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China Visit





Written Apr. 25 4:59 pm EST

Updated Apr. 26 12:59 am EST


   As American campuses fall into complete disarray, the current Administration cannot control the Israeli humanitarian abuses in Gaza and their students at home stirring up hate crimes. Now we have Hamas and Iran backing the students as new proxies. What has happened to leadership? Blinken goes to China to demand support for Russia to end. Just how is that going to work? It wonít. China will just shift aid to another area to help Russia on the domestic trade side. This will allow Russia to focus it resources on the war effort.

   China has no intention to aid in the stopping of the aggression in Ukraine, as the military action weakens American military reserves in preparation to the invasion of Taiwan. This is the goal. Blinken you have nothing to offer China. Your chip blockade has backfired. As well paid individuals in Taiwan has transferred advance chip building technology to China. The need for western technology is coming to an end. You let them steal everything under your watchful eye. Why is that? These are the kind of grave mistakes, which end western dominance, that your administration are blind to. If you can not control students, how can you expect to control China and their intellectual property thefts? So what ever agreement you come back with, it is a lie and a stall tactic, which this nation will regret in the future, due to incompetence of several administrations.

   As we in America have seen in the past 24 hours of your China visit Blinken, your diplomatic efforts has opened no new inroads. What you do not get, is that diplomatic inroads for China and Russia is a path for domination. Talk peace is the diversion, but prepare for war and let the United States dictate world optics of peace, which will never come. China told you they have a relationship with Russia, which they will support. And you think your shallow and tepid words will change this?

   So what is your tactic to bring about change? Tell all US corporations to leave China? Abandon a 1.4 billion market due to a policy change. How is that going to work? Again it wonít. Letís inform America, Sec. Blinken has no plan to contain China, but he will let events play out to where China dominates world markets and he gets a place of power in the new world order. This is the current plan of betrayal.

   China has stated, it will go to war for Taiwan, but no one is listening. India has shown it will buy Russian oil, but no one in leadership cares. The Brics monetary system is already in place and no one cares. The leaders of this nation have prepared exit strategies, heed this.

Look at the university and college campuses, finally the media reveals many students do not even know where Gaza is or why the Palestinians lost their nation. You were told this was an escalating trend with little knowledge as to the cause. You were told that the teachings at universities were to ingrain the students for promotion of change. This is true. Now that change has come, and it is against you.


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