietly at 9am Tues. and the shorts came in at 10am. Check the volume on the exchange and short sales. Those who were scared and wanted to hear Bidenís words first, again went short due to the rumors and the price fell. They picked your bones and around the 107 mark and covered their positions. Rise and fall three times on technical support of a triple bottom and then the market slowly rose. The rest is history. Update with a planned reversal UAE spokesman stating turn on the taps. Will support to shorts for now until it comes time to deliver. Your markets are rigged.

   Members on Congress are traitors to this nation. They get rich trading before public knowledge. This market was suppose to go up on a constriction of supplies and no one able to fill the energy gap. This is the fleecing of America. Check it and see where the proxies lead. What would I do next, as most of those in Congress have cash out of their short positions all the fearful public sells. The short squeeze of the general public shall start and prices will rise again and you are none the wiser.

This is the state of the nation.

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