Black Lives Matter




Written Aug 29 11:59 pm EST


   Again I send a warning to Black Lives Matter as your leadership is clueless. Have you asked where your funding comes from? No, you hope the people are backing you, but if you can check the financial records which are hidden from all but a few, 95% comes from ONE SOURCE.

   I have told you many times what seems right is wrong, and what seems wrong is right. In the End Times, it is the dark one that rules earth, but you seem to dismiss this. Now letís address your claim that Trump is like Hitler and wants genocide.

    I ask, do you have a true grasp of your situation? Genocide within the United States is hidden and masked as help from an empathic party. It is never obvious. The left was the party of slavery, but you tear down statues of dead men while ignoring the true threat who are living. Yes slavery was wrong pushed by the British, but it was an accepted part of life. Are you protesting the British who went to Africa paid tribal leaders to allow capture of their own people? Millions die during the passage, but it is all about Trump who had black rappers and sports stars at all of his parties, some racist. Things do change, while we look at the past, remember when men would kill all and rape the woman and children? No you ignore this violent past just 200 years ago.

   The words are used to support what seems all, but have you advanced? Jesus embraced the sinners, but you shun them. Has the left created jobs for you, few and Job Corp does not count as those controlling the funds divert most for personal profit. The goal is they offer pre school, but under fund high schools where it counts. The proof is your graduation rates, but the Black Caucus talks the talk, but does not walk the walk especially that Black Congress woman from California.

   They offer food stamps, but some that receive those funds sell them for 50 cents on the dollar and send their children without lunch to school, and you pay for the lunch program. Your schools graduate the few. Your life styles increase obesity through life choice of diet. I was just at the Earth Wind and Fire Concert at the great New State Fair and saw an older Black Women force her way to the stage and was told to leave. Her choice was to push a New State Trooper protecting the audience, she was escorted out. This is what you incite.

   When you are trapped in the cities just where they want you and when you find out, millions of you will die. Accountable, no it was the storm or rogue wave. Yet your politicians get rich and your life gets harder and you think they are working for you. Words are spoken, but there is no change. This should be your motto.

   You at Black Lives Matter are being played by the new world order. They expect you to incite riots against the white racists as a cause. Yes this is the truth, but they are being funded by the same group to go against you. The goal is reduce the undesirables with a created war. You need to step back and look at your agenda. There will always be racists. But what is smart is to ignore and step back and then watch the media. They will continue to incite as the left political leaders and then you will know the Truth.

   What you see in Houston is just the beginning as you are 2 on a scale of 10 as local disasters will expand to engulf this country to where help will not come from outside communities as they are busy saving their own. You will dismiss the storms until the wave of earth quakes crushes areas in the Eastern part of this country and then it is too late. Trump wants to warn you, but the elite will spin him as out of his mind. This is what you face. For once, Black Lives Matter ask; who is funding you, and check? The Truth will hurt now, but save your asses later.


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