Bilderberg Meeting 2015




Written June 9


   The time has come for those on earth to know who is King. For so long you who have controlled the governments and banks of this world, crushed the freedom and enslaved billions of common man in financial debt. This is about to start changing. It will be silent and effective as the world in general will perceive no change. The elite will be removed from earth in a fractional proportion as those whom you despise, the common eater. In fact most will see you still as winners until the final days, what few of you are still around. As of now your greatest threat to power you still hold will come from the Russians and Chinese who are absent from your meeting by design. You have no control over the Rothschild trillions paper tigers.

   All of you in the Bilderberg Meeting which really occurred days ago with the heads of state from the G7 summit all in secret; fools no one. You have no solutions for the migration of millions of people as your cities are leveled. You have no solution for the coming famine and your private farms will suffer a worse blight no matter what your safeguards that are in place and some of you will know hunger. You will have no vaccine against the coming pestilence and what you see as beauty will be reduced to the ugliness of the world you created. How will you explain the sights in the skies? How will you explain to those you left behind as you hid expecting the end, but it was a false alarm? Oh would I love to see the faces of those who thought you cared, but were left to die when caught as you emerge from the false alarm. So much for your scientific experts that were hired who know little to nothing. Many of you will curse His name, but know He loves even you with all of you vile hate, but only so long will His mercy be available. You have a choice.

  What the world sees as the actual meeting in Austria June 11, 2015 is nothing more than the pawns being brought up to speed of your decisions. All of you have the choice to leave the lethal grip of the Illuminati and join the forces of light or stay and watch as one by one all who think they are protected will cower in fear as death or worse befalls them. When most of you who are drinking together find you are out, some will rush to tell a story. Remember dead men tell no tales. No army can protect you as your meeting may get a visit. No bunker will offer you protection. No medicine will save your life. For you will know the power God. Now many of are laughing over your drinks in your little groups as you plot your future saying there is no threat. I can promise you this that shortly you will eat those words as fear shall over take you and you will wish you were dead.

   Your warning is to let Godís people go as you have a choice now if not the pestilence will come to your homes and take that which you hold dear. For most of you self serving excuse for a human being, it will be your lives. Enraged you will increase persecution of the Christians fulfilling the prophecies. As only God, the Creator holds the keys to life and death. Discuss this in your meetings as the world will be shown the cowards that you are when put to the test. Just to let you know look to your left and the right, 50 percent of whom you see will betray their nations and join the new world order whose army will be composed of the Bear and Dragon. Heed this warning.


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