Smoke Screen




Written Jan 16 11:30 pm EST


   The Black community needs to reassess their commitment to he BLM. After 60 years and MLK died for your cause, he would roll over in his grave to observe what he laid his life down for. Did you educate your children? No, most are still failing due to laziness, influence from social media and the lack of education with the parents. You can not teach a child with their lessons, if you do not know. I told you, education is the key. Not athletics, criminals going legal as rappers or a singer. You have changed nothing, but your bank accounts for the few. Tamir was playing with a fake gun in a park without supervision, and his parents should have never given him. The cops refused to see a fake gun. Why? This was a injustice and those who killed him, should been buried.

   The truth about the 13 year old out at 4 am? Why would a parent let their child out to roam as a criminal? Stealing cars and he got shot during a confrontation. That is on you, parents. Many children kill their own like in Chicago and you do nothing. It does not make a difference if they are babies, you created the culture.

   Floyd was killed by a cop unnecessary, but it never would have happen, if Floyd a criminal had not passed a counterfeit bill. Then resisted arrest due to drugs. The cop was a racist and had it out for Floyd, but you donot riot and destroy a nation for a criminal. This is the truth. Most that BLM chooses to protect are criminals and this is unacceptable.

   Change this. Restore morals, as your daughters are just another piece to black men and most of are good with this. What is wrong with you? Abortion was passed to cull the black population and you do not get it. And they want your vote with promises, then offer nothing. That has not changed in 60 years. Wake up.

   The woke movement has destroyed your cities with unrealities and crime. Who gives trophies for losers (communism)? You are out of your minds. Do you do this in the work place? If yes, then you may see bankruptcy. Theft of opportunity to where the stores vacate the locations in inner cities or pass on the cost to you. Is this what you see as your future?

   The Democratic party has promoted millions to come, as we are a welcoming nation. But it is you that pays extra rent, due to the need for housing. It is you, that pays the price, as many are wiling to work for less than you. It is your children that pays the price, as valuable resources get transferred to teaching Spanish. You need to speak up. I told you, the focus of what you see as racism, is a diversion. It is all about keeping you in your place and it is working. Please come out of the fog. We can help others, but we help our own first.


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