The Biden Tipping Point



Written Jan. 23 10:15 pm EST

Update Feb 2 11:30 pm EST


   Biden tried to assure this nation last week at his controlled press conference, an increase in production would stop inflation through competition. This is a lie. We do not have a supply issue with food, used cars, and oil. Yet his administration can not control this, as he shut down oil without ramping up a cost competitive replacement. Green energy helps no one, if the common man cannot afford it. Your administration refuses to address Fauci funding the Covid bat project and its escape from Wuhan as if people are stupid. This is on you. You have done nothing, as the elites have created the variants unleashed on the general public to continue control via a lock down. You ask where is the proof? Run a genetics makeup of the virus, but you have not, because it is engineered. It was artificially created and those that talk, die.

   Economics 101 state, if you print trillions of dollars, it will increase inflation period. I told the nation, only way this nation would learn its lesson in October 2020 was to allow you to get elected Biden. The false narrative of Russia and racism no longer works. Hunter got paid by the corrupt Ukraine and now we have to go to war. Blinken wants to send US troops into Ukraine and fight the Russians. Is he in charge of this country or you, Biden? No amount of weapons will stop the Russians. 200,000 pounds of weapons, so is that a few tanks (M-1 tank weighs 124,000 pounds) or small arms? Weapons are only lethal if they are not manned by cowards. Our troops when placed in a limited amount in Romania and Bulgaria or other NATO nations, will be slaughtered when the Russians advance into the EU. If you did not expect an advancement pass the Ukraine border, there would be no need for placement. You have to commit all the way, which you wonít, coward. Putin knows this. If this was a chess game, you would only risk your pawns, the American people, Putin would risk his queen to secure a victory. This is the difference. Any move by you, would bring on WW3. Those at the top of the Ukraine government want to stay in power not to protect the people, but to continue to steal from the money you send as aid. A deal Hunter set up and got paid for. But you wonít touch this as a side action bribe to skirt US laws. Just like racist Biden and his Jim Crow family. Joe just how many times have you said nigger in front of Wallace and Byrd? Too many to count, this is what the Almighty told me. You allow blacks to kill or attack Asians today and you will not point this out. Does the BLM intimidate you, coward? You are nothing more than a racist wolf in sheepís clothing. We were warned about your type in the Bible and it is true, even the elect would be fooled. Shame on them.

   Blinken presently is pushing for a side deal with Putin. Did Biden or Congress authorize this, no. It is about political optics. If the Russians move, it would destroy the Democratic Party in the United States leading to a civil war created by the media. What is Putin waiting for? He is waiting for a mid west disaster to disrupt a US response, as they would have to take care of home first rather than worry about the Ukraine, Taiwan and the EU. Some say there is nothing to gained, but a takeover under duress would allow occupation of a country, during the upcoming disasters and food shortages, let them die and conquer. This is the plan as others ignore or downplay the threat.

   When, not if Russia attacks Ukraine, no matter what you give them in weapons, they will run like the Afghans and the Russians will take the weapons. This is the future your media refuses to let you know.

   The Side Offer: Blinken is hoping to quietly remove NATO troops from former Soviet satellites allow a small incursion in Russian rebel controlled Ukraine as a compromise. Approve the new completed Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Replace certain leaders at the parliamentary level in the Ukraine and maintain the Russian gas flow to the EU. Sanctions will be in place for the media, but all will be given secret side channels. Putin will be given an undisclosed amount of euros and dollars for his personal account as a signing bonus. This is the last deal Blinken offered Putin. Your leaders are traitors. Putin can take it all in the EU without nuclear war, Blinken knows this. Lets see who has balls.

   America is now seeing that your party was in control of cities for many decades. Nothing has changed. Cummings represented Baltimore and it is still a sh.t hole of an American city with crime out of control. He changed nothing, but his bank account. You build projects as housing, only to see them destroyed due to self inflicted infestation and crime. If you do not have to pay, you have no commitment to care. This is what you do not understand. Giving free stuff does not change the mentality of the hood. It is just more free stuff. They will continue to fail in school as the parents write of their kids as a meal ticket, but give little to change their plight. Another child raises income just like in third world countries. America is no different on how the poor are treated. Many do this, but not all.

   Have you tried to eliminate the problem with education? No, you think money where your friends profit is the answer. The goal of the Democratic Party is to give you enough to shut your mouths, but to increase dependency where they get rich and your lives never improve. They are just like slave owners, but you do not see it. When doubt increases the media attacks with CNN and MSNBC leading the way. And their leader, uncle Joe is a KKK racist. This country removes racists from the past when racism was legal. But Joe continues on. Look it up online.

Update Jan. 25 1 pm EST

   As Biden continues to stumble in addressing European crisis as he bounces from prepping 8500 troops (less, as it is up to, the announced number is for political optics) to full deployment. War in Ukraine will affect all of Europe. We hear rumors the American troops are going to Poland and Rumania, but the hawks want them inserted into Ukraine. Why is that, since the Ukrainians will mostly run when the Russians invade. Support from other NATO nations like a couple of F-35s, some other planes, a few ships, some troops will mean nothing the Russians gather nearly 200 K troops staged in Russia alone Belarus and Crimea will add to that number. Your push back is a military joke. Your error is that you think Putin is thinking short term like your sanctions. No amount of sanctions will equal the long term geo-political and financial gains of a conquered country and tactical position on the eastern front of the Europe. Ukraine knows this, while West is asleep with Biden at the helm. There is a lot to consider.

   First, NATO can invoke the US into a war if this bleeds past the Ukraine western border by design. A false flag Russian incursion into Poland is on the table. Dead Russians and equipment would be so easy to move. Second, Ukraine leaders are already selling the arms just sent by America to the Middle East to line their pockets if or when they have to flee the nation. F..k the people, the sad part your leaders know the leaders of Ukraine are stealing. Biden chooses to look the other way as his son was already paid through Burisma. Third, in order to assure continued NATO support they (Ukraine) plan on blowing the gas pipe lines serving the EU and point the finger at Russia to escalate the conflict in their favor. In any covert action it is the one who has the most gain that is behind it, no matter where the finger of blame points. With the EU homes freezing, this would herd American support to invade for humanitarian reasons. This is the plan and the American people are just pawns in this game. Now that you know, lets see what NATO, Biden and Ukraine do or adjust, as we know what the Russians will do, unless that side offer described above is struck.

   Covid update: you just knew a new strain would be genetically manufactured and spread by design in the usual spots just in time to peak in the summer. When will you learn?


Update Feb 1 11 pm EST


   As the urgency in Ukraine progresses, one nation has shown its hand. You were told over a year ago, Germany would betray NATO and side with the Russians. In its latest move of sending only helmets, backs this and you really think the US can stop the activation of that pipeline? They see the writing on the wall just like Biden who knows the true intention of the Russians, but will not make that public. Russia will invade with many more troops than reported. They have really have nothing to lose, as world conquest is the goal. Sanctions will be imposed no matter if they invade or not to keep Russia in its place or so they hope. The number of troops around Ukraine have been suppressed to reduce panic in the Ukraine and in the American media. You do not sent a perishable items such as blood to the front lines, unless you are going to war. The sad part, all of you know this.

   So what happened between Biden and Ukraine leaders during that talk where the dialog that did not go well? The transcript has not been released for good reasons. First Biden was not talking, his team was through an interpreter. But it was made to look like that by design. Do you really think he has a coherent thought in his mind as to national policy towards the Russians? The Ukraine leaders asked: where is the serious support with weapons and media spin as if we can win? What you sent us will not stop the Russians, we need covert NATO air support. No one needs to know who flies our planes, they wear our uniform on the ground and in the air. We already put out the cover story that people from the EU are volunteering to support us. Your rhetoric is scaring our people and we need them not to flee and run. Did not your representatives promise support? Biden team responded: I did not say that, maybe that was someone who did that does not have official authority. Chatter in the background Biden team off record: was that Hunter, they are talking about? Ukraine: I thought we had an understanding. Biden team: We donít. Now to counter this, will a transcript be released? Maybe, but will be doctored and far from the truth. It will be about optics, too little too late. A war in the Ukraine will be one of the final nails in the coffin for the Democrats. Yes, there is more turmoil to come.

   The leaders of France and other nations do not want the Russians to move beyond the old iron curtain lines. They are willing to throw Hungry, Rumania and Bulgaria under the rug just to start. The agreement with Germany is to let the Baltic states remain as there is no strategic advantage with them and Poland remains a buffer. This is where the back door negotiations, are at presently with the EU. Which are now proceeding in secret behind closed doors. The US delegation has refused to compromise on any level with Russia by design. They want war or a complete back down embarrassing Putin on the world stage. This is not going to happen. The West has no advantage when the other side is willing to blow it all up. Blinken represents the new world order first, not the wishes of this nation, as he was appointed. Again new world order Soros told the leader of this nation Obama when in power, you need to know your place. This was not a compliment as he and this nation is considered a subservient to the new world order.

   The hidden agreement by the European countries is to allow Russia to extend back over its former territories and stop there. Will Putin go for it, or fold and just annex eastern part of Ukraine. His fall back strategy. We shall see. NATO has its own agenda and Germany plans on not folding to Russian aggression, but will join. The United States is dealing with a den of vipers in the EU. They are not worth going to war for as they do not even pay their bills. But, Biden as the puppet he is will sacrifice thousands of lives for what. If the Russian raise the stakes, as they can, the only option is nuclear war destroying tens of millions here just to see the EU roll over, as this is their fate? The peace agreement is one world government as all are the same without borders and one religion to encompass all. It will not be God who stands at its head.

   They got rid of Trump, because he could not be controlled by the new world order to allow this to happen, but you can not see this. Is he a Trojan Horse, maybe or maybe not. People do change. The far left media is out of control and its media queen was just sacked temporarily, no matter how they explain the spin, it as a furlough. Could the Lemon be next, we shall see? Millions will die in the UK and Ireland when the New Madrid fault ruptures and all of your leaders know this. Again they expect you to die.

Update Feb. 2 11:30pm EST

   I see the bickering has started as Tucker on National TV pointed out the faults of Baltimore. So the Sun and its mayor got their feelings hurt. All know Cummings as your representative changed nothing in his decades as your representative. You should be ashamed of this, yet you celebrate him. So you want to play the race card. Are you white or your predecessors that controlled the future and politics for Baltimore? No you are Black. Your former mayor got caught selling books for profits and using her position. This called stealing from the people. I ask did you educate your youth? No they can not function in todayís society. So affirmative action has to hire your students with sub par reading and math skills? How is that going to work? You were put in charge of the city of Baltimore and in the eyes of many Black people it is a sh.thole of a city. This is a fact. You get no pity for your failures for decades. You were elected to change things. You were elected to lead. You were elected to offer solutions. I do not see any of that. The only thing that changes in Baltimore is bank accounts of some politicians. Defund the police and hire counselors. Oh murders go up they steal from high end stores and you think this works? Idiots, as many had to walk this back, when they should have been fired. So you can lie to yourselves and no need to tell Tucker to offer solution instead of pointing your deficiencies. You are the problem. This is the rot in the Democratic party. Democratic leadership in the cities has been there for 50 years, 50 years and nothing has changed. You are the problem as you enriched yourselves handing out city contracts to those you know. You need to take responsibility for your errors and you guys are not the brightest bulbs, like Biden. A warning change course and do sometime or the Almighty will reveal your darkest secrets and I will print them until you fall. Starting with Biden losing all cognitive ability and Harris is called, but Pelosi will step in. Heed This.

   Biden, I know you are still putting up a front as you still are racists inside and portray a different demeanor. If you want to lift minorities, lift those with the skills to succeed. It does nothing if you appoint a minority like Harris to a position for color and she lacks the skills. This is a step backwards or are you doing this by design?


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