The Illuminati Black Mass

Those Who Honor the dark Shall be Incinerated




Written Aug 11 1am EST


   This is a promise to the Illuminati as the Hand of God will enter your realm you think is protected by your false god satan. The world will be informed as to your sacrificing of missing children and babies on your false alter and foul practice of drinking their blood as if it gives you power. You are blind. The world will be shocked as who attends and worships at these masses as many are the whoís who in Hollywood, Politics, Banking, and corporate all will be eventually exposed.

   As the Deliverer, I have arranged for something special at your black mass celebrations praising satan. I have requested the Almighty to incinerate the soul of those who are damned and cannot be saved for all see a few as examples first. They, the audience and guests hoping to convert will see with their own eyes the terror of pain of the soul that occurs in hell and then after a brief time lapse, the physical body in spiritual flames will be turned to ash and blown away as if they never existed. The point is that some of those witnessing this will know the power of God the Father Almighty who has granted this request. So if you have friends that say they are going to a private ceremony that they are excited about and then end up dead. They have been eliminated to shut down leaks.

   A few of you will realize that satan can not protect and there is another choice. You will not know where, when or who, but you will hear the rumors of fear of Godís Wrath. This will start slowly and then increase according to mankindís sins. This action against the Illuminati will not stop and your master satan who walks the earth incarnated as a man now, the antichrist will be crushed along with you followers.


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