Warning to the Bilderberg Group



Written June 6 D Day

Update June 6 3:30pm EST


   As intermediates in ruling this world, although you really think you rule are just pawns of the Rothschild’s and a new sheriff is in town. Some of you at your precious meeting, which will mean nothing to the future of this world, have worshiped the birth of your leader back on Dec. 21, 2012. Watch as what are hallowed grounds in your confused minds is leveled by lightning bolts never seen on earth and then around the world as you cower in fear. Watch as it burns to the ground and fear and doubt will enter your minds. You are seen as the leaders of this world, but are nothing but leeches slicing a percentage of all finances over centuries and now that debt and greed has tipped the balance. The sad part you know and are proud of it as the power of the world is presently in your hands. This will now change.

   Watch as before at the birth site that was interrupted with death as some were thrown down the steps by a supernatural force, your meeting may be interrupted, but this time it will be with a benign supernatural event that cannot protect you with human security, a gift of the Almighty. For removal of the worst of you would have sent a stronger message, that was overruled. Mercy is the theme, but as I am human, so be it. Know this, many including I have begged the Almighty to spare many of you, for your minds are clouded. The deeds you have used to acquire money and power are beyond the comprehension of the men and women you rule. They trust you, but you steal, rape, murder and more important use influence when you could have achieved almost the same level with your brains, sad.

   Heed the warning for when the real warning for the world comes, many of you will die from fright and the dark one will claim you. All of you have the intel and suspect this is the Truth, but none of you will admit this to your “friends”. You are now weighing the odds. No one wins against the Almighty, no one. He will give us what ever power is needed to destroy the NWO and its 'new' head, while you perceive us as defeated. Do not volunteer to go against us if recruited, it is suicide mission painted with hope and money you will never spend. Again this is not a threat, it is a promise, for all actions will come from God. Join us and you have more than you have acquired on earth and you are trillion and billionaires. Fail and the three days of darkness shall remove what is left of your kind from earth and it will be by the hands of your master. The 12th planet, aka planet X or your present reference, Nibiru to redirect internet traffic is the least of your problems. You have been deceived; discuss this at your conference. A hand of mercy is being offered from God that controls the universe, but it is your free will to accept, think about it on your own.




 Your arrogance is beyond disrespect. You fill your meeting with laughter as if the word of God means nothing. Know this, what was a gift of benign has been taken away. Some of you will never see your families again. If I were you make that call for it will be your last.


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