The Big Lie

So Many to Choose From


Written Sept 3


  Where should we start as almost all that your media presents to you of true importance, has a hidden side. We will look at the Chinese military build up, parade and announcement of troop cuts. Why were they in the Bering Sea? If China mistrusts Russia, why was Putin there at the 70th anniversary and WW2 allies the US and Britain missing? What is behind the new military equipment that seems familiar to US defense manufacturers? What is driving the flood of migrants towards Europe? Why are some countries stating a more open door policy as bodies wash up on Turkish shores, but Hungry as of now, locks down its borders then opens? If the world faces a disaster is what we see in Europe a precursor for the rest of the world safe zones? What is behind the accelerated push behind climate change? Finally as things gets worse what is the spin they will use to avoid the stark truth?


Chinese Military


   Few realize that the new world order in place for centuries as the bankers gave the opportunity for China as this was the only country that could fulfill the 200 million man army. But it lacked the finances, advanced manufacturing infrastructure and technology to threaten the world at the appointed time. Remember who went to China to open the door under the guise of trade? Now with the total picture almost complete, doubt runs amuck to outright dismissing the idea as insanity except in the highest levels of the Pentagon and CIA. This concept will doom the earth.

   Nixon helped with Kissinger (representing the Illuminati) opened Communist China up for trade knowing cheap labor and manufacturing would transform business and the world stage. The carrot to the US was new markets, but business saw it as a long term way to circumvent and control the US labor market and general wages by transferring the manufacturing capacity of US industries overseas, which they have done. The move was never about trade. As their regime shuns western life styles and the Chinese are rich in culture, which is to be preserved.

   The world was told China does not trust the former U.S.S.R. and this trade agreement would reduce tensions with the West as it modernizes neutralizing the bear. But as you saw it was Putin standing next to the Chinese leader and no one from the West was there. Their bond is strong and will not be broken by the West.

   US satellites see what is on the surface and not below in the vast underground military complexes and storage areas. The Chinese military has far greater tanks, armored carriers, artillery pieces, jets and submarines than current estimates. The troops they are cutting is the active force a ploy to reduce concern in the world media, but the stand by force, equipped, trained and somewhat ready to go numbers is at 200 million, no different than our National Guard. This is about public opinion as our leaders know this is a ploy.

   The offshore islands are strategic re-supply points for a navy not yet seen. Transports will be retrofitted container ships were the containers hide the weaponry and below deck the troops. Advanced air filters and light weight infrared shields will hide thermal images from space until the satellites are torn from earth’s gravitational field and the US is blind from the skies. The current plan is to capture remote Aleutian Islands, the Marshall Islands and Hawaii retro fit its naval base and move on quickly to the west coast of North America. Remember Canada and Mexico has little to no defenses and warning systems as they will use the same ground tactics you used in the first Iraq war.

   This will be stopped if you prepare now. Use the same sensors you employed during the eighties in Nevada and replace all chips in all sensitive equipment that was made overseas. They have a weapon that renders selected chips inactive once in proximity of the emitter and this can be placed on missiles destroying a technological plane in seconds without a hit. Currently it affects anything within 5 miles, but this will be improved upon. They built backdoors in the circuitry just like Microsoft and your engineers just looked past it. Oh, by the way EMP shielding is not the answer, replace the chips. This will be your only details.


The Bering Sea Encounter


  This was not a routine deployment although with Obama in Alaska it made a great cover story. You in the Military see Canada as your weak point as men and material can transverse wide expanses to the east in a few days with little resistance and attack from the north. American bases in Canada are not happening except in the far north. The Chinese plan on this and are monitoring all electronic surveillance in the Northwest which will increase in time. They are using the same tactics as the Russians use against NATO’s air defenses. The media shows the old prop bombers, but the concern comes from the new hyper speed stealth bombers that comes and leaves so they photograph old technology by design. They will keep testing, as the West will never know when the attack is real and that delay of time as your leaders freeze and say, “what just happened” will be crucial to what they see as a victory. You what if you are wrong, we waste billions. I say what if you are wrong we lose the west coast, millions die in the US or enslaved and your Denver command center becomes an island.


Does China mistrust Russia


   All of you trust the experts and their dialog, and you refuse to believe your eyes as if they are lying. When the USSR fell you assumed the cold war was over. China was manufacturing US products and the façade was in place. You painted the Russians as an economy falling and now the Chinese in recession. You invested in them and essentially made China rich due to corporate greed and the Russians exploited black markets. In a long term war the goal is to deceive by true mistrust in the eyes of the other as all see an opportunity and when strong enough separate from those to conquered and intensify the bonds of old Communism to show the world. This is occurring now as Putin stood by his ally of old Communist China for all to see as there is no doubt, and it is the West, that looks like fools as showed their true colors and ignored the celebration. They have your bonds, factories and hold your stock and currency markets by the balls, good luck.


New Military Equipment


   The Chinese Military parade was impressive as it was not an accident that US to Chinese defense numbers were placed in the media to placate concern. As always the media does the slight of hand trick of a magician to look one way as to not observe the truth. The Chinese have drones, jets, AWACs very similar to ours. This was not a superficial copy on the outside as you would be led to believe, but shared technology on top of what was stolen American manufacturing plants in China. You were told the puppet master has proxy control of all US defense corporations through stock market manipulation as he controls the Federal Reserve since the time of Wilson and he has technology not given to the US Government that funded and gave his scientists access to off world technology. As was done in WW2 the future combatants now share the same technology base, but the East has the Rothschild wealth behind it.

   The puppet master answers only to the antichrist as he is in the flesh and cannot be avoided by mere thought and the governments of the world are now his playground. Shortly a new army will appear on the world stage and shall strike fear in the hearts of all. It is here you will know the world has been fooled by your complacent leaders and it will be too late as the EU falls to Communism by design. You say NATO, but indecisiveness, only token buildups as to not inflame cold war tensions will allow the Russians control Europe in a few days by surprise as you think they won’t and the West will not use the nuclear option with so many civilians at risk. Once in place only an invasion will free the European theater. The UK will cower and the Americans will offer lip service. This is the present plan.


The Flood of Migrants


   The recent migration of people flooding Europe through Turkey, Greece and Hungry is more than what the media will tell you. How can ISIS a small terror group by numbers force millions to flee? Exactly what is the media not saying? Why would thousands risk everything to leave their homes by crossing the Mediterranean?

   You are being told that war in Syria is fueling the migration but this is a smaller part of the truth. ISIS is recruiting and persecuting Christians but it is the famine, scarce water and extreme weather that put the families in peril. This is what they are fleeing and by the millions. North Africa faces the same scarcity and as millions on the edge face the brink of life or death, the only option for those with resources is to pay smugglers and to flee to Europe. To stay home means only a slow death. The Western media is never going to show the true drivers as they would have to admit something is causing a rapid change on earth, so wars are left as the cause and promoted throughout the media.

   What you have overlooked in the media is that Syria is persecuting its people and forcing those not wanted towards the west. Knowing they will be taken will continue until challenged. They will stop and reclaim their country and you will have their problem. Assad is not stupid as the West just got played.

   You just could not help yourself. Now you are pushing the Russian military buildup up in Syria as if this is new on the media. Only your news release is new what timing. To the media, the Russians have been there in force as Assad will not be deposed. The migrant flow will destabilize Europe and drain their resources again this is the plan. America when you send a warning that has not been heeded in the past, the Russians laugh and we who know better again, we see it as lip service. They do not care about your sanctions as they have a hidden source of funds and you know this. So you play the game in the media for the world to see. There is nothing you can do until they reach at point where their threat is removed. Then you see a call for a temporary peace. You will let the world think that you solve the migration problem, but they don’t need to disperse anymore, played again.



Who will take the Migrants?


   Europe has allowed the flow of migrants to continue rather than reveal the truth the lack of resources is the driver as war has always been a part of the Middle East and this has not changed over the last 50 years. With millions now on the move European leaders are facing the wrath of their citizens. They tried to hold them at Hungry and blame them, but they refused to be the scape goat for Germany and Austria who does not want them so the borders reopened. This cannot be sustained and secretly America does not want Europe’s problem here with immigration front and center in the news. Republicans will crush the President even if migrants are allowed here under humanitarian reasons as there is no end, when the problem cannot be addressed. When the truth is revealed, then what?


Are events in Europe a Precursor as Millions go on the Move?


  Most countries have chosen to not prepare for their general populations and some will have no countries as they will sink. South East Asia has been trying to migrate to Australia and this has been diverted away by force. The eastern Caribbean islands will undergo vast devastation with Central America following shortly there after severing the land bridge to North America. Drought and lack of food in Mexico will force millions towards our southern border while the Gulf Coast gets assaulted by hundreds of thousands in boats fleeing sinking islands and severe storms, many will drown. Squatters on public land will become the focus in the upcoming elections again a lose-lose situation for the Democrats. As events intensify America will not be able to house their own as changes displace millions, so a divide will come about, how to take care of others before your own? Only when your house is strong can you care of others otherwise all will fail.

   The world has allowed the rich to use the poor and they have bunkers. They expect you with no warning and little resources to take in the poor of the world in hope that you all die and resources dry up. You need to find a better option.


The Climate Change Push


   President Obama is aware climate change is not behind the earth changes, but without Niribu visibility in the skies, and a nation security lockdown on all scientists & media in place for decades, the Republicans will publicly dismiss any warning even though they know the truth, and they will lie. The climate change is the only safe approach to minimize riots and a breakdown of society. He is telling you personally, you need survival skills. You need to read between the lines, but denial is in place. Climate change is a lie, but for now it is seen as the lesser evil.

   You ask why not tell us our fate. Help to the poor would stop as they do not have the resources to move from coastal cities which may be flooded by tidal waves. All would withdraw funds from the banks, but those funds are lent out. The choice for the Fed is to print money to placate the general population, although this tactic will render paper money worthless. It is the bankers that have controlled your governments as it is they who lose it all at first. The poor who have no hope will try to migrate to the rich suburbs if they get past state police and the national guard and it is here the race wars in selected communities will start. As the innocent peaceful will be grouped with the ruthless who steal and kill. The police that are hated today by selected groups will find no help or support when outside groups target the migration.


The Spin to Avoid the Truth


   As the façade of climate change breaks, the general public will continue to believe the lie as anything is better than the truth. Few aspects of Niribu passage as foretold in Revelations will be addressed. Nations will still focus on climate change in response to the increase of storms, drought and floods. They will blame islands sinking on rising oceans, but your shorelines are still intact. Earthquakes and tidal waves will assault countries and meteors rain down from the heavens. Strange signs in the sky not explained and no matter what they tell, it is the end times. You were warned of these times in the Bible. We did not listen when Jesus walked this earth the first time and we need not make the same mistake again.

   The goal here is not about surviving the pole shift as some groups seem to be prepping for as at some point nothing evil will be on the face of the earth. As revealed in Revelations they will be swept from the earth. Alien help contrary to what is told will take the disparate by their choice, but its source is the darkside, beware. Remember the messages given to the world from off world has elements of both, but you are told all are from the light. All are from the light, but life choices changes the destiny of the soul. Aliens are creations of God and you are the children of God, know the difference. You are supposed to see through the façade and pick and choose the Truth.

   Where mankind has it wrong is that you think Jesus will come before the plagues and this is false. The plagues purify the earth and on that last day you will have to make a choice God or darkness. During the next 42 months only 10% of the world’s population will make it to and pass the three days of darkness. Yet you were told 90% will die as a result of the pole shift passing. This is a lie. The rest will die, ascend, descend or taken away as a child of God or a slave to the dark one. This will be your choice up to the last day. This is the prophesy in the Book of Revelations yet to unfold. This is your inheritance. There will be no pole shift survivors as this world will be dead shortly after along with a dying sun. Again I say find another option, I suggest Jesus, just a thought.

   When the truth comes out what will not do is trust your leaders who have lied until caught by the earth changes or their spokesmen already in position to lead you as so call experts. They will feed you more lies. You can not lead if your science is wrong and those in command plan was to hide, let you die with no warning, and after it is over command the world. This is the Truth.


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