The Blinken Report




Written May 14 1 pm EST

   Blinken has recently come out with a resounding opinion, that Israel needs to leave Gaza, as soon as possible. Even he is now disgusted with the humanitarian violations committed under the guise of removing Hamas. The events of this war is now a political powder keg, which is why, Blinken has become the tip of the spear as spokesman for the Administration. But why the heavy push back from the media, who usually backs the Administration?

   You have been told, those behind the new world order also controls the U.S. media and the deep state. Subtle moves in Israel reveals their true nature. The hit on the well marked UN vehicle sure looks like payback for the UN vote to include Palestine. The raid on the aid shipment reflects how the military thinks of the main aid shipments. Yet few connect the dots. Then there is the collusion in the media on behalf of Israel. The positive spin on the war and the need to not halt arms is coming from corporate. This is why, they all parrot the same message.

   Israel has stated, its military has more than enough weapons and bombs to complete the mission in Gaza. Plus they are going back to old areas, which will be the excuse to head into the West Bank, as you were told. This is an ominous sign of the war continuing past the summer, which is a political nightmare for the Administration. This is why, Blinken is now the point man and not Biden, but again may change due to optics. The media was told, arms would resume, when the military operation in Rafah was mostly free of humanitarian abuse. They are not listening or care to, just like Israel.

   The halt was a temporary ploy to modify Israeli behavior on the battle field towards the Palestinians. That is all, with no change in overall support of Israel. But those in the media who shapes the narrative of the news going to the American public, has their spin. The halt will cost the military complex billions in profits. Maybe you should look there to start and if Israel has enough, why is the American taxpayer padding their supplies?


Update May 15 12:30 am EST


   Yesterday Blinken you and your delegation met with Zelensky and his advisors in Kiev and promised that all Russian assets held in the United States, will be turned over to the Ukraine government for the rebuilding of Ukraine, which Russia has destroyed. This is a great gesture, but they have to win the war first. Then you have to deal with Ukrainian corruption, as all in charge takes a cut in reconstruction and over charges. With Blinken, there will be no oversight, everybody gets paid. With this policy in place, is Blinken going to make the same demand on the Israelis to rebuild Gaza? As the coward he is, the answer is no. When the operation ends, Israel will resume military occupation, the cities will lie in ruins, the remnants of Hamas will hide, new settlements will be built and stability of the region will remain the same. And few will care.

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